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Is this judge lying through his teeth?

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 8:33 am Thu 6th February 2014

UK Guardian: Courts will not give up on girl abducted by mother, judge warns
Judge issues warning two years after Humma Dar disappeared with daughter Aamina Khan after girl’s father was given custody.

It is well known in legal circles, but a carefully manipulated secret from the working public, that most child abductors (85%) are the mothers of the children.

This is illustrated in Robin Bowles book “Taken in Contempt” and shows up wherever careful statistics are gathered.

In my opinion, legal workers milk child abductions for all they can squeeze out, without any integrity, soul, heart, mercy, conscience or humanity.

Are they proactive in deterring or preventing abductions, hell no. They usually leave the window carefully open to facilitate and allow mothers to perpetrate their abductions. They are then able to milk the subsequent legal processes, until the left behind families have descended into insanity or their wealth has all been charged to legal workers.

Are the legal workers swayed by bouncing breasts and soft faces, images of orgasms, or by evidence-less fairy tales of domestic violence, where they can be Quixotic heroes, or by by milking the breasts?

Sure, after separation both parents cannot have their fairy tale wishes met in full.

Protecting children from parent’s selfishness and ignorance about the needs of children just isn’t happening in secret familycaught$, who refuse to apply law to custodial mothers.

After the child has been taken, what are these judges doing to facilitate the return of the child?
The answer to that question, is the measure of the value of these legal functionaries.

The underlying truth is that children lie almost completely unprotected from international abduction, because familycaught$ all around the world are so greedy for “work”, or asset stripping parents, that they refuse to respect other countries familycaught$ and want to rehear every case. The Hague Convention was supposedly meant to get past that, but it was corrupted by familycaught$, by simply ignoring it. In this respect, NZ familycaught$ is among the worst in the world, making NZ an attractive destination for international mother abductors.

Protecting children from judge’s greed, selfishness and ignorance about the needs of children just isn’t happening in secret familycaught$, who refuse to apply law to custodial mothers. Outcomes for Abducted Children A study of child abduction in the UK

If a judge is on a fixed salary, how can they benefit personally by enabling a child abduction?
A few years earlier, another judge opened the door for an abduction. The resulting legal work created the need for employing another judge, in fact this particular judge. By feeding the growth of abductions, we “need” to employ more judges. Indirect benefit, but valuable to all judges nonetheless. Subtle, but at the end of the year, real dollars in surreal judge’s pockets. Also, the abductions result in “work” for lawyers, much of it paid for by squeezing the Government, thus having a small lifting effect on judge’s salaries. Lots of small effects, but put together a good fraction of the NZ average pretax wage. Conflict of interest

In my opinion, in the end, familycaught$ judges are more dangerous to children, than abducting mothers. If disincentives to abduction were applied, by meaningful bonds and by prosecuting abductors, then children would be protected.

With familycaught$ refusing to honour legislation, best it just be scrapped.
Maybe secrecy is the first enemy of protecting children?
Lets put protecting children’s upbringing before legal worker’s paramount need for other people’s wealth.

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  1. If it was the Dad who took his kids away from the mother it would be on the front page of the newspaper and he would be hunted by the NZ Police Gestapo as a kidnapper.

    Yes secrecy is the refuge of scoundrels who know they are doing wrong. they do not want others to know how corrupt the NZ Judges are.

    The taxpayer could save billions of $ and prevent most family violence by scrapping the Family Court and making it public and automatically awarding 50/50 custody to the father and mother unless otherwise agreed by the parents.

    Also scrap ‘Protection’ Orders as they are obviously used by females, the COPS AND JUDGES as an outlet for their sadism and men are an easy target due to 100 years of feminist propoganda citing us as all violent paedophile rapists unless proven innocent.

    It is impossible to ‘prove’ oneself innocent as the absence of any proof of harm does not seem to be enough for the general public or the ‘occourts’.

    Only God can Judge.

    Comment by Sane in an insane world — Thu 6th February 2014 @ 9:16 am

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