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Only Men Commit Violence of Course

Filed under: Gender Politics,Law & Courts,White Ribbon Campaign — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:10 am Fri 4th October 2013

C’mon everybody, show you’re against violence by men against women. Women of course never commit violence and news media should be ashamed of themselves for inventing stories such as the following recent ones:

Gunfire forces brief lockdown at U.S. Capitol in Washington

White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite ‘smeared face in blood to flee Nairobi terror mall’

Mum who attacked neighbours while on drugs is jailed
(This was a rare case in which a woman received a moderate jail sentence, though still probably considerably less than a male would have received especially since she had previous convictions and her current crimes included breaching a previous sentence as well as shoplifting. Note also that the headline refers to a “mum who attacked neighbours”. When do we ever hear a male offender referred to as a “dad” when parental role was irrelevant to the offences? And note also how the judge and other parties minimized her personal culpability by implying that alcohol and drugs were the only thing that made her into a bad person, and even suggesting she would be a good mother if it were not for alcohol and drugs.)

Nun accused of breaking girl’s arm
(And check out the pussy pass in this one, folks! She had to undertake counselling, plus a bit of community work. Counselling for nun who broke girl’s arm)

Shopkeeper punched as she fights back during robbery

Woman who attacked sister has sentence reduced
(Yes, she also received an unusually serious sentence for a female whereas the pussy pass is evident in most cases of female offending. Keep in mind though that women’s prisons provide more comfortable conditions and treatment than do men’s prisons.)

Woman bit top off another woman’s little finger, court told
(But why wasn’t the ‘victim’ woman also charged with assault? She was the first to become violent and pinned the ‘offender’ to the ground before the ‘offender’s’ biting began presumably in self-defence.)

Teacher forced out of job after claims she twisted child’s fingers
(But this female teacher, instead of having police and CYFS investigate the initial allegation that she physically abused a child, is awarded $10,000 compensation for ‘hurt and distress’. Yep).

Drunk first-class passenger gets flight diverted

‘Threatening’ woman admits trespass charge
(Note how the headline places the word ‘threatening’ in quotes, doubting that a woman could really ever be threatening.)

Two arrests after pair robbed of their bags
(Note that this female and her male companion both assaulted and robbed a couple. But only the male was remanded in custody while the woman was released on bail. We have often seen that pattern but we have NEVER seen the gender favouritism applied in the opposite direction in such cases.)

And here’s a final interesting one for the record though not involving violence exactly. When a young woman engages in sexual activity with an underaged minor, ‘civil and gay rights groups’ (read ‘feminist groups’) get up in arms demanding that she be released and the charges be dropped. They make the ridiculous claim that such behaviour occurs frequently at schools between older and younger teenagers without resulting in criminal charges. Yeah right. If an 18yo male has sex with a female who is 4 years below the age of consent (in the US jurisdiction) he would never be charged with a sexual offence, be made to undergo a sex offenders’ programme or be placed on the sex offenders register, now would he? And of course his offences would be affectionately described as ‘having sex with his underaged girlfriend’ just as this woman’s offences were. A male in similar circumstances would never have his behaviour described as sexual violation, rape or exploitation of a young person unable emotionally or legally to give consent, now would he?) US teen accepts plea deal in underage sex case


  1. I think you would do better to focus on violence by women in New Zealand. Not that NZ is necessarily that different to the rest of the world; but it eliminates any argument of irrelevancy.
    Also some of your links do not work; they have doubled ‘http’ prefixes. and when corrected, redirect to search sites.

    Comment by Pretty in Pink — Fri 4th October 2013 @ 11:46 am

  2. Thanks for that Pretty in Pink. I think I have fixed all the links. I will leave the international cases in because the White Fibbin’ Campaign is international, and we often hear feminists claim that men are the ones who make war and cause terrorist violence (not much of either happening in NZ at present).

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Fri 4th October 2013 @ 1:08 pm

  3. Nice to see some of the cases listed rather than ignored.
    Also often see Female only events or adverts that would receive an uproar if they were male only.

    Comment by Anthony — Fri 4th October 2013 @ 4:11 pm

  4. 1/32 Feminism is the primary mechanism by which children are denied their fathers, working men are enslaved, responsible men are impoverished, innocent men are imprisoned, infirm men are denied health care, potential scholars are denied educations, persecuted men are denied passports and free men are killed

    2/32 States, family courts and their officers, representatives of the Divorce Industry, child protective services case workers, special interest groups, feminists and others encourage mothers, other women and feminists to make false allegations of domestic violence, rape and child abuse against innocent men and then divorce them

    3/32 During the past forty-five years, more than forty-million children have been forcibly separated from more than twenty-five-million fathers, many instances rationalized by false allegations of domestic violence, rape and child abuse against the men

    4/32 During the past forty-six years, more than one-third of adult women in the US have defrauded criminally an innocent man using just one mechanism: divorce and child support

    5/32 After fathers and children have been separated, states award custody to mothers, order fathers to pay child support exceeding cost of raising children by many multiples and that which fathers should pay by many multiples more and then exchange the child support and federal subsidies attached to laws like VAWA and Title IX with mothers, other women and feminists for votes and absolute power

    6/32 Feminists use absolute power and lie that they have greater need for health care even though science and facts show otherwise (ie more women die and die earlier than men of cardiovascular disease and more women are victims of domestic violence than men even though more men die earlier of cardiovascular disease and more men are victims of domestic violence)

    7/32 With those lies, women and feminists coerce legislators to appropriate more financial resources to their life-style choices, giving them more access to health care at the preclusion of access for men to much needed health care resources

    8/32 Legislators oblige women and feminists with budgets for health care which exceed that of men by many multiples (ie federal budget for women’s health exceeded that for men by a multiple of fifteen in 2012), stealing funds from men to pay for it and precluding men from access to needed health care

    9/32 As a result of this dynamic, women live more than six years longer than men and have higher standards of living

    10/32 The US incarcerates more men per capita than any other country in the history of the world except for Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, women represent less than five-percent of inmates and women receive much shorter sentences for the same crimes

    11/32 Women are responsible for most domestic violence and child abuse and many other crimes but receive shorter sentences for the same crimes if they are sentenced at all

    12/32 Many innocent men are in prison because they were accused falsely by women of crimes like rape and domestic violence and initiatives like the Innocence Project have exonerated more than three-hundred men after an average of thirteen years in prison

    13/32 More than fifty-thousand men are in prison because they can’t afford to comply with orders for excessive child support and ten-percent have never fathered a child

    14/32 During the past ten years, mothers of ten-percent of children do not know who the fathers are but identify him correctly on a birth certificate, mothers of ten-percent of children do not know who the fathers are and don’t identify him correctly on the birth certificate and mothers of fifteen-percent of children don’t even identify a father on the birth certificate

    15/32 In direct response to false allegations of domestic violence, child abuse and rape, imposition and oppression by family courts and agencies of child support enforcement, impoverishment and enslavement, denial of passports with which to escape their persecutors and denial of public assistance, more than 250,000 fathers have committed suicide in the US during the past forty-five years

    16/32 An additional 850,000 men have committed suicide and many of these instances likely concern persecution too or false allegations but reasons are undocumented

    17/32 Almost none of these men suffer any chronic mental illness but were denied any benefits of living in society and suicide was their best if not only choice

    18/32 Incidence of suicide among women is approximately one-quarter that among men and almost no instances are or ever have been in response to divorce, child support, family law or persecution by the government

    19/32 In fact, imposition of family law, child support and the government upon women in any way throughout history of the US has never even come close to present imposition upon men, including imprisonment, suspension of passports and driver licenses, and denial of public assistance

    20/32 Because of child support and Title IX and other developments denying due process rights, men have no incentive to pursue and are precluded from educations and the ratio of men to women at university presently approximates 2:3

    21/32 Approximately ten-percent of children in public schools are prescribed drugs like methylphenidate for treatment of ADHD even though they suffer no mental illness but are just bullied by their mothers and the government

    22/32 More than two-thirds of these children are boys and the governments and the pharmaceutical industry pay teachers (almost all women) and mothers for referring these children to therapists who prescribe the drugs

    23/32 Also because they don’t live as long and owe child support they can’t possibly pay, men do not benefit from programs concerning public assistance to which they contributed disproportionately more than women and feminists

    24/32 Approximately 95% of homeless are men and more than 50% of those in poverty are men

    25/32 Adjusted for hazard, hours worked, tenure, education, child support, taxes and many other variables, men are paid considerably less than women

    26/32 Women are paid more and consume approximately eighty-five-percent (85%) of resources as concluded by many marketing and government studies (ie Bureau of Labor Statistics) and men are sent to die in endless wars to satisfy that excessive consumption

    27/32 The government wants women fighting in combat because it knows they can be more easily manipulated than men to kill their own citizens and even men in their own ranks (just look at how good the government has been at destroying families and fathers and children by paying mothers, other women and feminists to do it)

    28/32 Men don’t live as long, are imprisoned at alarming incidence, are denied educations to improve themselves, die prematurely and are denied their right to due process so women and feminists comprise a growing majority of the population and electorate and vote themselves more entitlements with no responsibility and at the further expense of men and children

    29/32 The feminist police state metastasizes, our political, legal, social and financial infrastructure falls apart, and the economy collapses but to create the illusion of recovery, the feminist police state promotes and executes the involuntary sacrifice of men and the transfer of their wealth to women and feminists

    30/32 As further evidence of its malignant narcissism, the feminist police state denies a growing number of men passports with which to escape their persecutors so that it can enslave them

    31/32 Women have always been the most privileged demographic in the US but now they are predatory, opportunistic and parasitic, enslaving men to their solipsism, chronic victimhood, lies and malignant narcissism

    32/32 Feminism is a hate movement which can be stopped only by force including repeal of the Nineteenth Amendment

    Comment by Darryl X — Sat 5th October 2013 @ 12:58 am

  5. If the 19th amendment was repealed, states would revert to individually determining the qualification for voting. Is there even one state now that would return to manhood suffrage?

    Comment by Downunder — Sat 5th October 2013 @ 9:02 am

  6. I trust Downunder realizes that the US Constitution had no relevance here in NZ.
    We have the proud tradition of being the first county in the world to give women the vote. Look at what the outcomes have been- two world wars, the great depression, Hitler’s final solution, Russian communism, the cold war, global warming, the cat’s been sick on the carpet, and on and on! Should we have stuck to letting the Pope run the world?

    Comment by John Brett — Sat 5th October 2013 @ 9:22 am

  7. Quoting foreign statistics is pointless unless they are given context.
    Stating that an “additional 850,000 men have committed suicide”? In New Zealand? Wow! that’s like 18% of NZ’s population. Is that per year, or over say, 10 years?
    Oh? Is it in America? 850K / 313.9M = 0.0027% = approximately 2.5 in 1000 Americans. That would equate to approx. 270 NZ’ers per year if the same rate were applied.
    NZ has about 522 suicides in 2010; 380 of these were male. source Are we suggesting about 2/3rds of male suicide is due to child support / family court issues? Wow!!!!!
    And what about the rest of the world? USA at 313.9 M population is approx. 4.4% of the world’s population. Can we conclude that over 19M men commit suicide worldwide for similar reasons? Wow!!!!!

    Even accepting this figure, and then ascribing the bulk of them to child support issues is tenuous at best. That is the logic dear old Sceptic uses when ascribing falling marriage rates to a man-ban on marriage.
    Some of them might be due to child support extortion. Even many or most of them might be. And of course, 1 suicide is always one too many, especially for these reasons. However citing it as implied fact as linked to child support extortion is simply unsustainable dribble.
    How often have we heard of suicide being linked to depression, to unemployment, to sexual abuse.
    The simple fact is that – except where someone leaves a specific stated reason, nobody knows.

    It is statistical fact that in recent years, women outnumber and outperform men in university education. But to link it to child support extortion? “Because of child support … men have no incentive to pursue and are precluded from educations and the ratio of men to women at university presently approximates 2:3” OK. I thought it was essentially because they were failing / were being failed at primary and secondary school. I didn’t realise the average 5yo boy, 10yo boy, 13yo boy, 18yo man had the vision and motivation to be fail at school in order to be denied university education, because one day they would be imprisoned by child support extortion.

    I could go on, but I have other more meaningful things to do.

    The men’s rights movement in New Zealand is better served by fact and action than by illogic and hearsay. There are a number of issues affecting men that need addressing; but I don’t believe it is factual to lay global causal-blame for these issues at the foot of anti-male bias including child support extortion.

    Comment by Pretty in Pink — Sat 5th October 2013 @ 9:26 am

  8. I don’t agree with you there John. If American feminists had succeeded in amending the American constitution then we would not have the ‘proud tradition’ you speak of. More to the point my question to our American friend was whether there is any state ready to return to manhood suffrage.

    Comment by Downunder — Sat 5th October 2013 @ 10:49 am

  9. Dear Downunder- 1 did you not detect the irony in my remarks? 2 The votes for women in NZ happened in NZ,nothing that happened in the USA was relevant, there was no cause and effect, unless there are Americans who had heard of NZ. 3 Most women have plenty of sense and compassion- and we do need their votes. We need to be more careful about the fools we allow into power (whatever the county).

    Comment by John Brett — Sat 5th October 2013 @ 11:16 am

  10. Yes I did detect your irony John. I think you need a history lesson. Many places including America were very aware of New Zealand.

    We were visited and written about by social scientists such as Charles Darwin and American journalist Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain). The Good Governor Grey was a regular correspondent with T.H. Huxley.

    There are many articles about New Zealand in American archives.

    We were not as isolated from the world as you suggest and the women’s movement was far more global than you suggest.

    We had nationwide telegraph in 1866 and a Trans Tasman cable in 1876. Other parts of the world had been working on submarine cables since the 1850’s.

    The world was very well connected by the time New Zealand gave women the vote in 1893.

    Comment by Downunder — Sat 5th October 2013 @ 12:35 pm

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