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How to murder your male partner and not get charged.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 4:53 pm Wed 11th November 2015

Firstly I do not condone family violence or abuse in any form. Or in the workplace for the matter.

The news article reads ‘A review of the law could make it easier for battered family violence victims who kill their abusers to avoid a murder charge’.

That suggests you won’t even get charged never lone see the inside of a court room.

I respect everyone needs a defence but a law that prevents someone from being charged is a bridge too far.

If you are a man, this law makes it OK for the person who murdered you to not be charged if they say you were abusive or violent.


It is completely unsafe and well beyond justice.


  1. Providing the law change applies to both genders it could be okay. To reduce the number of “false complaints” the system needs to (a) proactively prosecute offenders; and (b) feminist politicians need to admit the problem exists and ensure that punishment fits the crime. There have been many cases of innocent men spending years in prison as the result of some female making false complaints (costing taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars) and when she gets caught gets a slap on the wrist with a wet (judicial) bus ticket.

    Comment by JONO — Wed 11th November 2015 @ 7:04 pm

  2. Domestic violence is another societal problem that will only perpetuate from a zero tolerance, hard line approach, the wars on terrorism and drugs, and smacking are other examples.

    I have spent days in solitary falsly accused. The accusation against me was a physical impossibility but due to police ignorance I was charged anyway. Nine months later in court a police prosecutor finally told the judge there was no evidence against me and a moment later, a judge set me free of the charge.
    It made no difference that my accusers statement said “he wouldn’t answer me so I hit him in the head” and also admitted attacking me with a wall mirror. There was no consideration for my injuries as I was a male I was the one charged. I lost my home and possessions, I spent thousands on a lawyer to defend me, no one cared that I had been attacked, All presumption was that it was more likely that a man would suddenly be violent to a pregnant female than a female would ever tell fibs.
    Once a female complainant is found there is no possibility that a males side of the story will be heard as he is immediatly charged, seemingly regardless of the known facts.
    As in my case his guilt will be presumed for the next nine months till he gets a hearing in court.
    Even though it was known that I had been attacked, I must be guilty of something because I am the male.
    This was eighteen months ago and to this day I seethe with anger at the way I was treated by police regarding the matter. I wasn’t dangerous before, But quite possibly- I am now.

    Females know they can falsely accuse men and there will be no repercussions, we have the highest rate of DV accusations in the world. As far as false accusations are concerned there has been some estimates about false rape complaints but never in NZ has there been any investigation about False accusations of DV at all.
    This ignorance approach presumes females don’t tell lies just as it presumes females are never violent.
    It also makes sorting out domestics so much easier for police as they don’t need to play, enny meeny miny mo, they are able to tell because of the wisdom of feminist premonition that the male is the guilty party.
    Considering that I was treated I find it ridiculous when Womens refuge claim that female victims of violence are not believed by police.
    This proposal that its ok to kill your spouse in his sleep because he has been cruel to you and might be again is a bridge miles too far for me. Im sure Helen Milner would be working on poisoniong her next victim by now if that law had been in place in years past.

    If a woman wants to stay in an abusive relationship,if she chooses to continue a relationship that is likely to involve violence – she is a willing participant and deserves to bear some responsibility. Call me a victim blamer, After what I’ve experienced I don’t give two fucks anymore. If she murders her partner in her sleep she is no less a murderer. If it is known that the man is somehow preventing her seeking justice with threats etc, I don’t believe that gives her the right to kill either.

    When false accusation occur to their sons, brothers and fathers is the only time a woman in New Zealand is truly powerless and they begin to question the fairness of our so called ‘justice system’.
    In reality, my accuser – arranged my kidnapping. And is only encouraged to do the same to the next man.
    What would be the penalty for arranging the kidnapping of a female?

    Comment by voices back from the bush — Wed 11th November 2015 @ 10:24 pm

  3. Can empathize with your situation voices back from the bush having spent 22 months in prison as a consequence of false complaints before winning an appeal. In this country the fault lies within our criminal injustice system where adversarial system prevails. An inquisitorial system is needed but will never happen because lawyers make more money with adversarial trials and those in government, Law Society and other groups responsible for changing rules are mostly ex-lawyers with vested interests in maintaining the status quo. We even have a prime minister who can assault females and get away with it whilst other males engaging in similar inappropriate behaviour would be the dogs dinner.

    Comment by JONO — Wed 11th November 2015 @ 10:54 pm

  4. Arrested, locked up and eventually the charge withdrawn. The children’s mother the complainant is perhaps a police informant and may receive special treatment from various sectors as a result.

    Evidence in the Family Court in 2013 off the wall;

    Isn’t it true that you go to the gang pad?
    Its a club.
    They have discount drinks.
    Its a nice place.
    It has an open fire.
    I have even done waitressing there.
    Describes a hardened gang member as “he’s a nice man who builds go carts for the children”(my son and daughter – oh goodie )
    Yes they have come to my house. (where my children live)

    (There has only been one dead body in my children’s house though and not the actually in the house just hanging in the garage)

    Counsel for the child
    She has been seen arriving and leaving several times in a condition that you don’t want to know about.

    Perhaps I could be forgiven for being concerned about serious highly addictive drug abuse.

    None of this appeared too much of a problem for the Family Court Judge who has since retired.

    Perhaps there was a deal reached regarding the mother’s assistance and cooperation, positively New Zealand and great for the little ones.

    Threats made against me in open court using her gang associations which didn’t get a mention from her honor in her directions or findings.

    The police, well is the mother getting any special treatment we may wonder? (like for her assistance)

    Come to think of it, no this all seems normal behaviour down on the nut farm.

    Comment by paul smith — Wed 11th November 2015 @ 11:37 pm

  5. The version of this item I saw was openly gender specific. “Women” would get leniency. After all the people behind this consider females are all sugar and spice and certainly never violent or abusive – they can only be victims.
    That gender boas and twisting of reality is getting any traction is proof as to how damaged JUSTICE perceptions in New Zealand already are.

    Comment by Equality — Sun 15th November 2015 @ 2:26 pm

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