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Anger is not an emotion

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General — Downunder @ 1:14 pm Thu 6th February 2014

BBC Article

A study using the reaction of facial muscles indicates that humans have only four emotions that display themselves as happiness, sadness, irritation and fright.

The previously accepted 6 emotions theory is being challenged.

There is a significant factor here that will agravate feminists. Irritation would be a sliding scale where the same face expresses levels of disgust through to anger, and fright likewise has the same muscles expressing surprise and fear.

We are no longer angry looking men , just disgusted at what we see women doing.


  1. This makes sense, if you assume:
    (1) anger is a male problem;
    (2) anger is a form of violence;
    (3) anger is only expressed as violence, by men, against women;
    (4) because all men are violent, then they should not be allowed to remain in their homes, or to see their children unsupervised, or to have day to day care of their children.
    (5) anger can be ‘cured’, by attending an appropriate program;
    (6) part of completing treatment involves men admitting they have an anger problem, are inherently violent; it is their problem; they cannot return home, must not fight the system in order to see their children, and will ultimately never again be involved in direct day-to-day care of their children.

    In conjunction with the above, the underlying ethos of society is that men are not controlled by their emotion, indeed they do not and should not express their emotions.

    Ergo, anger is not an emotion.

    Comment by OMG you're &*^(%$ — Thu 6th February 2014 @ 4:16 pm

  2. I was once accused of “exhibiting a multitude of facial expressions” (I was smiling). When I politely asked for an amplification none was forthcoming. Apparently, the staff were trained to recognise this. Oddly, when I surveyed them, none where aware of the terminology.

    This was one small episode of government workplace harassment that had started in 2002 (Cubic Defence, PAL, The Warehouse,…) and which continues to this day. The whole situation was typically farcical and the oppression palpable. I had scored 100% in my qualification exams, worked huge hours (sleeping bag at work) and had just been promoted. Nonetheless I was terminated at the insistence of the crown on the grounds of ‘poor performance’ and inexplicably ‘having issues with women in positions of authority’.

    Apparently this is just cause to arrest men on Christmas Eve (how convenient), deny them a lawyer, detain them for four days without charge, deny them a shower for four days, force them to perform ablutions in front of female Police Officers and hold them in a blacked out cell for a day to see if they can make them crack. Given that writing a letter to the PM results in being forced from the road by a Police car, having your drivers window smashed in your face, being dragged down the road, held in cells for two days without legal council and given a false speeding fine. This is par for the course in the wrnz.

    Perhaps this was reference to my objection to, among other things, having spent most of the last thirteen years caring for our always delightful children whilst also paying for their expenses (“treats”) whether they were living with her or not and also paying child support to my IRD Manager ex. Apparently this is acceptable because;

    “You don’t have to think to do your job”
    “You only play with spanners”
    “You needed to be older”
    “You need to be a businessman”
    “My clairvoyant told me that I’m going to have a new partner”

    Realising that it was impossible for me to work in new zealand, I gained employment abroad. Upon my departure, I was detained by the Police and the crew of the aircraft were briefed that I was a terrorist. Really! To illustrate how pathetic these muppets are, let’s consider my opportunities;

    1) Nine years working as a certifying engineer at Air New Zealand.
    2) Three months working alone on Air New Zealand aircraft (helping them to have the edge on the competition).
    3) The preceding holiday weekend working alone on Air New Zealand aircraft at Wellington Airport.
    4) The airport gate that even the taxi drivers knew the access code too (Often propped open by tradies).

    Typical of the arrogant nz government. Just bizarre twisted mind games that destroy honest, hardworking peoples lives. Seriously, are they on drugs? So in keeping with the kiwi handbrake, if anybody with half a brain wished to perpetrate an act of terrorism against nz they would clearly see how vulnerable both Auckland and Wellington cities are.

    From a personal perspective, someone like myself who is the victim of human, legal and financial abuses from an oppressive and aggressive state would be a fool to give them any leverage whatsoever (as much as the feminist inquisitors would dearly wish).

    One hopes that history will record their names and evil deeds for all time.

    Next instalment; the Australian College of Kuwait, jarpie muppets, pink shirts and the UN….

    Comment by Soothsayer — Thu 6th February 2014 @ 7:48 pm

  3. Dear Madame / Sir.

    May I respectfully tender my application for political asylum for your kind consideration. For fourteen years I have endured crushing human, legal and financial rights abuses at the hands of the government of New Zealand. The abuses include but are not limited to the following;

    1. Death threats against myself and my children.
    2. Repeated illegal Police intimidation and brutality, false arrest, illegal incarceration, denial of legal council and basic human rights.
    3. Repeated illegal denial of my right to work both in New Zealand and abroad. Workplace harassment.
    4. Illegal withdrawals from my accounts, repeated illegal blocking of my accounts and denial of communication regarding the same.
    5. Illegal denial of access to my children when they were in hardship.
    6. Illegal removal of my guardianship of my children.
    7. Denial of access to a solicitor and access to the family court.

    I have documentation to prove these abuses. Please note that I have never had any convictions or orders against me. I am able to validate outstanding life-long family, employment and community service with records and references.

    My family has been in New Zealand since 1841 however given the overwhelming and protracted human rights abuses against me and the corruption that now exists in New Zealand, I do not identify myself as a being a New Zealander.

    The New Zealand government is hellbent on destroying me and under farcical circumstances has gone to unconscionable lengths to achieve that end.

    Comment by Soothsayer — Thu 6th February 2014 @ 7:51 pm

  4. Are there any lawyers with balls in new zealand or are they all parasitic pussy-whipped muppets?

    Comment by Soothsayer — Fri 7th February 2014 @ 12:19 am

  5. I’m angry and proud to be.

    Comment by Scott B — Fri 7th February 2014 @ 2:46 pm

  6. Maybe there is someone worse than me. I feel for you bro, we need to band all men and women who have not been brainwashed and protest against the evil money grabbing corrupt Family Court and Labour and National Parties.

    Comment by Sane in an insane world — Fri 7th February 2014 @ 11:51 pm

  7. I used to think that I was setting a good example but I now realise that I’m a horrible warning.

    Comment by Soothsayer — Sat 8th February 2014 @ 3:24 pm

  8. Nice guys come last (sad but very true).

    Comment by Soothsayer — Sat 8th February 2014 @ 3:25 pm

  9. 8 not true in NZ… ALL guys finish last.

    Comment by Scott B — Mon 10th February 2014 @ 7:30 am

  10. its about time the men in this country got angry…..and did something about whts happening around us…..lets all get together and get angry

    Comment by paul — Sun 16th February 2014 @ 7:58 pm

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