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Why the man drought?

Filed under: General — Vman @ 6:30 pm Tue 30th March 2010

Wellington – Single women have a problem finding a husband or partner in New Zealand
– they outnumber men.

There are 35,000 more women in the prime marrying age group of 20 to 45, according to Statistics New Zealand and the situation is so bad that a 32-year-old Kiwi woman has as much chance of finding a partner her age as an 82-year-old.

‘The reason being the 82-year-old men are dead and the 32-year-old men aren’t there,’ according to international demographer Bernard Salt, who has studied what he calls the ‘man drought’ in New Zealand and Australia.

‘Young Kiwis in their mid to late-20s leave the country, but it’s mostly the women who come back,’ he said.

Why would they come back?
In other countries they are rewarded more for their hard work. It doesn’t take them long to realise they are more highly valued by foreign women than NZ women.

What is also increasing is the number of men that either immigrate or go for a foreign bride in order to have a better future for themselves. It is time this was discussed more openly rather than by just a few.

21 Responses to “Why the man drought?”

  1. Roger says:

    I think if you look at any dating site the wish list of many women is nigh impossible to aspire to. Many want a ready made life where they expect the male to have the flash car, decent house and a bonus would be a launch moored somewhere romantic. Maybe I am exaggerating but there is this common want, “must be financially secure”. I think a lot of older kiwi women expect life on a plate. What happened to making a life together? The other issue is where you meet single females of an age say over 30 something? Pubs, clubs and the like are not where you expect to find someone hanging out in order to meet the opposite gender at that age. Dating sites are appallingly grotesque – I mean you go through the whole virtual courting only to have to do it all over again for real! The first thirty seconds has either side deciding and it seems a waste of emotional effort when you could have figured it out with a real meeting in the first instance. I concede it works for some, but not the majority. I can appreciate why guys go for overseas women – they are far less expecting the male to be a huge financial success. They appreciate the lifestyle here, whereas a lass growing up here knows no different so her criteria for the perfect mate is quite different.

  2. paul says:

    maybe kiwi men are just wakeing up to the fact that kiwi women are dangerous

  3. ford says:

    it also dosent help a kiwi womans cause when they looking for mr perfect because he dosent exist…demanding..manipulative…controlling…attention seeking drama queens..they think its their right to dictate to all and sundry…they scream abuse whenever it suits…who wants to date that?

  4. ford says:

    your not exaggerating…thats exactly how it is

  5. tren Christchurch says:

    you mean a risky business? I concur.

  6. John Dutchie says:

    Reply to Paul

    Correct…As in Dangerous Paul…I will even go further..Try… ‘Lethal’…That what my two Dutch Lady police friends described Kiwi Woman as…and some other extremely choice words …But I definitely can not post those on here……

    Kind regards John Dutchie

  7. John Dutchie says:

    Reply to Ford

    ‘Tongue in cheek’ and ‘Just stirring the Pot’…With a bit of Humor…And ‘Yes’ damn straight, as in it being ‘Sarcastic’…!!!…Guilty as charge your Honor….!!!See happy now Kiwi Feminists….?????

    Come on Ford…Gee…I kindly suggest you should date ‘Kiwi Woman’ Ford…
    Please good sir,do so show some compassion to our beloved down trodden Kiwi Woman…after all they are the real ‘victims’ from ‘Us’… Evil abusing ‘Demonic’ Kiwi Men….Come Ford you should by now, as here in N.Z its always the Men/Fathers fault…

    Kind regards John Dutchie

  8. Scott B says:

    They have such a huge list of demands on what their man should be like, and get peeved when a man asks, what does she look like? Well if they are going to be demanding, psycho nazi’s, they better be pretty!

  9. Skeptik says:

    It’s Sunday and I have the time to put together a few thoughts I’ve had circulating in my bonce recently.
    I notice a slow but steady slight increase in the traffic of women going to the MENZ website and posting there. No doubt there are others who merely read without publishing comments.
    Something is definitely going on here. Women are becoming curious about men and taking steps.

    Excuse me whilst I talk in generalities for a while in order to express something.
    Don’t take what I say hereafter personally – unless you think it applies to you!

    Here’s what I see slowly but surely increasingly playing out in NZ. In fact across the western world as I know it, indeed anywhere tainted by feminism :

    Men are talking to one another like never before facilitated by modern day telecommunication systems.
    We’re increasingly wising up to the fact that we are viewed as second class disposable citizens within feminist cultures.
    That we are the modern day day niggers.
    Whilst we see womenfolk imbued with all manner of privilege we on the other hand are STILL burdened with life crushing pre-feminist responsibilities and a whole lot more as under feminist hegemony we’re devoid of basic human rights with regards to relationships, reproduction and family life. We’re devoid of public education about our sexes condition and a reasonable media generated public image.
    Naturally we feel resentful about this, but many of us are deeply confused being pulled in two differing directions at once.
    On the one hand our instinct is to defend women. Yes often even those who would attack us!
    The other, very natural drive is to want to eradicate a perceived threat.
    There are basically two ways to deal with a threat – attack it or run away. Flight or fight.
    Increasingly I see men doing either behavior, but allot are simply quietly and privately going their own way.
    Many men don’t know how to engage with women and fight women, besides which we’re often terrified (with just reason) that we’ll get hammered by the authorities if we do criticize women.
    So more and more of us disappear and become part of the ‘ghost nation’ you may have read about.
    I see this happening all around me in several different countries I’ve visited recently.
    Intelligent aware men aren’t pursuing women like they used to, as we no longer the incentives to do so.
    In fact having experienced ourselves and other men in our lives being treated horrendously under feminist’s sexual apartheid system we are with good reason very wary of women and pro-feminist chivalric men.
    As things stand at work we run the gauntlet of being falsely accused of sexual harassment and heavily punished.
    At home we run the gauntlet of being falsely accused of domestic violence, sexual violence, violence towards minors, smelling bad, not doing enough of the second shift etc etc etc…(fill in your own blanks)
    All the while under a system invented by feminists of ‘no fault’ divorce we know there’s at least a 50% chance we’ll end up like the uncle or workmate or brother or other men we meet reduced to financial and emotional devastation and most sadly even suicide.
    Meanwhile we know that women understand the cards are terribly stacked in their favor but aren’t hitting the streets to protest that they have more than their fair share of power.
    Indeed we know women are basking in it thinking they’re getting ‘payback’ for the mythical ‘two thousand years of patriarchal oppression’ which feminists sold them and they naively bought into.
    We notice this and it totally vindicates our sense that basically woman don’t care about us except as being women’s own personal paychecks and body armor (slaves in other words). The word ‘hero’ derives from the ancient Greek word for slave. We know women care far more about themselves than about us, yet expect us to care more about them than we care about ourselves.
    We feel that strongly. Every day. In a myriad of ways. We’ve met thousands of women yet can count on one hand the number of women who we feel valued by for what we are – valuable sentient human beings.
    Meanwhile also a whole generation of boys is watching and as is natural for them modeling themselves on the generation of men ahead of them. This is despite feminists best efforts to isolate children from men so according to Platonian principles – ‘give me the boy until he is 7 and I will give you the man’.
    The boys increasingly see the generation of men that go before them bruised, battered and bewildered withdrawing from women – and they learn every day without a single word being articulated to them that it’s not safe to get too close to women!
    Without even being aware of it boys en masse, much disparaged by feminist education systems anyway, are giving up on the idea that there’s valued. They’re sensible enough to understand this – that there’s NOT a secure role for them in the future as heterosexual lovers, husbands, fathers, friends and co-workers employed standing alongside women.
    So they do what’s sensible.
    They disengage and become slackers, which is what’s expected of them under the watch of demonizing feminists anyway.
    Surrounded by such widespread septic cultural messages as –
    Are men really necessary? Girls can do anything! Boys are stupid! throw rocks at them!
    That’s the zeitgeist they grow up in. The cultural air they breath.
    Their natural instinct is to model themselves on the men around them and they’re therefore becoming mini-
    MGTOW (Men going there own way) dropping out of the old paradigm of interdependency between men and women – a social contract they no longer have any incentive to invest in.
    They quietly slide away and in a self fulfilling prophecy feminists create schools and Universities which are places filled with achieving females and disinterested disengaged males.
    This in turn however has an effect on women who naturally sense that men are pulling away and that they are gradually but inexorably being abandoned.

    Two years ago in Scotland a club advertised for a valentines day singles evening – 500 women showed up and ……..two men.
    Many western dating sites show an upsurge in female subscribers…………. and ‘unusually’ less heterosexual men than women.
    Increasingly small businesses headed by males covertly only hire other males……….. for fear of vindictive women.
    Increasingly desperate women of all ages ‘sex up’ their outer appearance under the feminist rubric of being empowered.
    You go sister!
    What they’re not telling you however is it’s the opposite – they’re doing so because they’re increasingly desperate to attract their own personal wage slave as men become more resistant and ‘commitment phobic’!

    The women’s movement was a phenomenon of thousands of women hitting the streets in public protest.
    Because safe as they were under male protection they could.
    Because paradoxically despite all their shrill rhetoric about being oppressed it was safe enough for them to do so!

    The Men’s movement on the other hand is an altogether different affair.
    It’s one where thousands of men aren’t hitting the streets, but instead quietly in the shadows away from big sister meeting and sharing stories of their woundings at the hands of feminists (mostly women) and chivalrists.
    They can’t do it the way the women back in the sixties and seventies did it, hitting the streets in protest.
    Because it isn’t yet safe to do so.
    For being recognized there, exposed in public, by a female relative, colleague or other kind of associate means risking yet again being savagely wounded as ‘revenge’ for going public gets acted out on them. We go to work the next day and ‘mysteriously’ get falsely accused. Our female ‘friends’ become ‘strangely’ unavailable and cold.
    Chivalric ‘mates’ give us a hard time or don’t return our calls.
    Stupidly and paradoxically such brave men (and a few women of late) who do go public get insulted privately and publicly falsely branded then stupidly vilified as women haters.
    So whilst the women’s movement has been very public and loud, the men’s movement takes place in a far more circumspect behind the scenes way.
    You could be forgiven for thinking it was a weak ineffective movement!
    It isn’t!
    It’s simply mostly passive-aggressive withdrawal which can be mistaken for non existence.
    And chillingly it is the harbinger of ‘normal’ relations between men and women as long as women hold onto feminist values and action.

    As more and more boys and men drop out though lack of incentive and inclusion in social life it will be interesting to see what eventuates as the trend accelerates.
    Some thoughts I have in the event of such a phenomenon are –
    Increasingly boys and men, demonized and criminalized anyway, will resort to criminal activity. Might as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb!
    Increasingly the workload in paid employment done by women will HAVE TO increase for standards of living to remain the same or improve.
    This is because males WON’T have incentive to work hard, compete and innovate and earn promotions/increased salaries.
    For they will understand their wages and salaries only end up being gouged – garnishing individual women they get involved with – and privileging women collectively further through tax systems which unfairly take from men and give to women much more than vice versa.
    A bleak future eh?
    A future of angry disengaged menfolk.
    A future of men disappearing from the radar leaving women stranded on their own feminist island.
    Masses of women devoid of intimacy with half the human race, left lonely, alienated and stressed having to fend for themselves – not because they can do anything as the feminists would have us believe, but because they HAVE TO.

    Case in point.
    I won’t live in NZ or anywhere in the westernized world as long as it’s possible.
    The thought of living in NZ and adding my taxes to feminists further dis-empowering my brothers sickens me in the gut.
    The thought of typical modern western women curdles my bowels.
    The thought of lifting a finger to help any westernized ‘liberated’ woman becomes a matter of serious moral decision making on my part.
    The bottom line being I’ll help her only if it helps males at the same time….and only if I have a sense that she’ll reciprocate with as much vigor as I expend in helping her.
    AN older and wiser man than me once asked me if I was getting a fair deal with my then girlfriend.
    Puzzled I asked him what he meant.
    He pointed out that he was studying Anthropology and a basic principle of human relations.
    I’ll never forget those words as long as I live.
    It struck me then that I was doing MUCH more for her than she for me, but what floored me even further was the later realization that what i was doing was only a microcosm of what was happening on a massive scale.
    Despite some slight movement in men’s voice being detected and respected that’s still my overwhelming sense of things.
    Western women hear me – I’m fit, healthy, have money in the bank, steady employment with good career prospects, I’m very hygienic, emotionally articulate, I cook, clean, shop and launder efficiently, I can fix computers and some mechanical and electrical devices, I’m widely read, play several musical instruments, have a great wardrobe and often get complimented on my appearance, I speak words and phrases from several languages, I’m skilled in home decoration, landscaping and house repairs. I’m not unusual – all my male friends are multi-talented intelligent guys who share a determination to remain unavailable for any long term close intimate relationship with a westernized woman. Sure we may have the occasional fling if conditions feel safe enough.
    But long term? Making babies together? ‘Sharing’ a house and other property ‘together’? No way! Not worth the risk.
    We’re smart.
    And we’re smarting.
    Been there, done that and got the blood stained T shirt to prove it.
    Thanks for indulging me by reading.

  10. John Dutchie says:

    Reply to Skeptik

    Beautiful said and a very thoughtful post good sir…Yes, you are very correct… I have walked away from Western European Woman,and I have said this a few times before on Menz, I will never ever go near a Kiwi Woman again,and intend to return to Thailand to live there permanently, where that wonderful country hasn’t corrupted by this Evil Manhood /Fatherhood hating social engineering Western European .. ‘Femi Nazi’…. Feminism….!!!

    I also know a lot of other decent Kiwi Men walking away from Kiwi Woman…
    But here is the real scary bit, I have really noticed, it is the younger Guys in there late twenties and early thirties shunning away from Western Kiwi European Woman,as one young Kiwi Man I know at the Gym , said to me ….’I saw what this so called feminist family court did to my Father,it destroyed him,and I, myself will not ever go down that road …Good on him,a wise young man he is….

    Happy and contented now you Kiwi Feminists…??? You have finally achieved what you wanted…????…
    And I can tell right now Kiwi Feminists, the Man drought is going to get a hell of lot worse for you…

    And so it should ..Be damn that we, as good and decent Men/Fathers here in Feminist N.Z, to are be ‘Demonized’ and treated like second class citizens for the last 25 years by Feminism …!!!!!

    Kind regards John Dutchie

  11. Phoenix says:

    Yes. And the stupidiest part about it is that us guys don’t miss out at all. It’s the women of New Zealand that will suffer.

    Us guys will simply leave the country and settle in other places, where as you have said the women know how to treat men with dignity and respect.

    Us guys will end up in loving, kind, secure, marriages, with women who are beautiful on the outside as well as inside.

    Us guys will end up with loving families, with women who value being faithful and are willing to put some effort into keeping the love alive in their marriages.

    Us guys will end up with children who have been raised without all the feminist lies and nonsense clouding their thinking.
    So ladies, don’t think your feminist rubbish will cause us men to miss out on ANYTHING!
    And remember as you sit at night with your 4 children to 4 different fathers, who all left because of the way you treated them. Watching a TV that was paid for with child support, that YOU are the reason that us guys don’t want anything to do with you anymore.

  12. Mike says:

    I’m a Kiwi male, left NZ 15 years ago. Kiwi women scare me. They’re generally speaking, aggressive, demanding, bossy and quite frankly, not feminine. It doesn’t take long for a New Zealand male to realise, having landed in a new country that we’re being ripped off. I certainly felt this way. Guys, move! There are so many nice, intelligent, sexy women out there. Don’t think for a moment that you have to put up with passive aggressive females that look and behave like men.

  13. rc says:

    Don’t think for a moment that you have to put up with passive aggressive females that look and behave like men.

    Now that’s a bit harsh. I think we men are much better behaved (and a lot of the time better looking as well).

  14. sam says:

    Im 25, good looking, secure, and I think I just woke up. Have been trying to figure out why I have not been happy with the way ‘Kiwi’ women are but have noticed that women from overseas are a hell of a lot nicer and genuine. They seem more comfortable in their own skins. Am planning on moving overseas after reading this.

  15. Skeptik says:

    Sam, Well done!
    Much better to wise up so young as you are than end up like millions of men who rue the day they said ‘I do’ to a westernised woman who turned into a state backed man hater.

    I wish you well as a MGTOW – Man Going Your Own Way.

    Please keep talking to other men sharing your reasons for your wise choice, and report back on how you progress as you venture forth.

    There are those who wish to shame men back into the old role of disposability cloaking it with a weird veneer they spin as honorable.

    These days I mix with a bunch of guys who are all under 40 and have NO intentions of settling for a relationship with a woman under feminist hegemony. They are biding their time, saving themselves for special women who live in special (non misandric)cultures. They sometimes talk of certain Asian, Islamic and Hispanic cultures where feminism/misandry isn’t tolerated but conversely men are respected.

  16. Kiwi in Thailand says:

    Women are the same the world over, it is the laws that are different and yes the culture has a small influence. In Thailand the family is very strong, but the women will screw you out of MILLIONS of baht in order to give to their parents for sick water buffalos and the like (yeah right). I agree with MGTOW above , men going their own way, this is the way forward, we must stop being disposable, try not to think with our dicks only and stop allowing cupcake to leech off us.

  17. Chaz says:

    Since the early 1990s I have noticed that in those parts of the world where feminism prevails (Western Europe, North America and Australasia) white female gender-bigotry is more deeply rooted and more pervasive than racism.

    I was in Beijing in 1993 when the Lorena Bobbit trial was on in the USA. That was the case when a wife cut off her husband’s penis and threw it in the street. The Beijing of 1993 was very different from the Beijing of today. A group of women were watching a street-side television, which was showing American women applauding the maiming of a male, and selling penis cakes in celebration.

    As I approached them, the Chinese women stared at me and chattered among themselves. One of asked “Do American women hate their sons too?” I replied something along the lines of not all of them hate us and she said “excuse me, but yes they do. We see it on our news all the time.”

    One of the others whispered something in Mandarin, and there was some laughter, and the first woman said “She wants to ask I you’d all like to come and live here. We wouldn’t hate you.”

    Since then I’ve seen the gender-hatred of white women invade our education, our health, our justice, our media, our places of employment and our institutions. Fortunately for me, I too was advised by a wise older man that I would be more productive and lead a happier and more fulfilling life if I made it my goal to have as little to do with women as a politely possible.

  18. Ford says:

    #18..stick with is crap

  19. lady says:

    Lady, from the states living in NZ. I have seen that there seems to be a lot of frustration with women being very aggressive and men being very passive in the dating cultures. I don’t think the issue has anything to do with women wanting to be treated without sexism as equals in life; but instead a very strange cultural reality where noone here seem to have a traditional dating scene and everyone meets in the pub. I am just saying – not drinking, exercising, respecting yourself does not appear to be respected her as you can’t meet anyone. It makes no sense. Might be that men here need to learn to be a little more clear about what they want and their expectations and not blame feminism as to why they remain single.

  20. Man X Norton says:

    lady (#19): I don’t think any man contributing here is ‘blaming feminism as to why they remain single’. Men are preferring women from cultures and belief systems that value family and partner loyalty. Or men are increasingly going their own way, avoiding significant relationships under the regime now so stacked against them.

    Also, there is little evidence that women want to be treated as ‘equals in life’. Women actually want more advantage, power and privilege than men in every area possible. I have never heard women object when, as almost always happens, a woman is let off with a much lighter sentence than men get for the same crime. I have never heard women demand that after family separation men should have care of the children as often as women do and have the women paying them so-called ‘child support’. I have never heard women demand to work in low-paid, dirty, uncomfortable, dangerous jobs or demand to be killed or maimed in their jobs about 100 times as much as they currently are, in order to be almost equal to men. ‘Workplace equality’ for women seems to apply only to the most privileged, highly paid jobs. I have never heard women demand that the male partners they discard get at least 50% of their financial assets, as women demand from men. Women on dating sites ignore available males who don’t have financial assets or secure employment, and women show no interest in changing this discriminatory approach in order to become more equal to men who much more often think and behave generously. I still seldom hear of women insisting they pay for their date’s dinner and drinks. Or offer to fix their boyfriend’s car. Equals in life, yeah right.

  21. michael says:

    I agreen with everything, women here are not from this earth, very demanding, like they just hate you for no reason, they have exercise their unhappiness on men. And dress like shit.

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