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Sexism Continues to Entertain

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:22 am Thu 5th June 2014

Here’s a few other recent news articles of possible interest.

US girls stab friend 19 times to please fictional creature
Yes, two 12yo girls stabbed their friend to please a fictional creature they learned about online. Go figure. Well, I guess people have been doing similar stuff for a long time, killing others to please fictional beings they learned about in religions.

Valentines Day bigamist let off with a warning
Three guesses as to this offender’s gender. Sorry if you didn’t get it right in 3; it was a female. Compare with this man, this man and this man who were all punished for bigamy, the last two with prison.

MP stands by call to send kidney transplant deportee home
Three guesses as to this kidney transplant deportee’s gender. Sorry if you missed it again;

he was a male. He was waiting for a transplant in NZ because such transplants cannot be done in Fiji. His family had raised most of the money required for the transplant given he was required to pay for it as non-resident. He could easily have been kept alive in NZ until the transplant gave him a new chance at life. But instead he died within weeks of being sent home. Of course, the fact that he was male and the minister who cruelly kicked him out was female had nothing to do with it. Funny though, we don’t recall any woman being sent home to die unnecessarily, and we are unlikely to. We care about women.

When you’re a male health worker and accept money from a patient, you are found to breach professional ethics and suspended. But hey, just become female and this makes it ethical to receive big money from patients.

No police coercion over murder confession – IPCA And see the more detailed Stuff article too, while it stays available. Joyce Conwell confessed to murdering one person and assisting in the murder of another, received four years prison pussy pass due to technicalities, then decided that those bad policemen had forced her to confess. Yes, men are responsible for everything you have ever done wrong or said my dear, there’s a good feminist.

No charges for South Canterbury rugby players accused of rape
Another rape allegation against a bunch of rugby players does not stand up to close scrutiny, but nobody is charged with making a false complaint. The name of the team is made public so everybody in their circle and region will know who they are and their reputations will be destroyed. But the name of the false complainant is not made public. Surely the rest of us deserve to be given the information needed to protect ourselves from involvement with this woman? Oh that’s right, we forgot. It’s only men who are likely to be accused of rape and men don’t matter, so shut up.

Whew, that’s more than enough entertainment for one night.


  1. If a false complaint is made then the female who makes it (almost all the best liars are female psychopaths – no offence) should be prosecuted for the false complaint. And the penalty if found guilty should be the same as the penalty for the offence that she accused the man of.


    Phil Watts – falsely accused – there is no worse crime than taking away the children that you love and turning them against you. Only psychopaths do that.

    Comment by Phil Watts — Thu 5th June 2014 @ 9:31 am

  2. Agreed my friend Phil 🙂

    Today I took some of my documentation to the north shore police , complete with proof of actual fraud on a judge and asked them to charge her with “fraudulent use of a document” and “perverting the cause of justice” lets see if they act on it, it is a open and shut case its all admitted by her. This one document was used many times to , lawyer for child, child youth and family , the courts blah blah and was instrumental in having the judge grant sole custody and fk me over with everything. Lets she her get out of this one 🙂

    Comment by Dominic da Silva — Thu 5th June 2014 @ 4:23 pm

  3. Dominic (#2), good luck. Unfortunately, our Family Courts have usually welcomed perjury with open arms and very seldom if ever have referred clear perjury for prosecution. Our police are generally reluctant to charge women with anything and probably won’t get involved in Family Court matters. But I hope they prove us wrong in your case.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Thu 5th June 2014 @ 7:52 pm

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