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Rape crisis in Europe ignored while UN funds other agenda

Filed under: General — realkiwi @ 11:27 am Sat 7th November 2015

The InfoWars people seem to be right on the money here, outlining how totally false statistics are used to paint young men as regular rapists, ie in USA universities, while a rape crisis due to dodgey immigrants is being ignored… reminds me of how our Womens refuges were delisted as a charity for false reports.. meanwhile the only father support organisations are struggling to survive…and there are no funds at all for male victims of DV..

infowars report on feminist miss

8 Responses to “Rape crisis in Europe ignored while UN funds other agenda”

  1. GiJoe says:

    What this issue highlights is the unassailability of the underlying ideology in Western ‘Democracies’. Western privilege and Western patriarchy is the root of all evil. If Islam or non-westerners are at fault, this has to be wilfully ignored and brushed under the carpet for the greater good of dismantling western privilege and patriarchy. Politics, and academia have become enormous vehicles of western oppression which focuses its attack on men most aggressively. We must fight to maintain our pride as men MGTOW!!

  2. Downunder says:

    The opposing argument to this is every woman should be safe, regardless of all men.

  3. voices back from the bush says:

    Our courts are having a different crisis but we don’t hear much about it as its female violence.

    Nelson courthouse will interesting today.
    Pussypass..coming up ..
    I wonder if the result will be published.?

  4. Downunder says:

    It will be interesting as this woman has attacked an ‘Officer of the Court’.

  5. GiJoe says:

    I think our community would like this article

    I can’t imagine the outcry if this happened at Victoria University. I don’t agree with everything he says but he’s pretty much bang on

  6. DJ Ward says:

    Great article.
    Point of view worth reading.

  7. JnF says:

    Invitation for E-mail campaign to NZ Herald – Women (and only women) to be allowed a battered womans defence.

    So remove provocation for all and institute a gender biased aproaach.

    Because of “persistent myths” around DV – and we know what this is code for!

  8. DJ Ward says:

    A persistent myth is that they have no choice but to stay in the relationship.
    IE They have no choice but to stab the male to death in their sleep.

    Now that’s a myth.
    Its still murder.

    Was any effort made to make the relationship better?
    Did she get together with a bad man.
    Expecting she could change him into a good man?
    What DV things was she doing.
    Lets ask the victim.
    Opp’s, he is a silent witness.

    When the male falls to sleep.
    They can ring the cops.
    They can ring Women’s Refuge.
    They can go to a friend or family’s place.
    ETC ETC.

    They can be relocated, even overseas if its that bad.

    But to stab them to death in their sleep.
    Is never an accident.
    Possibly insane.

    No it is not ok.
    The judge can take account of the reality of the case in sentencing.

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