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Archive of May 2011

CAFCASS encourage shared parenting with Hickups

Tue 31st May 2011:

In New Zealand, both the Care of Children Act 2004 and the CYFs Act 1989 legislation require the familycaught to protect children’s access to their own family, unless to do this would endanger the children. Even then, supervised access can be used to sustain relationships, without exposing the children to serious risk. So, although Parliament […]

Why don’t they treat children like dogs?

Sat 28th May 2011:

Judge tells feuding couple to share custody of dogs By Edward Gay 5:30 AM Saturday May 28, 2011 Share15 Email Print Photo / Thinkstock Expand Photo / Thinkstock A prominent political figure and his ex-wife have been told they must share the custody of their two dogs after a long-running dispute in the Family Court. […]

Schools arrange secret abortions

Sun 15th May 2011:

This could be deemed not post worthy but anyways…. With the increase of Child Abuse being thrown out to the general public, I find it interesting how professionals can justify not telling the parents if there daughter has had an abortion. I then question if the boy who did it (if known) is also covered […]

Woman guilty of sending threats to herself

Fri 13th May 2011:

A Rotorua woman has admitted sending threatening texts to herself in a bid to get her former boyfriend into trouble. Jacinta Maree Hammond, 23, used a pre-pay phone to send the texts to her phone and then a few weeks later told police they were from her estranged partner, the Rotorua Daily Post reported. She […]

Separated with Children by Adam Cowie – Book Review

Thu 12th May 2011:

In the preface of this self-published 130 page book, Adam writes that since his separation: “the torment and legal battles I have had to go through since then I feel are rather unique” Well, not quite.

Mother Hazard Father Hazard

Tue 10th May 2011:

Several recent posts have discussed mother hazard / father hazard, for risk of injury or murder. I have pointed out that international abductors presently run about 85% mother / 15% father. Unfortunately, as “judges” tend to publicize cases involving father abductors, the public are being seriously mislead, to believe that the main hazard comes from […]

25 skills every man should know

With an increase in single parent stats, we are starting to see the effects its having in our communities. This story from NZherald I thought needing mentioning. My father lost his father at a young age. As a result, departmental effects of this are going onto me. I was never taught many things a “man” […]

Children at risk from stepdads

Sun 8th May 2011:

Allowing the biological father to raise a child “virtually guarantees the child won’t die”, but substitute the father for another man and you risk harm to the child. Taking under-five child homicide deaths from 1991-2000 fathers and mothers are almost neck and neck but defacto relationships are almost half that again (possibly due to no […]

More Misandry from Simon Power

Sat 7th May 2011:

Simon Power yesterday announced further financial support for those referred to as “victims” in criminal cases. At first glance all seems warm and fuzzy; for example, few would quibble about additional financial support and trauma counselling for “families of victims of serious crimes leading to death”. But a closer look at Power’s support package raises […]

Towards a child focused support system.

Fri 6th May 2011:

In New Zealand we do not have Child Support. We have a child tax. This tax has absolutely nothing to do with supporting a child. In my view the entire premise of child support is flawed anyway.

Identity theft and credit damage.

Tue 3rd May 2011:

By Steve Bucci – I just checked my credit report and found my wife opened an account using my name and information. I have never used this account. I didn’t apply for this credit. Now the account is delinquent. In your opinion, what is the best way to go about fixing my credit? I […]

The Process of Radicalization

Following the reported assassination of Osama Bin Laden, a Radio NZ National Radio interview this morning with Marc Sageman, a former CIA operations manager with the Afghan task force, was interesting. I quote: “Well, the process of radicalisation is a two-step process; one, you join a protest counter-culture against the discrimination and persecution of Muslims […]

Law Commission recommends repealing Male Assaults Female offence

Mon 2nd May 2011:

From the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse; see here A new report from the Law Commission recommends additional provisions that will make parent and caregivers liable if they fail to protect their children from injury or fail to intervene when a child is at risk. It has also recommended that the core assault and injury […]

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