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Marriage fuels abuse

Filed under: General — ashish @ 9:15 am Sat 5th July 2014

For the first time, there is something both me and the famous femnazi, Clementine Ford, actually agree on. Although my reason on this topic is – “Marriage is the financial rape of men”.


  1. Let me get this right. If there was no marriage, there’d be no marital abuse. (Partner violence, domestic violence, what ever you call it).
    Cool, Where do I sign up?

    Comment by OMG you're (*&^%&^ — Tue 8th July 2014 @ 8:49 pm

  2. I’m pretty sure the dominion’s only purpose in employing Clementine Ford is to generate outrage and get people in so they can look at ads, there is no other explanation. Her articles are the same old shallow generalised garbage confusing cause and correlation backed up by slanted feminist generated statistics, I’ve never seen her write anything worth considering.
    Marriage generates abuse when one person can latch onto another and have the full force of the law on their side preventing the other from getting away except on the abuser’s terms and at great expense. By the time the victim realises what’s happening it is too late for (sometimes her but usually) him. With the law – relationship property, dv, police, child support etc – lined up against him he’s stuffed and among his options are suicide and murder, some take those options. Some show their frustration through violence. And let’s not forget the stereotypical abuser of Clementine’s fantasies does exist, not many but enough to perpetuate and justify the all men are violent myth.

    Comment by Daniel — Thu 10th July 2014 @ 12:16 pm

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