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It is important that people complain in a way that can be heard – new UK Political Party

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 11:14 am Tue 5th February 2013

Fighting feminism – let’s get political new post on A Voice For Men
Justice for Men and Boys
(and the women who love them)

I know that this sounds like old news – because it is. However, even if it sounds like a repeat from the past, it still is critically important.

There have been several political parties in NZ, that have seemed to offer some hope towards a sensible balance between women’s and men’s rights.

Republican Party, Kiwi Party, United Future all seemed to offer some sliver of hope. One died from lack of broad support, one was taken over by the money from a single individual and possibly has withered, the latter still continues in existence, neither moving forwards nor backwards.

It is a bit optimistic, to inspire a new political party from a single issue, but the broad need is there and waiting to be answered. Politics is the art of compromise, to gain broad based support.
Two months ago (Mike Buchanan) wrote an article for AVfM titled, “Fighting feminism – let’s get practical’. It was a call to MRAs to start fighting the manifestations of feminism on an issue-by-issue basis:

Fighting feminism: let's get practical

Mike says:
So, what has our campaign achieved? We’ve succeeded in stopping prominent advocates of GDITB publicly claiming that one consequence of Gender Diversity In The Boardroom (GDITB) will be enhanced corporate performance. Those advocates include numerous politicians, including the very left-wing Business Secretary, Vince Cable. We’ve contributed to House of Lords and House of Commons inquiries, and enjoyed some national newspaper coverage of our campaign. But we’ve yet to persuade a single government minister – in a Conservative-led coalition – to meet with us, or to engage with our arguments.
From a media technical viewpoint:
Mike Buchanan announced “his” party (which I shall personally lead), on A Voice for Men website in USA and he published the supporting article on a WordPress blogsite. I guess this gives good suggestions for us to apply in NZ too, about the use of websites and blogsites.


Skeptik has encouraged Hans to contribute to A Voice for Men website. Excellent idea. I suggest that NZ needs a somewhat similar website in NZ, to fit the local culture appropriately and also a blogsite for constructive debate, without so much psychotic/neurotic spice as enjoys.

MurrayBacon – axe murderer without a Mangle.


  1. Yes,
    John Potter has over many years now, at at considerable expense to himself done the sterling work of proving and moderating the MENZ website. However I too think it is time for another website along the lines of the “A Voice for Men” website.
    For those not familar with the site I recommend viewing it to see what it is Murray and I are driving at.

    Comment by Skeptic — Tue 5th February 2013 @ 11:58 am

  2. Thanks for the exposure!

    Oh, and I agree with Skeptic re AVfM. I think it’s an awesome site. It’s lively, entertaining, and really has its fingers on several pulses.

    2013 is going to be a good year for the MRM, I feel very sure.

    Mike Buchanan




    Comment by Mike Buchanan — Wed 6th February 2013 @ 5:54 am

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    Comment by Free Chat with Gifted Psychics! — Thu 21st May 2015 @ 10:17 pm

  4. I took a look in on the Link provided. As a father who has gone through hell like most others who visit here, I none the less cringe at being aligned with any genderised campaign. To advocate for males is to advocate against many females I trust and respect and have supported me in the very darkest of times. It’s also against the interests of my genetic off-spring which are all female.
    I have no wish to have one group ascendant over any other. I want one set of laws applied equally to everyone regardless of race age and gender. But more than that, I want to see those who would put this serious issue through a gender race or age filter to be ridiculed and exposed for their caustic prejudice which harms families, the community and the nation.
    Expose their hypocrisy, where they claim to be [on account of being accidentally born female or brainwashed so], they campaign effectively that they are all the only good clean decent honourable non-violent persons and organisations. They also act as if children’s best interests naturally is with them, indeed it is as if children BELONG to them.
    I am a contrarian, and I detest being dictated to. The feminists [some are male] are gender biased and prejudiced people; and hence their every utterance is genderised. We have a choice as to whether we allow then to dictate to us that we respond in a gender fashion. I’m uncomfortable with responding in gender terms;
    For a start they can turn the tables on us to make it appear as if we are setting the gender bias – that gives the illusion they have the high ground. They have a biased media which of course uncritically publishes every “Patriarchal” slur they can against mothers sons.
    Secondly responding by gender ignores many seriously extremist feminist males, and others who support female-ness for other reasons.
    For myself, I can only take positions which I feel are fair to all. I see that as equality for all. Equality, not just in pay, or rights, but in responsibility, and under the law.
    Raising my kids, I navigated the teens time. I saw research which stated that brains are not fully formed before around age 25. A worker in the mental line commented to me that “being a teenager is equal to having a brain injury!” Of that, I’m a believer.
    I have commented particularly about the boys I encountered [all of them produced and trained by women], but I see the brain injury comment applying to girls as well. And more, I think some never grow up.
    But I digressed. If these political sites intend recording the stories of fathers who have fought hard to protect family, equality, and themselves; surely there can be nothing wrong with that! Indeed Central Districts Police are recording and publishing women’s stories right now – not that I believe that will be done fairly or honestly. I think whatever the best way to do this is, we need to take the high-ground; be inclusive; discuss real-equality; focus on the objective; and not attack each other.
    I’ve long puzzled about funding. How is it that the women’s groups are not only funded by government, but also by businesses too often owned and managed by men? This in spite of the obvious reality that we all see every day; this reality is good men who fall victim to feminism, the unfair bias of law enforcers, the courts, policies, and are unable to flee with children to any safe place in an emergency. They lack the advocacy which comes with women’s refuge etc. This can and does wipe out men of all levels in our society, all day, every day, every week, every month, every year, every decade”¦.. Those men who can equally just as easily have misfortune and fall victim too, fund the women’s cause where most funding already is. Funding needs to be spent if one is to lobby for increased funding next year, and this drives the mushrooming [sorry “toad-stooling”] empires of the feminist propaganda. It’s harmful to those men who might fund more equitably, but don’t. It hams their staff – I can only thin that there is something amiss in male heads that they don’t sympathise with each other or/and help their sons in times of dire trouble. But if business owners can’t bring themselves to support violence and safety issues disregarding gender race and age, then at least they might resisted posting current “anti-violence??” propaganda, and not fund it.
    Oh well, a flock of pigs flew past the window just then”¦..

    Comment by Equality — Sun 13th December 2015 @ 8:00 am

  5. Nice piece Equality (#4). The time has come to build human and financial resources for initiatives towards increasing honesty and sense in laws, policies and media content concerning gender issues.

    For example, there was an opportunity with the controversial SAFE paid content in European newspapers last week. SAFE has enough members each paying a small annual membership fee that enabled that organisation to pay for the substantial newspaper campaign. A kind of copy-cat NZ newspaper campaign depicting the abuse of men, treated as not much better than unwanted calves, could have created a stir and much needed debate.

    More generally, some paid advertising in NZ newspapers would quickly change their attitude that currently sees them ignoring all men’s issues and giving voice to all manner of silly and/or dishonest feminist propaganda.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Sun 13th December 2015 @ 10:03 am

  6. A question for Ministry for Men and others,
    There have been some slight attempts to create a false accusers registry.
    Yet I can’t find one that’s currently in operation anywhere.
    Is it time NZ men took on this task?
    Would you support such an endeavour ?

    Comment by Voices back from the bush — Sun 13th December 2015 @ 10:34 am

  7. ‘Voices’ (#6): Great idea! Unfortunately accusers especially in sexual offence cases are almost always given name suppression. Tania Billingsley and others actually had to apply to the Court to lift their name suppression in order to publicize their grievances or because their names were associated with the offender whose identity would therefore become widely known despite name suppression.

    Perhaps it would be better to call the registry one of ‘Unsuccessful Accusers’ because of course every acquittal didn’t necessarily involve false accusations.

    It will be important that those who know the names of name-suppressed unsuccessful accusers be prepared to pass on those names anonymously to the register. Those operating the register would almost certainly be prosecuted. Not as straightforward as it may first appear. However, the publicity gained from such a case would be significant.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Sun 13th December 2015 @ 1:39 pm

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