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Here we go again …..

Filed under: General — golfa @ 8:23 am Mon 4th March 2013

Once again a man dies and the headline is about his wife and child. Typical feminist journalism at it’s finest.

12 Responses to “Here we go again …..”

  1. Down Under says:

    Hey Golfa, there are multiple stories about this on various media covering the man’s death from different points of view – witness accounts, confidence course staffing and other angles.

    There is significant media interest and so there should be – what the hell was a 57 year male doing participating in a high-wire team building act. One story coming from the wife and child perspective is not a feminist attack by a noddy-journalist.
    Draw a comparison with a one-off-story that runs the headline “Hit squad targets parents on run in Oz”

    …a recent headline originally from Sunday Star Times and reproduced on the Stuff website – which was about child support. That what you blatant feminist bullshit.

  2. Down Under says:

    Should be – That’s what you blatant feminist bullshit.

  3. golfa says:

    Down Under, I think you’ve missed my point. This headline and story was on the front page of this morning’s NZ Herald. It wasn’t an opinion piece in the middle of the newspaper, it was front page. For me, it’s a clear minimisation of the death of the man while focussing on the woman and their child.

  4. Down Under says:

    Here is another headline: Adventure firm planned to meet new rules – What would you call this; apologist for commercialism journalism.

    The Herald is well known for adopting a feminist perspective, in this case to me it’s basically immaterial because of the amount of media coverage.

    It even used the word wife in the headline – how old fashioned is that.

    I can see what you are saying but I think you picked the wrong article to try and make a point.

  5. Wow says:

    I would have to agree with Down Under. Besides … in most loving families it impossible to discuss the death of one parent without discussing the other parent and child/ren.

  6. Down Under says:

    It’s good to see that some else thinks Michelle Robinson is a bitter and twisted sandwich maker.

  7. Gwahir says:

    Yet, how many other men die in industrial misadventures and are simply forgotten.

  8. kumar says:

    Happy Easter break to all “Fathers”
    We could organise an evening where Fathers can interact with each other….a “Wellington” level meet which includes Hutt,Kapiti, Porirua and Wellington region….

  9. Allan Harvey says:

    OK so where and when for a wellington Meeting?

  10. Scrap_The_CSA says:

    Same question as Allan from me.

  11. Allan Harvey says:

    Hi Scrap,
    Would be good to meet up and I have a request from a chap for your e-mail and when I tried it bounced. Could you please flick details to me on [email protected]

  12. Gwahir says:

    Sorry to do this to you Allan, but same for me. I am happy for you to share email & phone at your disretion.

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