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International Men’s Conference – still on track

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:56 pm Thu 26th June 2014


The first international men’s conference, to be held in Detroit this weekend shrugs off the recent threats of violence that forced a change in venue.

The evolving story of the feminist backlash against men who dared to confer without consent was discused in an earlier post Feminist Extremists attack Men’s Conference.

Conference organisers A Voice for Men (AVFM), remain tight lipped about any casualties from the original speakers list as a result of concerns for personal safety, however the current advertised list of speakers looks set to herald a new error in awareness of men’s issues onto the international political stage, addressing a variety of issues such as circumcism and paternity fraud, and the need for political activism, along with the more familiar topics surrounding Family Courts.

AVFM’s Media Director, Janet Bloomfield, has been working overtime to have live feeds available from the confernce via You Tube to reach a growing international audience that is becoming more aware of the urgent need to address the range of men’s issues causing increasing conern to the well being of the Western World.

Bloomfield will also be operating a twitter feed, tweeting relevant updates, through @icmi14 …

We invite listeners/viewers to tweet questions for the speakers during their talks, and we will endeavour to have one or two asked on the floor.

The costs of this conference must be substantial. For anyone wishing to offer financial assistance to AVFM, there are a range of donation options here.


  1. Good stuff will be tuning in , funny its probably backfired on them and generated a lot more publicity and people that want to listen , exactly like this great article,

    Comment by Dominic da Silva — Thu 26th June 2014 @ 1:05 pm

  2. ?

    Comment by Dominic da Silva — Fri 27th June 2014 @ 11:06 am

  3. It is an automatic feedback from a link in another post to this post.

    Have a look at the post BBC Live on Female Domestic Violence and you will see how it works.

    Comment by Downunder — Fri 27th June 2014 @ 11:13 am

  4. This should illustrate to all that females and their hormones and western societies ignoring and our governments Neville Chamberlain-like appeasement policies in pretending females are doing nothing wrong just gives females a Hitler-like narcissistic personality disorder which enables them to literally commit murder without punishment.

    The media was conspicuously silent on sentencing of the woman who stabbed her sleeping husband to death. But if a man looks at a woman and she doesn’t like it then they jump and down as if they been raped.

    We need to speak out against these double standards and hypocrisy, and unlawful applications of the supposedly ‘gender-nuetral’ Domestic Violence Laws by New Zealand’s (and other western countries, according to my research) obviously corrupt (anti) Family Court Judges and corrupt Government Ministers (name them…) who are accessories to this terrible child Abuse of taking loving fathers away from their children who love them.

    Comment by 'The Logical Song' — Fri 27th June 2014 @ 11:16 am

  5. Thanks and exactly.

    Comment by Dominic da Silva — Fri 27th June 2014 @ 11:40 am


    Reason to fight for what our kids deserve.

    Comment by Kumar — Thu 3rd July 2014 @ 9:22 pm

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