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Maurice Williamson Saga

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Downunder @ 10:46 am Thu 1st May 2014

Cabinet Minister Maurice Williamson is in an undesireable position today after it is revealed that he made a phone call to a high ranking Police Officer following a domestic violence arrest.

At the centre of the phone call is National Party donor Donghua Liu, who made a $22,000 donation to the party.

Liu was arrested following a domestic violence incident with his de facto partner and her mother at the Boulevard Hotel in December and has pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman and assault with intent to injure.


There has been no statement yet from Williamson; a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office is expected shortly (see update below)

Williamson also lobbied and supported Liu’s recent citizenship. While lobbying for immigration assistance is not uncommon – it is acceptable for MP’s to advocate on behalf of constituents in such cases – it is not acceptable to attempt to interfer in Police prosecutions.

It would be a different matter if this had been a transparent situation such as Williamson lobbying openly as he did for the cancelation of speeding tickets from cameras on Pakuranga Highway.

The handling of this latest incident will place John Key under the spotlight again for the behaviour of one of his Ministers. Key will be savaged if he supports Williamson, not so much for the phone call, but because it is a domestic violence case, to which Liu has already pleaded guilty. Which is not right; feminist outrage would simply overshadow logic.

The man in the street, in the same circumstances, would never have received this sort of preferential treatment and neither should a wealthy party supporter.

Comparisions will be drawn between this case and the Oravida scandal that embroiled Justice Minister Judith Collins in weeks of controversy, discussed in the recent post, Pussy Pass for Judith Collins.

Update 11.30 Williamson Resigns

Maurice Williamson falls on his sword – there was little else he could do – It would have been a very inventive and brave Prime Minister that sought to defend this one. While Williamson has taken the honourable course, he is yet to front the media and explain himself.

“However, Mr Williamson’s decision to discuss the investigation with Police was a significant error of judgement.

“The independence of Police investigations is a fundamental part of our country’s legal framework.

“Mr Williamson’s actions have been very unwise as they have the potential to bring that independence into question,” Mr Key said.

Still there is a rather large question over the wisdom of Judith Collins’ actions and whether her behaviour compromised the integrity of a Chinese Official – where he would be seen to have compromised his independance by favouring a particular New Zealand exporter; whether her meeting with a Chinese official is any different to a phone call.

With a changing story that was eventually extracted from the Minister of Corrections Justice should Judith Collins have already resigned? I can see this issue rising again when parliament resumes, but regardless of the outcome there will always be a question over whether Collins received a slap on the wrist with a limp noodle because of her gender.

For the sake of the image of his male counterparts in parliament lets hope Williamson doesn’t pick a ‘soft touch’ reporter and try and excuse himself Collins’ style, with a single private interview. We’ll wait and see.

Williamson Fronts the media

Sorry Maurice: 27 years in parliament and you want us to believe that ringing a high ranking Police officer ‘to enquire’ about this case was supporting a constituent – a wealthy party funding constituent who could afford the best legal representation available in New Zealand. If you had any evidence that something was untoward you would have discussed that with the Police Minister as any other MP would have, and you didn’t.

There was nothing unusal happening here.

After 27 years you end it like this, that was stupid, and it is sad.

The question now is for the National Party to decide whether it wants to be represented by this sort of thinking and whether Williamson will be their candidate for Pakuranga in 2014.

Here’s the game changer:

National MP Maurice Williamson lobbied a ministerial colleague to give New Zealand citizenship “as fast as possible” to a wealthy businessman – then conducted the ceremony himself the day after citizenship was granted against the recommendation of officials.


Here is a slippery slope and it’s right up there at parlimentary level.

You have a woman like Judith Collins getting ‘let off’ because she is a woman and some people will argue Williamson should be let off because he is a man, but this is a consequence of the feminist subversion of principle.

It’s been discussed here before, under the devolvement of professionalism, but now we are seeing this in our parlimentary governance.

So, what is the point of difference between Maurice Williamson and Judith Collins; it is this:

What you can’t do to support the interests of your political party and what you can do to support your own personal interests.

This really cuts at the heart of the National Party and their principles.


  1. I believe he is aware of the “Police presumptions” in DV cases ..Thats why he asked for “Solid Ground” evidence to charge the man in the fem court.

    Comment by kumar — Thu 1st May 2014 @ 1:22 pm

  2. Maurice Williamson has done nothing wrong.

    A man who was in trouble asked for his help. He worried about this man and tried to help him. But he did not cross the line. He only wanted to confirm there was sufficient evidence.

    Maurice is a working class MP who gets things done for transport and building & housing. Perhaps this is a warning for others not to help a man facing an assault enquiry.

    Comparing Collins with Williamson – Williamson only sin was he was male.

    Comment by Lukenz — Thu 1st May 2014 @ 3:12 pm

  3. The way in which domestic violence is handled by the Police is a situation that exists because parliament lets it exist.

    Williamson like most MPs is happy for a situation like this to exist until it affects them personally.

    Then all of a sudden he doesn’t want his wealthy party supporter attending anger management classes and being made to jump through feminist hoops, so tries to interfer in the prosecution process.

    Well, this closet feminist can turn his big gay rainbow upside down and wear it as a smile now, can’t he.

    Comment by Downunder — Thu 1st May 2014 @ 3:20 pm

  4. To be fair to you Lukenz, I have added more information to the original post.

    Comparing Collins with Williamson – Williamson only sin was he was male.

    Do you still hold to this position?

    Comment by Downunder — Thu 1st May 2014 @ 5:54 pm

  5. Poor woman she only tried to make her rich family richer, Maurice tried to help a constituent naturally he is wrong and she is right.

    Comment by andreas — Thu 1st May 2014 @ 7:57 pm

  6. I personally think that what Williamson did was extremely stupid, and I’m surprised that a politician of his experience made such a dumb mistake. A Minister interfering in a criminal matter is always going to look bad no matter what his intentions. At least he has done the right thing by resigning.

    I’m not so worried about Collins’ original actions – I think our country’s economic future largely depends on convincing Chinese to buy our dairy products and other food exports. I think her big mistake was not to come clean right in the beginning and show she understood that she needs to maintain a distance from her husband’s business activities. It is the arrogant way she dealt with the media that is damaging her reputation most in my opinion.

    I’m not entirely convinced either of these subjects are really on-topic for this website.

    Comment by JohnPotter — Thu 1st May 2014 @ 8:51 pm

  7. Dear John, politics is the major block to sorting out men’s issues in NZ. Most of us are not sufficiently politically aware and that holds back our lobbying efforts.

    It is difficult to discuss integrity about District Courts and familycaught$, so discussing integrity issues anywhere else, is a valuable proxy and raises people’s awareness about the importance of working integrity and the dangers of “we tell you we have integrity”. Examples within politics aren’t just a proxy, they are in fact in the area which stymies sorting out social policies, to our detriment.

    During the First and Second World War censorships, NZ newspapers sometimes left white space where the military censors had removed an item. Later, even that was censored! Then articles were put in about some unimportant, overseas example of something along roughly similar lines. Reporting a demonstration in Argentina, about……

    I am suggesting that readers can try out putting names of judges into our Williamson and Collins examples and get some idea of what might be going on in our “we tell you we have integrity” “our familycaught$ is the envy of the World” caught$.

    Only the paranoids really know what is going on…. (Don’t get treatment, you need to know…Hide the tablets under your tongue and spit them out, when they have gone…put the tablets into the cup of tea that you take to them! Keep a soft silicone rubber toy, that they can inject into without disabling you..)

    Judith Collins’ arrogance is no substitute for doing her job well and creatively, just a diversion. She has created different paperwork, certainly not better paperwork. She is just wasting time, when NZ does need a working, relevant, capable, sensible Courts system.

    MurrayBacon – axe murderer.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Fri 2nd May 2014 @ 10:20 am

  8. Helen Clark became the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme on 17 April 2009.

    From: Peter Bell
    Sent: Monday, October 19, 2009 9:43 AM
    To: Allan Cormack
    Cc: Allan David Oelschig; Peter Fraser
    Subject: Suspended from duties.

    Dear Sir.

    May I record that Today 19 October 2009, I was present at the ACK Aviation Complex at 08:00 hours to perform my contracted duties.

    I was instructed by my supervisor Mr. Allan Oelschig to return to my apartment and await further instructions.

    Kind regards.

    Peter Bell.

    Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 2:27 PM
    Subject: start of ACK PECAS Centre

    Dear instructors,

    At the end of this week, you may notice the set up of the first ACK PECAS Centre display in the basement foyer of building 1.

    The purpose of the ACK PECAS Centre is to facilitate peer learning among students with regard to the three pillars of sustainable development (Planet, Economy, Community) And lifelong/lifewide learning (Self improvement). The ACK PECAS Centre is a tangible initiative in response to the current UN declared Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, during which time all educators are being asked to create a greater awareness of the need for responsible actions so that future generations can enjoy a quality of life.

    Each week there will be a different theme on display regarding sustainable development and/or lifewide learning and I ask instructors to use the Centre:
    · as an opportunity to showcase student project work on topics related to sustainable development and/or lifewide learning, and
    · to encourage visits by students to displays set up by other classes.

    The first ACK PECAS Centre display will feature Women in Sport in Kuwait, to coincide with the visit by Shaikha Nahema Al Sabah on Thursday.

    During next week, classes are invited to come and visit this display and to then take part in discussions about the topic with representatives from the ‘host’ class for that week. A roster for booking visits to the display will be located on the information board at the side of the display. Bookings can only be made by instructors.

    Whilst I recognise that only certain topics will be of relevance to particular units, I suggest the existence of the ACK PECAS Centre provides a creative opportunity for instructors and students to share their learning with other classes and in the process to gain further experience in generic workplace competencies such as teamwork, planning, organisation and communication.

    Attached is some specific information with regard to the workings of the PECAS Centre and for further information please contact Chris Picone on extension 4057.

    Kind regards

    Allan Cormack

    Comment by Soothsayer — Sun 4th May 2014 @ 10:33 am

  9. New Zealand”s PM to visit Kuwait on April 26-27 2010.

    Comment by Soothsayer — Sun 4th May 2014 @ 10:35 am

  10. That’s four jobs now. Panasonic Avionics Corporation, the Australian College of Kuwait, Etihad Airways and IDAT.

    Comment by Soothsayer — Sun 4th May 2014 @ 10:38 am

  11. “As New Zealanders, we have grown up to believe in and cherish an egalitarian society. We like to think that our children’s futures will be determined by their abilities, their motivation and their hard work. They will not be dictated by the size of their parent’s bank balance or the suburb they were born in.” [John Key] – YEAH RIGHT!

    Comment by Soothsayer — Sun 4th May 2014 @ 10:39 am

  12. Dear Madame / Sir.

    I wish to apply for political asylum and protection from the Government of New Zealand due to protracted severe oppression, exploitation and discrimination against myself and our children of a sociopolitical nature causing devastating trauma and profoundly negative outcomes by any measure. Most often this has occurred in unconscionable and farcical circumstances. As a case of denial of human rights it constitutes a damning indictment upon New Zealand.

    The abuses include but are not limited to the following;

    1. Death threats against myself and my children.
    2. Repeated illegal Police intimidation and brutality, false arrest, illegal incarceration, denial of legal council and basic human rights.
    3. Repeated illegal denial of my right to work both in New Zealand and abroad. Workplace harassment.
    4. Illegal withdrawals from my accounts, repeated illegal blocking of my accounts and denial of communication regarding the same.
    5. Repeated Illegal denial of access to my children when they were in hardship.
    6. Illegal removal of my guardianship of my children.
    7. Denial of access to a solicitor and access to the family court.

    I have documentation to prove these abuses. Please note that I have never had any convictions or orders against me. I am able to validate outstanding life-long family, employment and community service (e.g. sports coaching, sports administration, parent help, youth drama parent help) with records and references.

    Additionally, I wish initiate private prosecutions against and seek damages from The Crown (within a NZ context) and also the United Nations for criminal activities causing protracted denial of fundamental human rights both within NZ and abroad. Specifically, the NZ Ministries of Justice, Police, Inland Revenue, Education and Social Development. Implicated private companies include The ANZ Bank and Panasonic Avionics Corporation.

    My children and myself have been subjected to policies and practices that forced the separation of fathers from their children and which created a lifelong legacy of pain and suffering. Shameful practices that denied me their father, my fundamental rights and responsibilities to love and care for my children. I was not legally or socially acknowledged as their father and I was myself deprived of care and support. I was forced to endure the coercion and brutality of practices that were unethical, dishonest and in many cases illegal.

    Summary of events:

    2001: After many years of provable abuse from my hypergamous partner and a sort period of separation, she filed for a divorce. I was approached by my employer and recommended a lawyer (Len Brown, the now disgraced Mayor of Auckland).

    It soon became apparent that Len Brown was colluding with my ex partner’s lawyer (It is my belief that he was a political stooge).To his great annoyance I sought alternative council with Sandi Bailey. Initially she was supportive however despite my overwhelming case and it being the longstanding situation, she would not represent me to proceed with a shared parenting agreement. I have reason to believe that she was lent on from political office.

    A year earlier, I had respectfully and in good faith written to the PM concerned with events occurring in NZ society. The result of which was the onset of severe Police harassment that continues to this day. Prior to this, I had not received as much as a parking ticket!

    With my ex partner being a senior IRD manager all dealings with the department were unilateral, corrupt and repressive. They refused to communicate, refused administrative reviews, overtaxed me and made false allegations to my employers. Neither did I ever receive any response from the family court to my requests for arbitration. There was one meeting with a councillor, Mr. Peter Fraser. He was provided with an offer and told to “take it or leave it”. I absolutely bent over backwards in every way for the children’s sake, yet in all matters both my ex and the state were brutally oppressive and hostile towards me.

    When she left the family, my ex partner was earning more than me. Mindful of the children’s welfare and despite her being in a new relationship, I left our joint account (my only account) open for over a year with a view to possible reconciliation and also to enhance harmonious relations. During this time she utilised this account for gambling activities and would then claim not to have money to feed the children even though they were for the greater part in my care. When I did finally close the joint account, my personal accounts with the ANZ Bank were repeatedly blocked by identifiable members of their staff. My car was torched and I received multiple death threats from various sources.

    2003: I had dropped the children off at their mothers house at 9:00 pm. on a Saturday evening. I had been rostered off work for the last four days and was to start again at 7:00 am the next day.
    Our youngest son was wanting the recently released sequel to a book. I had been unable to obtain it locally. So after dropping them off I went into the Auckland CBD to the Borders book store to see whether they had it in stock. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the book either.
    On the way home a group of asian youths exited a car in the middle of the road and I had to brake suddenly to avoid running them over. The car behind me crashed into my car.There was very little damage to my car however the other vehicle sustained major frontal damage.
    The driver of the car approached me saying ” I hate Helen Clark. This is all her fault.” (I couldn’t see the relevance myself). Later on he told me that the accident would be on surveillance video and that he was employed in this capacity.
    While I was patiently waiting for the Police to attend the accident, the passenger of the vehicle sat next to me on a bench. He stated straight off that he had lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at exactly the same period as I had lived there whilst I was working for British Aerospace. He said that he had worked as a pathologist at the Military Hospital. I was suspicious at the coincidence, so already knowing I asked him “Where in Riyadh is the Military Hospital ?” He gave the wrong location!
    He then went on further to say how much he really liked the Saudi culture and way of life.
    I remarked that, apart from going to a couple of weddings I hadn’t got to know the Saudis that much. I did say that from my own personal experiences they were hospitable, polite, family orientated and well educated people. In the six years that I had been there I had never had the occasion to feel any ill of them and had enjoyed many pleasant experiences with shop keepers and Saudi families.
    Unfortunately the actions of a few extremists have changed a once peaceful and safe country.
    I believe that the best way to bring about a lasting change for good is to respect and make friends with people (to build bridges) not to make them your enemy, which is the weak option which will never succeed. But then I’ve been told that I’m simple before!
    Anyway, the dress and demeanor of these people didn’t match who they proclaimed themselves to be.
    If these people were agents, as I suspect. Myself having received a Gulf War medal, I find their actions, and those of the people they were acting for, to be both insulting and threatening.

    For four more years I cared for our always delightful children over 75% of the time and in so incurring most of their expenses whilst also having to pay her full child support. From their birth I had a profound involvement in all facets of the children’s lives and had for many years been the primary caregiver and also done most of the housework to a very high standard. Initially being home at midday each working day and from age three onwards working a 2 days / 2 nights / 4 off roster. With both parents working full-time, I was fortunate in easily obtaining leave for school holidays. I have letters from her begging for me to care for the children even more. All the while she would neglect them, abuse them and block my care in attempts to extort more money from me.

    When inevitably my funds ran out, she denied me all access for over two years. There was a bizarre meeting with a SES worker who told me “They are her children” (Her brother also works for the SES). I have since learned that, at their mothers behest, I was removed as their legal guardian. Like all of their actions, I was never consulted. This was typically farcical as by then she had thrown the older child out onto the street at age sixteen!

    There are also examples of severe abuse and victimisation of our children at their schools. Including a shocking gang bashing instigated by a politically connected principal’s child and being made to make a speech against me! With much difficulty, I obtained a school report in which every field was ‘unsatisfactory’. He had previously consistently obtained high distinctions in several subjects. I have other evidence that corroborates both my concerns and the radical opinions and policies being enforced.

    With all contact denied for two years, I began being harassed at my work and “spied on” and bullied by female managers and colleagues. This occurred at several jobs with covert Police involvement. My ex partner was also active this regard.

    2008: I was yet again being harassed and spied upon at work by government officials. The situation was unbelievably farcical and when I finally confronted the issue my employer was forced to terminate my employment. My statements were completely erased from the reports and letters. The reasons given for my dismissal were poor performance and from out of nowhere, “having an issue with women in positions of authority” (100% in exams, working huge hours and I had just been given accelerated promotion!!!). I had had the vision to undertake the study, gain experience and obtain an excellent position through extremely hard work. Now positions in this field are in high demand and very well paid. Typical of the NZ government to cut you down and in doing so impoverish you and your children.

    Covert false allegations, ex parte legal rights abuses and even illegal Police human rights abuses and brutality have long been the response to respectful petition of government agencies and representatives. In fourteen years, I have yet to be approached for my testimony.

    Grossly insulted. In passive protest, I handed my Gulf War Medal to the Crown Agency. What ensued can only be described as a circus. I was accused of ‘exhibiting a multitude of facial expressions’ (I was smiling). When I politely asked for an amplification none was forthcoming. Apparently, the staff were trained to recognise this. Oddly, when I surveyed them, none where aware of the terminology.

    Apparently this is just cause to later arrest me on Christmas Eve (how convenient), deny me a lawyer, detain me for four days without charge, deny me a shower for four days, force me to perform ablutions in front of female Police Officers and hold me in a blacked out cell for a day to see if they could make me crack. Given that writing a respectful letter petitioning the PM results in one being forced from the road by a Police car, having ones drivers window smashed in ones face, one being dragged down the road, one being held in cells for two days without legal council and one given a false speeding fine (2002) this is par for the course in New Zealand.

    Perhaps ‘poor performance’ and inexplicably ‘having issues with women in positions of authority’ was reference to my objection to, among other things, having, at her insistence, spent most of the last thirteen years caring for our always delightful children over 75% of the time whilst also paying for their expenses (‘treats’) and also paying child support to my IRD Manager ex even when they had later been thrown out of her home. Apparently this is acceptable because;

    ‘You don’t have to think to do your job’
    ‘You needed to be older’
    ‘You need to be a businessman’
    ‘My clairvoyant told me that I’m going to have a new partner’

    Realising that it was impossible for me to work in New Zealand, I gained employment abroad. Upon my departure, I was detained by the Police and the crew of the aircraft were briefed that I was a terrorist. Really! To illustrate how pathetic these muppets are, let’s consider my opportunities;

    1) Nine years working as a certifying engineer at Air New Zealand.
    2) Three months working alone on Air New Zealand aircraft (helping them to have the edge on the competition).
    3) The preceding holiday weekend working alone on Air New Zealand aircraft at Wellington Airport.
    4) The airport gate that even the taxi drivers knew the access code too (Often propped open by tradies).
    5) Many recent sorties as a Fly-along Engineer.

    Typical of the arrogant NZ government. Just bizarre twisted mind games that destroy honest, hardworking peoples lives. If anybody with as much as half a brain wished to perpetrate an act of terrorism against NZ (where?), they would clearly see how vulnerable both Auckland and Wellington cities are.

    From a personal perspective, someone like myself who is the victim of human, legal and financial abuses from an oppressive and aggressive state would be a fool to give them any leverage whatsoever (as much as the inquisitors would dearly wish).

    On Christmas Eve 2008, I was arrested without charge and held for four days in solitary confinement. Denied a lawyer, a shower and forced to perform ablutions in front of female Police Officers. They repeatedly tried to antagonise me however I was wise to this and simply asked for a Bible.

    They quickly misrepresent and stereotype anyone who expresses opinions or provides facts that disagree with their propaganda. Even if everything you say is supportive of equality you will get cheap shots claiming you are a mysogynist who wants women to become subordinate to men. You will be subjected to all manner of false debate aimed at ridiculing, belittling, discrediting, disempowering or demonizing you rather than addressing anything you actually said.

    2009: Being unable to see my children and work in NZ, in I gained employment teaching girls and boys in Kuwait. I arrived penniless however still paid all child support, fully supported the child she had thrown out and also sponsored two children (girls).

    After about eight months, I began to be harassed by some of my colleagues. Blocking of resources and comments about my “Not being one of the good guys”. They also began wearing pink shirts. I was terminated despite working long hours, having an excellent appraisal, being more qualified and better experienced than my colleagues. The following day there was an email about a UN program at the college on sustainable management for women and women’s sport. I had been playing mixed netball at the time. I was also forced to sign papers in Arabic that I would not sue the College before I was allowed to leave Kuwait (I have considerable damaging material about standards and practices at this institution).

    2010: Upon leaving Kuwait, I gained employment in Australia and flew over my older son who had been drifting to live with me. Our living conditions were very basic (single bed cabin), I was working huge hours (80+/week) and in a poverty trap but at least he completed some study.

    Then one day I received an abusive phone call from the IRD demanding child support for the child that was living with me! There was some mild harassment and isolation at work and I was unofficially asked if I was a terrorist (really). Thankfully the Australian authorities are wise to these pathetic games. The personal stress, financial hardship and poor quality of life was and to this day remains crushing.

    2013: Last year I had to renew my NZ passport while employed in the UAE. Soon afterwards I again began to be harassed at work. This time I not only lost my job but also the equity in an opportunity of a lifetime apartment. It is patently clear that the NZ government wishes to destroy me and by proxy our sons.

    The younger child also left her home two years ago and I’ve been supporting him from abroad. His mother was yet again fraudulently claiming child support.

    I have quickly glossed over the facts to give you an impression of events. There are many more disturbing incidents and aspects which evidence the complete abrogation of my civil rights in circumstances where I was also struggling to care for the children!

    I am now in the position of having worked extremely hard for thirty years and being destitute. I have lived out of one suit case for the last twelve years.
    The illegal acts against my career and financial status are now unrecoverable.

    2014: Now out of work, I am being illegally blocked from jobs. My savings have now been totally eroded. Furthermore I have an excellent employment contract that I am also being illegally prevented from taking up. I have superannuation savings however as I do not qualify for unemployment benefit I am precluded from accessing these. As a New Zealand citizen, it is not possible for me to become an Australian citizen.

    Kind regards.

    Peter Bell.

    Comment by Soothsayer — Sun 4th May 2014 @ 10:40 am

  13. McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means “the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.

    Comment by Soothsayer — Sun 4th May 2014 @ 10:43 am

  14. @ Downunder. When comparing the two MP’s, yes I unreservedly hold the same view. Collings used her position to make her family an extreme amount of money or at least to hold that income revenue stream together. Something she was not entitle to do.

    If she is uses her position to gain reward outside of Government then she has no right to be in charge of the justice system.

    A justice department that prosecutes people for insider trading.
    Williamson tried to help a man he personally knew. To be fair in part because the man donated money to the whole National party and not Williamson himself, but I lean towards he was worried about the man and had concern for him as any good man should do.

    It would be unwise for John Key to keep Collings on because it’s a flame that will still burn during the coming election campaign.

    @John. I see your reason why you might think the post is off point. It is political. However in the simplest terms the debate is;

    1. A man lost his job for doing a negligible thing. A woman kept her job for doing a fundamental thing.

    2. The same boss made a call to fire the man but not the woman.

    3. The only mitigating circumstances was the man was on a ‘male assaults female’ charge and Williamson has been seen as a chap who involved himself with him.

    Comment by Lukenz — Wed 7th May 2014 @ 9:47 am

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