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Jackie Blue Drops the Ball

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:02 am Wed 9th April 2014

Exposing the fraud:

Dr Jackie Blue Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner at our Human Rights Commission is engaged in deliberate and provocative aggravation with advertising banners like this one below. “Wo to men” as the sign implies, gives us a clear understanding of the malignant attitude within the commission, one which is clearly aggressive to men.

Women Power

Interviewed by Catriona McLennan about women’s issues this election year, the interview is described as feisty and challenging with Jackie saying women have been too polite for too long and if anything is to change, it’s time they got “stroppy’.

The interview covers a range of topics including: the policies that the Human Rights Commission see as the most important to advance for women, and how can these be strategically promoted in an election year.

Source: Human Rights Commission advertising

What does stroppy entail; discriminating against men in one aspect of employment out of some sort of perceived need for revenge. That’s exactly what we can see in the following press release.

Jackie Blue Press Release 31th March

The Human Rights Commission welcomes a significant report on family violence in the workplace released today by the PSA

Economist Suzanne Snively’s report,(see post here) Productivity Gains from Workplace Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence, finds that domestic violence will cost New Zealand employers at least $368 million over the next year and that workplace protections can help reduce this cost and increase productivity.

Jackie Blue, Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner for the Human Rights Commission, says the report serves to remind us that domestic violence is reaching epidemic proportions and remains our national shame.

“All of us have a part to play and it is commendable that the PSA has commissioned this research in order to further persuade workplaces that supporting victims at work is not only socially responsible but fiscally sensible.

“The workplace is a strategic entry point to a society free from discrimination

(while men are also victims of domestic violence, her paper focuses on women as they are more likely to suffer severe and persistent abuse, with one in three New Zealand women abused by a partner or ex-partner in their lifetime – Suzanne Snively.)

“Work is not solely a source of income that provides for the basic necessities in life, but has the potential to satisfy social, intellectual and personal needs and therefore is integral for a life of human dignity. It is critical to reducing the effects of violence and abuse.

(We totally understand where you are coming from Jackie, supporting gender biased research and propaganda, because men are expecting to tolerate female abuse and pretend it is a dignified life)

“What this research demonstrates is that, even on very conservative measures, supporting victims of domestic violence pays off – both in terms of being good employers and in terms of the bottom line.

“I strongly recommend that all employers consider reading this report.”

The report is available at:


The irony of course is Jackie Blue’s catch phrase, “domestic violence does not discriminate”, which she says she draws from her own experiences of partner abuse whilst a doctor and a professional; she is obviously of the opinion that domestic violence simply doesn’t happen to men.

The Human Rights Commission is happily engaged in supporting the PSA’s feminised shipwreck and discrimination in the workplace by PSA secretary Brenda Pilott.

But the bottom line here is that Jackie Blue is actively engaged in discriminating against male victims of domestic violence in the work place. It’s ok to hold the banner of Human Rights when it’s minority situation except when it’s male victims of domestic violence.

What sort of women’s club is Susan Devoy running with here?


  1. “it’s time they got ‘stroppy”????????

    Yeah… cause women are never stroppy!

    Comment by Scott B — Wed 9th April 2014 @ 11:38 am

  2. Jackie Blue – a tax-payer funded idiot. (No wonder the National Party got rid of her) open letter from the Human Rights Commission

    She questioned whether lawyer and public servant Vicky Robertson, who is the new chief executive of the Ministry for the Environment would have been described as a “former hockey player” in a media headline if she was a man.

    Who isn’t a former something. It is simply recognition of the person’s background.

    Former All Black Chris Laidlaw became a race relations conciliator didn’t he.

    Maybe she’s going through menopause and has a muddled brain.

    Comment by Downunder — Wed 15th April 2015 @ 8:36 pm

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