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Scollay’s Murder of her Husband is Excused

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:05 pm Thu 13th February 2014

This case really hits home how little value is given to male victims of women’s violence, and indeed how little value is placed on men’s lives. It also highlights the sexist double standard in our justice system, in this case allowing a de facto partial defence of provocation in the case of a female murderer even though this defence was abolished for men several years ago.

The judge’s summing up instructed the jury that they “must use their knowledge of human nature to deliberate their verdict” and that “the jury must consider what Ms Scollay’s state of mind was like the night she stabbed her husband.” (Radio NZ news broadcast 13/02/2014).

No judge, the jury’s job was not to consider the impact of Ms Scollay’s ‘state of mind’ that night, only whether she deliberately committed her actions intending to kill. Going to the kitchen to fetch a large knife, bringing that to the victim’s bedroom, straddling the victim who is lying on the bed, rising up with her body over the victim and plunging that knife deep into his chest surely could never be anything other than murder. If her state of mind meant she could not be held fully responsible for the murder then this should have been assessed and established through psychiatric evidence, not by the jury. If the jury believed the murderer acted under ‘slow burn’ provocation then sorry, that should not have affected the verdict and the judge should have warned the jury to that effect. Instead, the judge’s instructions were clearly aimed at encouraging the jury to let this murderer off with the lesser charge.

This woman’s provocation defence was a variation of the fallacious ‘battered woman’s syndrome’ defence, in this case a ‘dissatisfied woman’s syndrome’. Her partner was unsatisfactory to her and was now inconvenient to her renewed affair with another man, so she killed him.

The judge’s transparent instructions may well provide a ground for an easy appeal by the Crown of this pussy pass verdict. However, appeals by the Crown it seems are reserved for males seen to have received lenience, never females.

So all that’s left is to await sentencing and to see how much of a pussy pass is awarded then too. In the meantime, read the following newspaper stories (1, 2) about the case and marvel at the constant sympathetic understanding shown towards the murderer, the excuses and minimization in describing this case. Consider how differently the stories would be written, and how different the outcome of the trial, if the genders had been reversed in this case.

This case sends a clear message to women throughout New Zealand: It’s ok to kill a man if he displeases you.

Stabbing victim’s son relieved with manslaughter verdict
Jessica McCarthy, Newstalk ZBFebruary 13, 2014, 4:48 pm
The son of Lucille and Guy Scollay says he’s relieved with today’s verdict.
A jury at the High Court in Christchurch has found Lucille Scollay not guilty of her husband’s murder but guilty of his manslaughter after she stabbed him in the chest while he lay in bed in February last year.
The 45-year-old claimed she was using the knife to make statement to her husband about how desperate their lives had become.
The decision came after four hours of deliberations.
There were sighs of relief and tears from Lucille Scollay and members of her family who sat in the public gallery.
Her son Louie Scollay had this to say outside court: “I’m extremely happy with the result, that’s pretty much all I can say actually. Big relief.”
The family of Guy Scollay say they hold no animosity towards his wife.
The families released a statement following the verdict.
Lucille Scollay’s family say they are deeply saddened a son is lost; a wife has lost her husband and a son will now have to be without both a father and a mother.
Scollay has been remanded in custody until March 13.

25 Responses to “Scollay’s Murder of her Husband is Excused”

  1. Skeptic says:

    She had the option for YEARS and years to simply leave the relationship.There was absolutely no need to kill the man.

    Instead she CHOSE to cowardly straddle him whilst he was half asleep and plunge the LARGE KITCHEN KNIFE knife into his chest.
    Are we expected to believe she thought there was no chance of his death from that, and therefore it was all not premeditated?

    C’mon judge and jury! Some of us weren’t born yesterday.
    If you stick a big kitchen knife in someone’s chest you can expect they might die. Duh! It’s not rocket science.
    You’re a disgrace IMO.

    Pussy pass, and a strong message to NZ men – in the eyes of this court, as with too much of the NZ justice system you are of little value.
    It firms my resolve to remain MGTOW at as safe a distance from NZ women as I can possibly be.

  2. Toast says:

    I didn’t read the full story. Can’t since I know damned well it was have crap like this in it. She wouldn’t have killed him if there was child support to be got at. Then she would have wanted him alive but under a protection order and without access to the children.

  3. Daniel says:

    Meanwhile the jury is deadlocked in the Napier trial of an attractive young woman killed her boyfriend with a knife. The prosecution says she stabbed him, she says he pulled the knife into himself. Another pussy pass coming right up, watch this space.


    if you stab someone you are murdering them.

    If you are a guy , murder charge / straight to jail/ life imprisonment.

    If you are a chick, bail / manslaughter / hung jury / maybe ?

    Seriously how FKD.

  5. Downunder says:

    As society becomes more desperate, and it will as we continue this slow deteriation, this will become a common place event, where women kill expecting sympathy and minimum gaol sentences.

    How long before it is not safe for a man to sleep in the same house as an unhappy woman?

  6. Soothsayer says:

    Who said she was attractive?

  7. Daniel says:

    #6 the Napier defendant is young, blonde and in my opinion a fine looking young lass. This may well have swayed the jury. In the (less attractive imo but still a woman) Scollay case the jury managed to reach a verdict but still a much reduced one.
    Not enough evidence to prove the pussy pass theory but certainly conforming to it so far.

  8. Soothsayer says:

    Over ten years ago, I met with my sons primary school teacher to discuss my concerns over the repeated pencil stabbing of my son (always by girls) only to be told that it was any everyday occurrence. The violence went unpunished at six years old and the expectation remains the same ad infinitium.

    Absolutely agree Daniel. There are many men whose brains explode at the sight of anything in a skirt. Commonly those who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. Not that matters at all in today’s plastic world where competence is irrelevant.

  9. Downunder says:

    Isn’t the Scollay trial in Chch, who is this young Napier blonde?

  10. Sane in an insane world says:

    Look at history men. Wise up, we are just cannon fodder and income for the ruling class. If they can set us up against females then its even easier to control the population and stop us voting Libertarianz or Mens Party or Marijouna party. Why don’t we set up a Parents and Childrens Rights and Transparency and Responsibility and Accountability for the Authorities Party? I volunteer.

  11. Man X Norton says:

    Downunder #9: See here, here, here, here and here.

  12. Julie says:

    I believe the reason why she got off is that HIS family supported her. It happens and it’s not just for women.

  13. Man X Norton says:

    Ok Julie, show us evidence of a man being excused from murder because the victim’s family supported him.

    Murder trials decide if a killing was firstly deliberate and secondly not the result of insanity or self-defence. This decision is not influenced by the preferences or attitudes of the victim’s family. In the case of Lucille Scollay, the decision was clearly a pussy pass and I challenge you to show us evidence of any such sympathy verdict given to a male for similar offending. The only case I can recall that remotely resembles this verdict was the euthanasia by a son of his already dying and suffering mother who begged him to do it. That cannot be compared with Louise Scollay’s killing of her partner due to her own dissatisfaction with him and the guilt she felt about resuming a previous extramarital affair. Why do you seek to deny the pussy passes and favouritism clearly shown towards women in our law-enforcement and justice systems?

  14. Downunder says:

    Thanks Man X Norton

    A jury in the trial of a woman accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend has failed to reach a verdict after 10 hours’ deliberating.

    Juliette Anne Gerbes, 21, has been on trial in the High Court at Napier this week after pleading not guilty to manslaughter.

    The jury retired to consider their verdict at midday yesterday before retiring for the day at 5pm.

    They resumed deliberations at 10am today but the jury was dismissed by Justice Clifford at 3pm after failing to reach a unanimous or majority verdict.

    The Crown alleged Gerbes stabbed her boyfriend Christopher Jones in the early hours of October 13, 2012.

    Mr Jones died at Hawke’s Bay Hospital hours later.

    Gerbes denied causing the fatal wound and said Mr Jones pulled the knife into himself instead.

    Gerbes was remanded on bail. A retrial will now be scheduled.

  15. Julie says:

    Max X, though I can’t show you cases online that don’t even make the local newspaper let alone national newspapers let alone radio and TV, I stand by my comment.

    Besides, the reason women killing men is making headlines around the country is because men are cared for, IMO.

    All I can do is suggest it’s possible for family members of the deceased to know the ‘killer’ very well…. and care for them enough to fight for them. And that it’s possible for these cases to be heard in the District Court instead of the High Court where lighter sentences such as PD and fines are handed down.

  16. Man X Norton says:

    Oh please, Julie! Murder trials always make the media and are never heard in District Courts.

  17. @ Julie, regardless of who supports him ,mother , brother sisters aunts on their dogs side :), she still stabbed him with a knife and killed him.

    That’s the facts.

    Anything else just proves the whole point.

  18. Scott B says:

    17 Exactly.

  19. here we go again,

    Another terrible terrible stabbing death of an innocent 23 year old victim, in Australia,

    Can you see the charge ? MURDER.
    Not manslaughter
    Maybe she jumped on the knife ?


  20. Ian says:

    Disgusting affair however a great way to get a husband these days it seems.

  21. Downunder says:

    Sentencing today

    A Christchurch woman has been jailed for six years for the manslaughter of her husband, whom she stabbed in what she described as “a moment of madness”.

  22. golfa says:

    The latest …..

    Christchurch woman Lucille Scollay has been sentenced to six years in prison for the manslaughter of her husband.

    She was found guilty of manslaughter last month for stabbing her husband, Guy Scollay, in the chest while he slept.

    The jury accepted she didn’t have murderous intent in the killing in February last year.

  23. Delia says:

    I don’t always agree with you guys, but I wonder if you read where she was denied parole for being aggressive in prison? You can google it. It makes me wonder about her.

  24. Man X Norton says:

    Thanks Delia @23. Yes, one of the news articles regarding her missing out on parole was linked in a more recent thread here.

  25. DJ Ward says:

    The details of the post versus this.

    Obviously it’s only been a few days, since the murder.
    The killer caught, should result in less media.
    Than the on the run killer.

    We already have offending against vulnerable people, with increased sentences.
    And as he is not guilty yet, patience is needed.
    Then people can say anything.

    Presently the lady in the post.
    Should be back out in the community.
    6 years, for killing a person.
    I wonder.
    Are her new partners warned?

    Was there media stories.
    Of the released killer.
    The upset family, at the parole decision.
    And parole conditions.

    A few women’s stories, become headlines.
    But they choose the stories.
    In the article the writer blames us.
    Our outrage, not shown enough.
    The author, part of the media.
    Why the UK story.
    Why the US story.
    There are many stories.
    From many nations.
    It is the media who decides.
    Gatekeeper, to outrage.

    A selection made.
    Her argument, of bias.
    The bias copied as the argument.
    Only women examples shown, of outrage.
    Was there no outrage, at the death of a black male.
    Causing riots in the streets.

    And in people’s comments.
    A list of men, stabbed to death.
    Helpless, sleeping, back turned.

    No outrage by the public.
    Yet it’s the media.
    Who passes judgement on murders, that are worthy.
    A new march in outrage, required.

    One life worth more, than another’s.

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