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Typical reporting of DV in New Zealand ….

Filed under: General — golfa @ 10:27 am Tue 29th April 2014

Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickell were BOTH arrested for Domestic Violence, yet reporter Bernadine Oliver-Kirby decided to only use Paul Simon’s name in the headline. Once again a distorted view is presented. Oh, it does say in the report that they were both arrested … if you get that far after reading the headline !


  1. Well spotted golfa. They were charged with Disorderly Conduct rather than domestic violence. The headline amounts to misinformation. The journalist / media company will argue that Paul Simon was the famous one and that was the only reason the arrests deserved a headline. We would respond by pointing out that journalists have a responsibility to convey accurate pictures of things.

    We can safely assume that the wife Edie Brickell was the more serious offender. Usually when a female behaves illegally in a domestic dispute, regardless of whether the male responded in any commensurate way it will be only the male who is charged with an offence or at least ordered out of the house. If the woman’s offending was so serious or blatant that it might look bad later in Court not to have charged her, she might be charged but usually the male will then also be charged with something. So we can assume Edie Brickell’s behaviour was quite serious but we certainly can’t assume the same for Paul Simon.

    The fact that police were dealing with one of the richest and most famous people in the world will have encouraged them to take care to show at least some degree of balance and fairness in the situation. Paul Simon can afford to hold police to account and in a very public way. Ordinary men cannot expect the same consideration. They can expect to be used as sacrificial lambs to bolster DV statistics in line with police’s desired image as white knight rescuers of damsels.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Tue 29th April 2014 @ 11:30 am

  2. In the report in the NZ Herald, it said “Officers who responded found minor injuries and believed it was a case of domestic violence.” The report didn’t say who had the injuries. So by their “non-reporting”, I’d guess that Paul Simon had the injuries …..

    These days it seems that journalist don’t report the whole story, they leave things out so as not to make one party look bad …

    Comment by golfa — Tue 29th April 2014 @ 11:43 am

  3. In defence of the journalist, it was probably a sub editor that was responsible.

    I read the same report elsewhere under a headline saying Paul Simon and wife (name) arrested.

    My intial thought was, they’ve been caught with drugs – then, to my surprise I find they had been having a celeb barney – which made me laugh.

    71 and still performing – lets hope he has a few more years left in him, because they three kids to look after.

    Comment by Downunder — Tue 29th April 2014 @ 5:09 pm

  4. Everyone knows Paul Simon, who remembers the one hit wonder (2 actually) Edie Brickell? Headlines can only be so long and need to be sensationalised – that’s it. Nothing sinister here.

    Comment by Daniel — Wed 30th April 2014 @ 9:43 am

  5. #4 Other publications said that both were arrested in their headlines. Seems they could find the space ….

    Comment by golfa — Wed 30th April 2014 @ 10:49 am

  6. Does anyone else find all this high profile prosecutions for DV and fraud and pedophilia and whistle-blowing a bit suspicious?

    Comment by Sane in an insane world — Wed 30th April 2014 @ 12:35 pm

  7. Maybe they are putting the scare on those who might speak out against the establishments POLICE STATE and anti men anti family anti children laws. Get wise women you are being used by the state to control us and you are next on their list.

    Comment by Sane in an insane world — Wed 30th April 2014 @ 12:37 pm

  8. The same old story. What’s worse is when lawyers buy into it as well.

    [Name removed by moderator] was a lawyer in my case. He was quite incompetent and I would have been better on my own. he was rude arrogant and disrespectful and had a problem seeing what was actually going on in the case. I would not reccomend him to anyone.

    Comment by Fathers Are Important — Wed 30th April 2014 @ 7:51 pm

  9. Dear Fathers Are Important, are you saying that [your lawyer] is more incompetent than most familycaught$ lawyers?

    Or, were you in a position where you lacked evidence that could be used in familycaught$, to support your version of events?

    Disclosure of conflict of interest: I know [this lawyer] personally. I know the pressures toward keeping your identity quiet, but I can’t see much other than cowardice, to criticise behind anonymity. Rather than criticise, I am willing to try to mediate, if you would like to resolve your complaint in private, face to face. ph 6387275.

    MurrayBacon – axe murderer.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Wed 30th April 2014 @ 9:18 pm

  10. I’ve removed the lawyer’s name because I suspect “Fathers Are Important” may actually be a mother. If he/she contacts me or Murray and supplies more details I might reconsider.

    In any case, this is not on-topic for this post.

    Comment by JohnPotter — Wed 30th April 2014 @ 10:08 pm

  11. At the end of the day Cecilia (the patron saint of music) is still letting him get up to wash his face.

    Comment by Downunder — Sat 3rd May 2014 @ 5:45 pm

  12. Ah – domestic violence. Reminds me of the time …

    Mama pyjama rolled outta bed, she ran to the police station
    When the cop found out, he began to shout, he started the investigation
    And it’s against the law, it was against the law

    In a couple of days they’re gonna take me away When the press let the story leak
    Now when the radical breach comes to get me released Appears all on the cover of Newsweek
    And I’m on my way, I don’t know where I’m goin’

    Comment by OMG You're (&*)^*( — Sat 3rd May 2014 @ 5:58 pm

  13. Leaping out the window with your underpants around you right ankle is not domestic violence.

    Comment by Downunder — Sat 3rd May 2014 @ 7:00 pm

  14. Case dropped against Paul Simon and his wife NZ Herald

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Wed 18th June 2014 @ 9:55 am

  15. Coronation Street is currently giving a detailed example of domestic violence, where a man wears bruises and the woman is pregnant with her first child. The storyline is developing slowly and is quite menacing.

    Coronation Street has shown several detailed stories of current social issues. One very good story was about the wider impacts of underage sex resulting in pregnancy, which showed all (men and women) of the participants positions very well and explored consequences developing over about 20 years.

    Drama and entertainment has the potential to cover social issues constructively and with appropriate sympathy, or to contribute to maintaining social problems….

    Of course I just prefer american murder shows, no brain, no pain. MurrayBacon – axe murderer.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Sat 26th July 2014 @ 10:22 am

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