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Masculine Empire by Peter Adams – Book Launch

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics — JohnPotter @ 8:06 am Thu 15th November 2012

cover of Masculine Empire by Peter Adams

Judging by the list of organisations supporting this book, I doubt that it is intended as an instruction manual, so don’t get too excited. If keeping women in line was as easy as the White Ribbon hate campaign insists, I’m sure our society would be very different from the way it is!

I’ll read and review this book if I can obtain a copy for free, but I don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to pay for it.

Masculine Empire
How Men Use Violence to Keep Women in Line

Invitation to Peter Adams’ Book Launch:

As part of the White Ribbon campaign, you are cordially invited to the launch of a new book on violence against women published by Dunmore Publishing Ltd.

The launch will include an acted scene from the book, readings of brief extracts and acknowledgements followed by drinks and nibbles.

Date: Tuesday 20 November 2012
Time: 5.30 pm
Venue: Atrium (main entrance),
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, 85 Park Road, Grafton
(opposite Auckland City Hospital – parking available in Auckland Domain or surrounding streets)

RSVP to Johanna Beattie [email protected] by 15 November.

“Nah, the man’s gotta be in charge. It’s just the way it is.”

This book provides a unique insight into the sense of superiority, the “masculine empire’, that underpins men’s sense of entitlement to being in charge in their homes. It explores ways in which men approach intimate relationships, their allegiance to their like-minded mates, and the role of male friendships in maintaining positions of power and capturing women in oppressive situations. It flips explanations for violence from what is happening in the minds of individual “bad’ men to a broader exploration of the social world of men.

The reader eavesdrops on the conversations of five men who meet regularly in a bar to talk about their lives and discuss their relationships. It steps through the embedded assumptions men make about women, the influence of the history of men being in charge, and the various control strategies men pass on to each other to perpetuate their dominance in the home.

The book illustrates what can happen to both men and women when male oppression goes too far. It also looks at options men might take for turning away from their controlling and violent behaviour.

For more details about the book and to order click here

Supported by the Families Commission, National Network for Stopping Violence Services and Women’s Refuge.
Man hating organisations in NZ

52 Responses to “Masculine Empire by Peter Adams – Book Launch”

  1. Scott B says:

    Sounds like another feminist hate book, regardless of the gender of the author. 🙁

  2. Dan says:

    Crikey it’s that “all men are rapists” nonsense repackaged for the mainstream!
    How about another campaign asking “are you woman enough to stop mental abuse against men and to stop using the system to get your nasty spiteful revenge?” Not very catchy I know but it’s the obvious comeback against THIS campaign.

  3. shafted says:

    Imagine if we wrote a book about how women and their mates ploy against us to exact their revenge and alienation of our children from us. wonder if the families commission would support that.
    more ballshit

  4. shafted says:

    Note the sterotype of the five mates “meeting in a bar”

  5. Scott B says:

    and the role of male friendships… obviously we’re not allowed to be friends with each other any more!

  6. Down Under says:

    Peter J Adams

    At that price I would suggest he views his book as a text book for university studies rather than for general distribution.

  7. Ford says:

    i mention writing a book and someone beat me to it

    how women and the system keep men in line more like it

  8. Ford says:

    #5..maybe the system might make a law stating 2 men together is inciting a riot against women

  9. Scott B says:

    8 you mean they haven’t already? Boy are they slow!

  10. Luther Blissett says:

    Dr Peter Adams has long pandered to misandrist feminists and has been well rewarded for it. He used to give papers/seminars on how the language men used showed their sense of entitlement to power and control. His arguments on that topic were hugely contrived and often quite silly, but of course the feminists lapped it up. ‘Sense of entitlement’ is hardly something limited to the male gender, but I’m sure Dr Adams will won’t mention that anywhere. Not if he wants to protect his tenure.

  11. Ford says:

    #10..whatever men are accused of i guarantee you ins a trait performed very well by women

  12. Scott B says:

    The families commission should be ashamed of themselves

  13. Ford says:

    #9..i better not say too much i might give some spies some ideas

  14. hornet says:

    More propaganda to protect the INDUSTRY. I think we all know MOST allegations about either sex are FICTITIOUS – that is my DIRECT experience.

  15. Gwahir says:

    From the subject matter I doubt that it will grace my book shelf. Unless you have a bottomless pit of money it is impossible to get a book published. Printers won’t take the risk without cash up front.

    We have attempted to get 2 excellent histories of the surrounding districts republished. It is looking like $100,000 + Cant happen. This book just would not have happened without government support (Refuge, Families commission, etc!)

  16. hornet says:

    GWAHIR, mate, EBOOKS – No printing costs – write your story in as a PDF file – with password access and copyright protection and if you have trouble selling it through one of the online stores = just email it out to everyone or place it on a web page for download ( charging for it will require cost in set up but not hard ) – there are other ways to get the message out there…..

  17. hornet says:

    How about a book titled = If you deliberately deprive a parent of time with their children – you Deserve everything you get.

    Of how about – If you permit or cause harm to a child = look out.

  18. Skeptic says:

    Scott B says:
    Thu 15th November 2012 at 9:36 am

    The families commission should be ashamed of themselves

    Yes, I agree.
    And the first thought I had when seeing their logo and support for the book is that Boshier, former head of the femily caught$ now heads the femilies Commi$$ion.
    Entirely the wrong man for the job as this piece of misandric feminism pandering shows.

  19. Down Under says:

    Media Article

    Now, more than eight years later, Judge Boshier will leave the Family Court to take up a position at the Law Commission.

  20. hornet says:

    Same FLEAS moving around the same DOG —

    Sorry dogs and fleas – but you get the idea.

    Small country – same faces moving around the power base……….

  21. Ford says:

    im sure toilet paper is much cheaper than that

  22. Gwahir says:

    Look at all the drones buzzing around in support. As tou say Hornet, Same drones, looking for a new queen 🙁

  23. Skeptic says:

    Down Under says:
    Thu 15th November 2012 at 11:24 am

    Media Article

    Now, more than eight years later, Judge Boshier will leave the Family Court to take up a position at the Law Commission.

    Thanks for the correction Down Under!

    Still the wrong man for the job though.
    I wouldn’t trust the guy within a million miles of anything to do with creating or administering law.

  24. Down Under says:

    Masculine Empire

    It doesn’t appear to be the Masculine Empire that won the recent American Presidential Election.

  25. JohnPotter says:

    The article Down Under links to: US election: Women are the new majority is well worth reading.

    It is a far more accurate reflection of where real power lies in modern Western societies than Adam’s book.

    But the display of female dominance in 2012 should not be viewed as a pink-hued blip in an otherwise uninterrupted line of male-dominated election results.

    Instead, it represents a rapidly changing demographic that puts women in the majority while men – specifically older white men – are on the decline.

  26. hornet says:

    I think that argument just plays in the hands of the DIVIDE and RULE power game – keep us all arguing between ourselves – just further enslaves us – same shit is going on within the Family Court Circus – keeping the conflict alive between man and women, husband and wife, father and mother – takes our eye off the ball with what is actually happening. Money and Power is the name of the game and protecting it is the number one rule – keep society divided on trivial issues and we miss the point.

  27. hornet says:

    Does not matter which puppet – is up there placating the masses into thinking they have a choice. Does not matter who is in power, left or right, man or woman, black or white – the concerns are still the same – HUGE debt, and all of them looking at ways to take more from you to pay it off.

    Does it matter who your bank manager is – if you have a huge mortgage – NO.

  28. Scott B says:

    Hornet – Amen brother.

  29. Hornet says:

    Scott – read Ron Pauls Farewell Speech – could just as easily apply to NZ.

    We have Govt for the Few – not for the people.

    ‘All branches of our government today are controlled by individuals who use their power to undermine liberty and enhance the welfare/warfare state-and frequently their own wealth and power,’ the congressman continued.’

    ‘He added that sadly, many people do not realise the value of liberty, noting ‘History has shown that the masses have been quite receptive to the promises of authoritarians which are rarely if ever fulfilled,’

  30. gwallan says:

    The “five men in a bar” scenario almost certainly never happened.

    This author doesn’t understand men at all. The vast majority of men feel disempowered in their domestic lives. It’s generally only outside the home environment that men can gain some sense of ownership or control.

    Home/domestic and social environments have always been controlled and dominated by women. This is true even in the muslim world.

  31. Scott B says:

    Hornet, I have read it, it is a shame in my opinion that he chose to voice all of that in his farewell speech and not earlier.

  32. Scott B says:

    Of course the 5 men in a bar thing didn’t happen.

  33. hornet says:

    GWALLEN – I tend to disagree – its only those who are NOT GOOD KIND MEN – who need other options to “enforce” control, because they are bullies – and bullies pick on the weak – regardless of gender.

    Good fathers, good men, married to good women – can manage a family, set values, have input and maintain order in a family working together with a good woman, without the need for some other stimulus or agenda to make up for any deficiencies they may have.

    I have found most good women – like a strong, caring, compassionate man with good values, who will take the lead and look after his family.

  34. shafted says:

    I agree Hornet.
    Good men and good women act in a cooperative way to give family units the best outcome. They recognise that as individuals, and as different sexes, that they both have valuable input to offer into the family unit and to the children’s upbringing.
    I was not even looking for a lead role. Rather, an equal but different role based on what we brought to the table. But the sisterhood mantra that anything other than subservience to their view of parenting etc etc is control and abuse blah blah blah.
    Yes their are some asshole men out there but the vast majority of us want peace, family and happiness-Not control. Unfortunately our society has become skewed by the feminist left to the point that we as men are seen as some sort of bloody imbecilic joke.
    The whole concept that children have their primary bond with the mother is probably true, but it does not mean that their interests are best served by staying with the mother.
    Why is this fact not recognised. Yes there will be “separation anxiety” blah blah, but i think that is infinitely preferable to ending up with a basket case of a young adult that will require help in the future, to fix their man hating disrespectful attitudes

  35. hornet says:

    Two parents – so the children have BALANCE – and you are correct – I should have included the comments about both parents have different skill sets which make a family whole.

    Unfortunately the system is currently working hard to destroy that family unity – giving rise to an environment where men are feeling ” disempowered” perhaps a healthier way to look at it – is SOME Women refuse to acknowledge that MEN ARE WIRED differently to them and that they have different wants and needs than those of a women – BUT in a good healthy Family – all the good in women and all the good in men – when working together – makes for great mothers and fathers – and great kids.

    What I am concerned about in the DIVISIVE systems we all currently live under – is that they are damaging the very fabric of a family and are destroying the good family VALUES that most good parents try hard to foster on there children. This is a danger but perhaps a subject for a different forum.

  36. hornet says:

    #31 – Scott B – sadly mate I think he did talk about many of these issues during his time in office and leading up to the latest elections – but he was SHUT down, SHUT OUT and IGNORED by the Controlled media Machine.

  37. Gwahir says:

    Fully supported Hornet! Have you seen the Countdown Ad where the wife works and Dad looks after the children. If nothing else write to Countdown giving them a “like” for this Ad. Encouragement works better than critisism or even assertive language!

  38. Down Under says:

    How women use violence to keep men in line.

    “An Arizona woman, in despair at the re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama, ran down her husband with the family car in suburban Phoenix on Saturday because he failed to vote in the election, police say.
    Holly Solomon, 28, was arrested after running over husband Daniel Solomon following a wild chase that left him pinned underneath the vehicle.”

    At least they did arrest her…

  39. Scott B says:

    36 wouldn’t surprise me

  40. shafted says:

    Just got off the phone to my friend. Wife left him-abducted the children to 8 hours away to move in with the guy she has been having an affair with. Has seen the kids once since May. File in family court for return of the kids. Unlikely to succeed because ‘he will have to use the services of an au pair and this is not necessarily in the best interests of the kids”
    However, due to her abduction of the children, and given that he no longer has them 3 days a week his child support has been reviewed upwards from $1k to $1.6k. she has also given up work.By the way-this is in OZ.
    Go figure. The man is destitute and can’t afford to see his kids.
    Fuck this.

  41. hornet says:

    Watching Ron Pauls = Speech – you should all watch it and hear it – very enlightening – from a man 36 years in the game. he primarily discusses ” LIBERTY” and how we have all lost that over time.

    Another important point he made was WEALTH – created from DEBT – and he is right on the money. Literally.

    Our child Support system is exactly that – Wealthy income from DEBT – increase the DEBT and you get more INCOME.

    In fact if you look at all our services – public services which were at one time ” FREE” part of your rates package – part of what Govt agencies used to supply as a free service – they have all been repackaged and re-sold back to us for a COST. Turned into a BUSINESS rather than a SERVICE.

  42. Down Under says:

    In the context of this site I think you could say, he has a man’s view of the world. If there is a problem it needs to be solved and we need to be at liberty to do that. Whereas women would say I have a problem and it needs to be solved and if my man can’t do that I will trade him for government.

    It all comes back to Adam and Eve and the apple really, don’t you think?

  43. hornet says:

    @42 – no I think what is happening to our Liberty – effects us all man and woman.

    While men and women have different views on certain issues and different ways of dealing with them – that is a fact – the Question of LIBERTY – in the context of this site as you say – is that Fathers ( and some mothers ) are Deliberately Deprived of the Liberty – to see their children = because the system has allowed that to happen – in the context of the family court – depravation of liberty to see your children causes conflict between parents which allows the legal profession to grow that business and income,

    In the CS system – the removal of your liberty to see your children assists an industry – a business built around increasing penalties and increasing debt – to leverage borrowing – to pay down more debt.

    So as Paul states – across all spectrums – we are creating artificial wealth from Debt – or put another way – growing debt to create a false sense of wealth.

    Until that game stops – we will continue with the same problems. Until that stops there is NO incentive for those in control to do the right thing – and help reduce COnflict between parents and ensure Children are protected from harm and reunited with there parents.

    the APPLE – Is what I type this on. Nothing more, nothing less.

  44. Down Under says:

    It is one thing to look into the past and another to look into the future.

    History is important; if we don’t know it, we are condemned to repeat it. In the new worlds it will be invaluable but above all else we must escape this planet first. If we don’t it comes down to two inevitable conclusions. First that we organise who should survive or else survival, if at all, is the consequence of a violent confrontation.

  45. hornet says:

    44 – not sure what track you are on mate? Are you heading down the religious path?

  46. gwallan says:


    I’m afraid you misunderstand my use of the word “ownership”. You’ve taken it a little too literally.

  47. hornet says:

    Gwallan – apologies = was not a debate I wanted to get into anyway and I should not have. Too many variables and two divisive.

    I will stick to the issues in future and keep my focus on bringing parents ( separated or not ) together to tackle this system which is failing us all.

  48. concerned dad says:

    #38 Down Under – No doubt she’ll find some basis to say he provoked her. Probably been economically abusing her …

  49. Down Under says:

    Capture the minds of children…in a book.

    New Healthway, a book on hygiene and health aimed at 11 and 12 year-olds, is printed by one of India’s leading publishers.
    The chapter details the “benefits” of a vegetarian diet and goes on to list “some of the characteristics” found among non-vegetarians.

    “They easily cheat, tell lies, forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and commit sex crimes,” it says.

    “The strongest argument that meat is not essential food is the fact that the Creator of this Universe did not include meat in the original diet for Adam and Eve. He gave them fruits, nuts and vegetables,” reads a chapter entitled Do We Need Flesh Food?

  50. Luther Blissett says:

    I prefer flesh food to old stale stuff

  51. Gwahir says:

    If you repeat a lie (Or even a half truth) often enough it becomes accepted as absolute fact.

  52. GerryMen says:

    Peter Adams neglects the figures as to which gender actually is responsible for the majority of child abuse, a fact sadly overlooked in all mainstream debates on family violence. It is not a neat and tidy, black and white,male bashes female issue.

    Doug for GerryMen

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