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Archive of June 2014

Oh Wait, There’s More

Thu 5th June 2014:

Children thrown from bonnet – mother charged Actually, this one’s been referred to previously here on MENZ Issues but we liked the photo. So this mother drives quite fast around a park with two young children on the bonnet and crashes the car as shown. It could easily have been fatal for one or both […]

Sexism Continues to Entertain

Here’s a few other recent news articles of possible interest. US girls stab friend 19 times to please fictional creature Yes, two 12yo girls stabbed their friend to please a fictional creature they learned about online. Go figure. Well, I guess people have been doing similar stuff for a long time, killing others to please […]

Drunk Man Consented

Wed 4th June 2014:

Here’s the story A jury has accepted that a Christchurch man could have given consent for a sex act with another man while suffering from alcohol-induced amnesia. The 30-year-old defendant thanked the jury from the dock when it found him not guilty after 45 minutes at the end of the two-day trial. Don’t hate me, […]

Evaluation of Child Support Act for Children and Parents

Sun 1st June 2014:

4 Objects See: “¢ The objects of this Act are- o (a)to affirm the right of children to be maintained by their parents: o (b)to affirm the obligation of parents to maintain their children: o (c)to affirm the right of caregivers of children to receive financial support in respect of those children from non-custodial […]

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