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Family Court not for revenge

Filed under: Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 5:48 pm Sun 1st July 2012

What is the world coming to? Mainstream media finally saying something sensible about the Family Court!

Herald on Sunday editorial: Family Court not for revenge

Groups representing fathers have long claimed, with some plausibility, that the Family Court process routinely holds fathers’ rights as less important than mothers’, for example by granting orders ex parte (so the father does not even know the matter is being heard, much less get a chance to be represented).

I can’t argue with this:

As its name implies, the [Family] court is constituted primarily to protect the rights of children and to ensure that they are not unduly penalised by the changes in their parents’ emotional inclinations. It is not there to make counsellors rich or to provide state-sanctioned methods of getting even.


  1. John, we first met some 11 years ago when I was subjected to state sanctioned kidnapping by the family court on the basis of false allegations. I always have put my child first and this is the reason why I have always succeeded. Now 13, this child is here tonight with the half sister, miss 4 1/2 both together trying to organize an argument of some sort, never mind they have got the rest of the week to do so as the child subjected to the state sanctioned kidnapping has always been with me half of the time.

    Despite the vile lice and cockroaches that infect the family court (I will never think otherwise)and by putting my child first, never myself, recognizing that the name “family court” is a misnomer and it is actually the children s court I have protected my child and in doing so protected myself.
    What happens in the family court to fathers and by extension their children is despicable but it is my opinion that it is not so difficult to rise above sewage that slops around the inner sanctum of the family court and keep your children safe.

    Comment by Andrew Wotton — Sun 1st July 2012 @ 9:33 pm

  2. its about time these judges opened their eyes to actually what goes on..lying manipulating vindictive females using the courts to exact their own form of justice on their estranged male partners and now women will see the new court fees as another way of vindictive paybacks by leaving with the children and putting up court assisted financial blockades..its not getting any better for men

    Comment by Ford — Sun 1st July 2012 @ 10:31 pm

  3. Ford – surely you see that by encouraging women to argue and be vindictive (and I have seen men be every bit as bad too, alas) that the Government needs to employ more “judges”?

    The “judges” are worse than the legal-workers for featherbedding, against family’s interests and against the taxpayer’s interests. By rewarding parents who behave in these ways, they encourage them to keep on doing it. Good example already in public domain Kay Skelton.

    Andrew Wotton, although I accept that when men behave reasonably in court, they have a much better chance of the family in total being treated sensibly, behaving reasonably does not guarantee competent and fair treatment.

    Being willing to speak sensibly in public and showing that you don’t intend to be mistreated quietly, is an essential element to possibly getting competent treatment in a secret caught. You have demonstrated this well, on many occasions.

    Still no guarantee of being treated properly in court…..

    You told me many years ago, thank you, that you must present your case so that it is clear that you are setup to go forward and succeed at appeal. Then the judge is much less likely to put you in the situation where you have to do it. Anyway, if they did, you can then be confident of having a reasonable chance of success at appeal. (If you don’t setup yourself to be able to succeed at appeal and the judge finds against you, your only options are to go ahead with the appeal and fail or give up completely!)

    Thanks again for your help through the years, MurrayBacon.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Mon 2nd July 2012 @ 10:44 am

  4. #3..encouraging women to be more vindictive and argumentative is revenue making?

    Comment by Ford — Mon 2nd July 2012 @ 11:05 am

  5. after reading the article all i have to say about kay skelton is good fucken job

    Comment by Ford — Mon 2nd July 2012 @ 11:12 am

  6. Even if familycaught$ legal-workers read the NZ Herald, I doubt that they would be influenced to change in any way, that gave them less paramount financial rewards? I hope I am wrong, but… MurrayBacon.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Tue 3rd July 2012 @ 7:22 pm

  7. To many people see only the need for revenge. The best thing is absolutely to give up hate and resentment. Hatred causes your bodies self defence mechanisms to “Turn on” Leave them there for long periods and illness of various types ensue.

    You can forgive alone. You don’t nurture hate. Put things behind you and get on with life.

    It’s easier on everybody, walk away from conflict. You live longer and happier lives not to mention many more true friends.

    Comment by Gwaihir — Tue 3rd July 2012 @ 7:53 pm

  8. Good advice Gwaihir (#7), but it assumes that everyone wants longer and happier lives…

    Comment by Hans Laven — Tue 3rd July 2012 @ 11:38 pm

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