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Minimum Wage and Feminist Entitlement

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:23 pm Thu 31st July 2014

When it comes to election campaigns and gender politics there are only two policy positions, female and gender neutral; and yes, that is just a different way of saying there are no male specific policies, but is that true.

If there were male specific policies you would expect them to be gender positive – I’d like to give you an example but I can’t find one, so I’ll have to use a female positive one; like Labour’s push to move the burden of proof in rape cases, it’s gender positive toward women, negative toward men.

There is something much more subtle going on when it comes to financial policy.

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs is quite open about the fact that its current focus is on putting more money in women’s pockets to ‘supposedly’ bring them up to parity with men, and there is a well-funded policy machine to churn out ‘research’ to achieve this.

Then we have other organisations like the PSA promoting domestic violence leave read that as separation leave, Family Court leave, paid counselling leave, whatever you want to call it, it is both a financial advantage and a position of advantage to women (it will be promoted as gender neutral).

Then you have what would appear to be, simply a financial policy where gender is not relevant, such as the minimum wage, but that’s not the case, because although it is not gender positive toward women it is gender negative toward men.

In the mobilisation of women into the workforce there have been some long term gradual changes, such as the numbers of graduates moving through universities, now internationally many universities are turning out more women graduates than men. We have a similar situation with pay parity, where it has taken effect over time.

Traditionally men have had to demand/fight for better wages and conditions, and we’ve had our share of scraps in New Zealand, but now the working man is expected to rely on the political protection of the minimum wage and wait for those generously gifted increments from the ruling party.

Over time it has the same effect as gender representation in the dole queue, there are considerably more men than women, and with existing policies like the DPB which keep women out of the dole queue, it’s the promotion of women’s work prospects that keep men on or close to the minimum wage.

We are a country that is fast running out of wage relativity, not only within the economy but between genders, and that leaves men unable to afford a relationship, a house, or a family.

When faced with separation and unemployment it is not hard for a man to end up on a reduced dole (because of child support) living on the equivalent of $4.00 an hour.

When you introduce policies such as domestic violence leave into the economy it creates the same disparity in the workforce as we can see in the dole figures.

Minimum wage, while it might be seen as a life saver by many amongst the masses has been one of the biggest con jobs men didn’t see coming.

Great bribe by Labour, two ticks, an extra $2 an hour in your pay packets. Sounds great, but it’s not. It will inflate the economy and disappear as quickly as it came.

I am not saying that because I am anti left wing, or support a right wing alternative. Whose memory isn’t good enough to remember the last time Labour pulled this stunt – and it didn’t win the election?

So what guys really get for their vote is the crumbs, because the cake is in the policy and that’s going to the girls, and no-one is actually providing a much needed wage relativity policy that will protect male workers from the current downward spiral we’re caught up in.

Once again the man in the street is loosing out because he’s too busy working his butt off to exist and not understanding what’s going on.

In the end there is only ever one outcome to ignoring this situation and that is a violent one, and that’s what we’ll get if men don’t start seeing the political representation they are entitled to.


  1. Well im working a 55 hour week but I still have time for these issues and I have some examples of preferential treatment based on gender.

    Im doing my part and have an invitation to discuss some of these issues with my local mp.

    If anyone else has questions they would like me to bring up when I meet her email them to me at [email protected].

    This is an email I wrote to her three days ago and her reply.

    Att Poto Williams

    Dear Poto, 

    My name is William Baldwin. Im 43 and im a tiler working in christchurch. On may 3   This year i was accused of comitting an horrific assault on my  partner.My partner asked my elderly neighbour to take her to the police station.She made a statment that I had returned home – inebriated. She states that I was not wanting to argue or answer her questions and subsequently she became very angry and hit me in the head…. its alledged I retaliated.Its alledged that I threw her to the floor,  (By the throat) and held her down while repeatedly kicking her and punching her as she lay defending herself, she described the attack with some detail to police in a statment. The police took a photo of some scratches on her chest and some redness as exibit a.This was saturday morning and the police assured her I would  Be locked up till monday afternoon and sped off to arrest the perpetrator. They placed her back in the care of our 76 year old neighbour to be taken to hospital to check her condition. (And the condition of our unborn child as she was six weeks pregnant)One hour after the police report was made a hospital report is completed.Her story has changed in this report she states she is unsure if she was kicked or punched at all,  and she cant remember because shes just so scared. She claimed instead that she was dragged around by the hands and throat.There was no bruises no blood, no defence wounds not a broken nail or any defence wound-she claims not even to have any pain.. -no evidence at all consistent with either story. I walked home through the rain monday afternoon after being bailed to find some of my belongings  thrown into my vehicle and I was rendered homeless. Inspite of  my name being on the lease.The police have supplied full disclosure devoid of any actual evidence of drunkenness or assault.I face court on september 29 and expect to be found innocent due to no evidence.I have a lawyer ..not a good one,but I have one. Dispite being made homeless I dont qualify for legal aid as Ive previously made efforts to improve my life.I cant afford a lawyer to defend me from a permanent protection order.My partner has written many  pages of allegations as testiment to despicable character. I replied to these claims with supporting evidence (photos, email,texts etc)Only to recieve another nine pages of ever increasing caims. The protection order (if successful) will virtually guarantee I can never prove my version of this story.Ive not seen her for 11 weeks since she walked out that morning telling me she was going to destroy my life.She has milked the victim title  with statments from anyone she can find. None incriminating or with claims of previous aggression, she appears to relish the attention, I have been vilified and gone into hiding.Three weeks ago I discovered an explanation.Borderline personality disorder. Almost every aspect of my relationship that I previously couldnt understand was explained as I learned of the common problems in relationships with bpd”sI invite you to google ‘ bpd distortion campaigns”and click the first link.reading to the end you will see my predicament..its like I wrote it my self.Information about this disorder has become a lifejacket (not a lifeline) to a man drowning in injustice and systematic contempt.I have no chance to get my belongings back and police have replied with no comment to my questions about my unborn child infact to all questions.As my accuser is female I have no presumption of innocence , the opposite is true.There are many other follow on effects that im suffering , but enough self pity for the moment. There is no evidence against me but even if i assume the” burden of proof” and attempt to explain why a woman might lie to authorities  – any indication of mental instability in my accuser will be deemed in court as harrassment of the ‘victim’.My fate is uncertain as my lawyer puts it -“its not a court of justice but a court of law”Discrimination against men in my position is currently peaking beyond belief.I feel for those falsly accused of even worse crimes, such as rape and child abuse.I met with a womens refuge representative and was reminded that so many serious domestic violence perpetrators remain unpunished. Especially in rape crimes. As she spoke I felt for the victims of these terrible crimes and realised that -in my case, fortunatly no one got hurt. I have read the family report and gained even further perspective of my situation.Mr Cunliffe’s Man apology assumes all men are responsibe.The statistic he was referring to is 84% of “reported violence resulting in arrest” I cant think of a single friend that I know that would make a complaint to police if they were victims of assault by a female. Especially thier partner.And what would result if they did? If i had gone to the police with the same allegation made against me  , they would still be laughing in the tearoom at lunchtime.In Great Brittain 25% of men reporting partner assault results in them being arrested themselves.Lots of people know man assaults female is referred to as “maf” but whos ever heard of “fam”  ?Mr Cunliffe has not helped any cause with his statment or his ideas.His “solution” is to shift the burden of proof which is insanity. Also tougher sentencing is another election cry.Prisons are are a revolving door and a criminal breeding ground.If someone gets two years of 24hr of television and free healthcare – will a further year reduce recidavist offending?   Unlikely.As Mr Einstien said -Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over expecting to get a diferent result. Online Mens groups are the new underworld, berating feminists at every oppertunity. A war is perpetuated by constantly debating statistics of the unreported. These men are surprisingly uninterested in supporting me but prefer I meet them at the bottom of the cliff when ive had my turn of injustice. Its as if they want me to fail so i can join them.Their solutions are amusing at best. They have devised a sex contract to  protect against false rape claims. Of course this does not to defend against claims of being forced to sign under duress.Recording all intimacy is another defence used by some apparently. Although illegal and with severe consequences, its less than a rape charge.Increasinglly I meet young men who have lost capacity to forge relationships of integrity with women.Instead they google Ive had some advice and support from Canturbury mens centre but there is no such thing as a mens refuge after being assaulted and ejected from home.My former partner has used the police , the hospital ,social services,womens refuge(aviva) and the battered womens trust. Not one of these front line services has any capacity to discover if she has been genuinly assaulted at all or if she needs help of a diferent kind. The criminal court nor the family court has any capacity to recommend psycological evaluation even if they suspect she has deliberatly fasified claims and evidence , mislead the court and frontline services.   So far she has been rewarded with my home and belongings and encouragment and sympathy from all.She is free to do the same to the next man and can be confident that as the “victim” she can never be held accountable for her violence or false allegations.The police will not charge her with assault once ive been found innocent, despite her admissions of assaulting me and the media will not report of the false allegations- both for the same reason: they dont want to prevent women coming forward with legitamate complaints.But I assume you know all of this.   Im aware of your credentials…I’m writing to for support and understanding from your party  that I can use in a statment to court and media -once I am found not guilty.  I want to strike at the coalface not from the bottom of the cliff.I need support. I need help..Anyone that supports me will not be embarrased as those who supported Sir Owen Glenn were last year.I have no previous crimes or allegations and  would like to see some real inroads into justice for the falsly accused.Perhaps Poto, the real solution to domestic violence is not achievable by further reducing mens rights but by upholding them.Although its not well known- men and women are equally responsible for domestic violence.The question is, can we address that fact without being accused of losing sight of the needs of women and children, – who are overwhelmingly the tragic victims of horrific abuses. Please help me or send this email to anyone you feel may be able to help in anyway at all.Court date is 29 sept , 10 am  if your available. Im living in New Brighton, if you could find time to talk at your office one day I would appreciate it. Thankyou for time Poto,I wish you well in september … Regards …

    Hi William 

    Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to reply. Did you happen to speak with me at the Brighton Market a few weeks ago? I am keen to discuss this with you, though as you are engaged in a court process, my role can only be advisory until the process has concluded. I might be able to suggest another lawyer if you don’t feel the current one adequate for the job. However the bigger issues you describe are really important. I know that the service for men and women is inequitable and we need to do more for men, and I am keen to discuss this. Do you have some time free to discuss, and are you able to come into the office in New Brighton. Look forward to hearing back from you.

    Cheers Poto Poto Williams
    MP for Christchurch East

    Comment by William Baldwin — Thu 31st July 2014 @ 5:55 pm

  2. We often in our darkest hours must step back and take a look at what has happened.

    She is pregnant.
    For the development of the baby, fighting, and the psychological results are not good, for you, the child, and her. Or the taxpayer.

    Even when you have done wrong or do wrong, do not fear telling the truth. The court can only help you to be a better person if you give yourself to it and its mercy. Even then what can you fear from an injustice. Even then they cannot deny you your freedom. The asylum is out there, not hear. You get to live your life were those that have wronged you, cannot look you in the eye, without some feelings of shame. Until forgiveness.

    There can be great injustice, done by truly evil people. Many have suffered. Many are suffering.

    Not that I’m saying that you were the violent person, the jealous one, the domineering one, the financially oppressive one, the denigrating or belittling one, etc etc.

    That is the insanity of this Law. The domestic Violence Act.
    The mind of the Judge can go round and round in circles and he just can’t work it out. Lawyers can dig away, examining bullshit just to see what the flies are up to. What did she do, not do, wanted to do, prepared to do, talked of doing, was seen doing. What does her Lawyer see. Poor Judge. Round and round in circles. If the Judge feels under attack, and the Judge is, because despite the giant intellect, they just cant work it out. Shame. They will find something to crush you with. It is only because they are human that they fail justice. Because of their own fears, the put up a wall that begs your subconscious to fight more. In good time they will have striped you of everything they think you will fight for. Got to get all the blood out of the stone. (cackle, cackle)

    The Domestic Violence Act sounds good, but it is an insanity.

    Whoever the truly evil Lawyer who designed it should be given a medal. Any soldier that single handedly can work out how to kill so many innocents, and participant, offenders, and victims. Make gigantic sums of money, loaned from the taxpayer, (like a car company, loan book con), and carried by the people that think that they are winning, thought they were, or didn’t even know what they were fighting for. War of the sex’s. What a HERO, or is it the VILLIAN

    Honesty and Forgiveness are bedfellows

    Ignore her, that just feeds her desires for power and control. Then it feeds others greed.

    Fight for the relationship with your child. The love for you in the eyes and expressions of your child, when in years time, this evil has past you by, has no value. It cannot be stolen from you. But only you can earn it.

    Say no to the insanity!
    Help her say no to the insanity!
    Say yes to the love of your child, and let her have the same.

    Sometimes evil corrupts absolutely. I hope that you don’t suffer this, or more of this. I hope she gets the help she needs, and that you do to.

    We are here to help. Even if just with kind words.

    Comment by The man in Absentia — Fri 1st August 2014 @ 12:01 am

  3. Hi William,

    Good to see you speaking up about the position you’ve found yourself in, and at least getting an acknowledgement from an MP that there is little to no support around for men when they don’t have family close.

    I’m not from Christchurch but I see on the support page (index top right) there is a men’s group in Christchurch – that could be a good place to find other people experiencing the same difficulties and a few ways to help defend yourself from further difficulties.

    The system is just not designed to help men.

    If you search through this site you will find lots of similar stories and some ways that guys have been able to deal with particular issues.

    Keep in touch and let us know what is currently happening in Christchurch. If you come across information that will help others maybe become an author and put up a post or two to get some feedback on specific issues.

    Be careful about what you say because you have a court case to deal with and anyone including her lawyer can read this site – they are all well aware it is here.

    Comment by Downunder — Fri 1st August 2014 @ 8:22 am

  4. Minimum wage increase in recent years, has been driven by feminism.
    In that many female jobs, are low paid.
    My mother was a cleaner, and she didn’t get rich.

    Firstly if a room costs $100, an hour for $27 is not much to clean it.
    There remains $73 an hour, for other costs and profit.
    A worker doing 8 hours, then enables $578 income daily.
    If they are only paid $21, then enables $632 income daily.
    Hardly a huge sum, to fight over the difference.

    What if a starter cleaner, takes one hour a room.
    But an experienced cleaner, takes 3/4 of an hour a room.
    They can clean 10.66 rooms a day, so what should the pay be.
    Should the boss take it all, $1066 – $800 = $266 of more profit.
    There is actually $33.25 hr of extra value, in the skilled worker.
    What small percentage, is the minimum wage boss offering.

    That’s at $100 a room, when many are much more.
    Same cleaner.


    So obviously the area, has modes of failure happening.
    Building affordable housing, for minimum wage workers.
    Maybe the motel, could provide accommodation for the worker.
    One less room at $100, can make hundreds more.

    If they are desperate, it may happen.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 6th May 2022 @ 6:51 pm

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