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University Research Failing Men

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:59 am Mon 21st April 2014

Flyers published by the survey organisers have been ordered destroyed.

We have been aware for many years now, that universities around the globe have allowed biased research in their social science faculties by permitting the use of unethical research-methods, to promote the interests of women and the ideological interests of feminists; in particular research intended to support policy decisions at a central-government level aimed at providing funding to the women’s advancement industry.

In a recent post (Brenda Pilott Engineering Domestic Violence Research) Menz disclosed New Zealand’s latest research collaboration between the New Zealand Public Service Association (PSA) and Auckland University.

It is not uncommon for universities to engage with select groups of people, to provide the research sample necessary to achieve a pre-determined result. Particularly disturbing in this New Zealand case, was that the research referred to involved New Zealand’s largest union which is now 70% women – research intended to specifically exclude men, from not only policy decisions and funding, but from the protection of government legislation.

Legislation that would discriminate against men in the same circumstance, and equally disturbing is that we have feminist members of parliament, that view this as normal and acceptable in this age of liberation and equality.

We rely on all universities to act with integrity in any research they undertake, and to maintain standards outlined within their own codes of ethics.

A discerning light shone on these unacceptable practices in a recent article, Domestic violence study suspended by UNSW for breach of ethics, posted at, A Voice For Men.

The study, being conducted by the Gendered Violence Research Network, White Ribbon Australia and Youth Action NSW, was found by the Ethics Committee to have breached the University’s code of ethics.

Flyers published by the survey organisers have been ordered destroyed.

Gendered Violence Research Network which is part of the University of New South Wales, Australia, and this is what they say about themselves.

The Gendered Violence Research Network (GVRN) is a joint initiative of the UNSW Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the UNSW Faculty of Law. GVRN was established with support from the School of Social Sciences, is located within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and has succeeded the Centre for Gender-Related Violence Studies (CGRVS).

Members of GVRN aim to explore gendered violence – also known as gender-related or gender-based violence – as an expression of power and control over individuals or groups because of their gender.

The Network’s research interests span traumatic experiences including sexual assault, rape, domestic and family violence and related harms, trafficking for domestic and sexual slavery, and girl child infanticide. These abuses can occur in private contexts such as the immediate family and extended family networks, as well as in community settings and intrastate or interstate conflict.

It is concerning to see that this group, part of a university from our close neighbour Australia (as highlighted above) is in a joint initiative with their faculty of law. It is sources of research like this that will be willingly adopted by our own feminist lobby groups to further their causes in New Zealand.

One would like to expect that there would be sufficient checks and balances within an academic institution to ensure that ethical standards are adhered to, but when it comes to research motivated by feminist ideals this is obviously not the case – what we see here, is a complaint being put before an ethics committee, bringing this behaviour into the light of day. While I wouldn’t expect our own media to be airing this any time soon, they should be.

The fact that it is detrimental to the well being of men is beside the point – it is a failing in ethical standards at an university and that should be reported to the population that it impacts on – and that is us here in New Zealand.

Can we no longer rely on the integrity of our Universities (this includes those in Australia) to conduct themselves in a professional academic way?

Is it now necessary (to ensure male equality) to have watch dogs that monitor university research to ensure that men’s rights are not undermined by academic institutions, in this age of ‘law of the individual’?

Has the time come in New Zealand, to take complaints to university ethics committees and ensure that these ‘academics’ are held to account?

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