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Feminist Psychology

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:20 pm Thu 15th January 2015

We are all well aware of the more recent involvement of psychologists in demonising men, but wait till you get a load of this.

The book ‘Inferiority Feelings’ first published in 1951 and authored by Oliver Brackfeld, translated from French, is online (complete text) in the International library of Psychology

The loquacity (talkativeness) which the experts of last century numbered among the sexual traits of females, homosexuals and effeminate men is the direct outcome of the fear of not being taken seriously.

Suck it up guys, what were considered sexual traits in the 1800’s had by the 1900’s (according to this White Knight psychologist) been identified as being caused by a repressive (obviously patriarchal) society. He goes on to add.

And such a fear may well extend to the whole of the female sex, considering the centuries of contempt and under-estimation to which it has been subjected.

There you have it, according to this educated thinker. Any woman out there with anxiety about fitting into a man’s world, with feelings of inferiority, you can blame it on men, and the oppressive society which it appears the author is suggesting could be entirely responsible for the way a woman feels about herself.

It is remotely possible that in the 21st century we might ask whether it is difficult for some women to feel validated when they’re struggling to meet the expectations that society now places on women as a result of the wants and desires of their bra-burning forebears.

Of course you might add to that how as men do we react in the same situation; many can’t be bothered with the expectations of Kiwi women and would rather live in another country – that might equally be considered a validation issue that some men find an easy answer to.

What’re the current 21st century feminist psychological opinions that are floating around out there?

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