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The Fox Wants to Look After the Chickens

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General,White Ribbon Campaign — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:19 am Fri 4th October 2013

We must remember that only men commit violence and only women experience it, at least to any extent worth acknowledging or worrying about. That’s why our government through several of its departments funds the anti-male hate-speech White Fibbin’ Campaign.

On Tuesday we heard feminst Radio NZ (paid for by taxes from both men and women) give a platform to Nicola Woodward, Chief Executive of Women’s Refuge in Christchurch to talk about domestic violence in gender-specific terms as though men are the only perpetrators and women and children the only victims. Kathryn Ryan the interviewer did not think it necessary to challenge this or to raise the fact that men are also (actually more frequently) the victims of domestic violence, but instead got into the male-bashing swing of things with Ms Woodward, for example referring to police-safety-order respondents and protection-order respondents as ‘violent men’ simply because they have been ordered to leave their own homes. We know of course that a large proportion of such orders are conveniently made against the man rather than the woman when the man either has done nothing violent, both parties have been violent to each other or when the male was the only apparent victim of any violence. You wouldn’t think so though, listening to the interview (Christchurch refuge looks at re-homing violent men). Note that Women’s Refuge is aiming to expand its empire by moving into ‘whole family interventions’ including seeking accommodation for the men now ordered out of their own homes in increasingly embarrassing large numbers. Women’s Refuge being involved in accommodation and programmes for male protection-order and police-safety-order respondents is a bit like allowing freezing works to provide refuges for cows. Or Al Qaeda to provide spiritual ‘healing’ to Christians!

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