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Inside the mind of a victim

Filed under: General — triassic @ 10:04 pm Mon 6th July 2015

Yo feminists, remember when you preached about Rihanna being a typical victim of male violence when she and Chris Brown had an intimate partner altercation? Remember how you slagged off Chris as a tyrant? We’ll take a look at the mind of that victim in this video created and directed by Rihanna.
“Bitch-better-have-my-money” Reveals the violence and anger lying below that cute lady’s exterior. Much the same way it lies beneath a lot of these so called lady victims.

Truth is that these violent women provoke violent attacks on themselves and quite often precipitate the same violence on the male partner but in their rage forget they don’t have the strength to have the desired result.

Rihanna is a very talented and creative girl and this latest creation of hers gives us concrete evidence that you don’t need balls to have a violent nature lurking beneath.


  1. Hmm, sexy is scary…? on the same day I noticed… Erin Pizzey has taken control of speaking sense and debunking all the myths… amazing… please understand, we like most of feminism, but not if it ignores science… better for families, including women and children, is a more family oriented DV IPV approach, get with it world, before we waste another decade or three on idealistic victim driven political mayhem..

    Comment by realkiwi — Mon 6th July 2015 @ 11:02 pm

  2. This is a good read for anybody interested in examining propaganda. It is amazing how often the conversation is about justifing there versions of violence, and then only blame and label responses by the man as domestic violence.

    “Myth: Women are just as violent as men
    FACT: In all family domestic violence statistics in Aotearoa/New Zealand, the vast majority of victims of violence are women and the majority of violent perpetrators are men. This is the same across the world. Some women are violent towards their children and partners, but the causes and effects of women’s violence are often different than men’s violence. It’s unusual for men to be seriously injured or killed by a woman, and very few men live in fear of their lives because of their female partner’s violence.”

    If men dont live in fear, then why do thousands of men flee there homes when DV happens in there homes? OOPs flee from the victim.

    “FACT: In all family domestic violence statistics in Aotearoa/New Zealand” This is a lie.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 7th July 2015 @ 10:58 am

  3. Should you feel sorry for people who cannot see truth, even when it stares them in the face?

    Denial of truth, ignoring of evidence is a dangerous delusion, whether it is in a man, child, woman or judge. Cherry-picking isn’t facing truth.

    When the denier has taken their delusion to the lengths of being completely unable to face the truth, then it is a delusion, a serious mental disorder. Such delusions need competent treatment, not further Government funding!

    This is ok for people not bringing up children. (Delusions seriously harm their ability to give proper development to the child, or to judge evidence in court. Totally evidence-free judgements don’t serve good parents or children!)

    Unaddressed delusions are dangerous to children and also to adult intimate relationships…

    This is all so old, that someone lost in time, said:

    There are non so blind as will not see – so it is all just having to learn old lessons again and again and again…

    The cure must start with a careful look at who is profiting from the present dysfunctional system!

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Tue 7th July 2015 @ 12:55 pm

  4. I live every day and night petrified of my ex wife and her corrupt police accomplices for what they have already done and for their continued harassment and torture of myself and my children including repeated kidnappings of us without reason or cause or even ‘legal’ ’cause’. the police have proven their corruption every day by aiding and abetting the kidnapping of my children without one family conference or mediation and by assaulting me and damaging my arm and stripping me and jumping on my back in their dungeons for no reason. Only psychopathic cowards do that.

    Comment by phil Watts — Wed 8th July 2015 @ 9:44 am

  5. you got a MOBILE ….phil watts

    Id get hooked up if I was you
    If this is on going film it, or have someone else,as many as possible,
    Its what saving lives in America with fatal killings!
    Also important evidence for you and your children
    hope all goes well.

    I just dont want to think that your a woman been…well everyone knows the rest.

    Comment by joseph — Wed 8th July 2015 @ 12:41 pm

  6. Please feel free to contact the admin for my email address.

    Comment by phil Watts — Wed 8th July 2015 @ 1:19 pm

  7. Apologises phil watts

    Im new here and Ive only recently traced back posts where you’ve shared
    I also have found another poster using the same name as “Joseph” a while back too
    Only our ability to express is completely different.
    (ie) spelling and grammer Ill own Im terrible.

    Comment by joseph — Wed 8th July 2015 @ 7:31 pm

  8. From #2 and Women’s Refuge website
    ‘FACT: In all family domestic violence statistics in Aotearoa/New Zealand’ This is a lie.

    This article shows how women’s refuge lie about domestic violence.

    “Did we survey men? No, we didn’t, for a variety of reasons like research ethics, safety of respondents, and insufficient budget to answer that research question too.”

    Research ethics? This means that those that decide on funding research think it’s ethical to be a bigot.
    Safety of respondents? So it’s safe for women to talk, but it unsafe for the men to talk about their experiences?
    Insufficient budget? So if they were to interview 1000 people why couldn’t 500 be women and 500 be men?

    They say “all” research simply because there is essentially no male domestic violence research in NZ. The truth is hard to find if one party is not involved in the conversation.

    I guess in the mind of a victim culture, ignorance of your own actions helps maintain the fantasy.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 9th July 2015 @ 4:07 pm

  9. nailed it

    Dj Ward….

    Comment by joseph — Thu 9th July 2015 @ 5:03 pm

  10. I accept that there is a lot of unnecessary violence in the home – regardless of sex or age.

    And I don’t like bullies.

    I recently contacted Women’s Refuge to donate clothes. When I checked their website (and SHINE) I was stunned by what appears to befalse use of statistics for propoganda: apparently every 6 minutes the police attend a Domestic Violence incident. I suspect that this statistic is based on the Police’s Family Violence reports.

    I know about this report because I recently had one filled out by my ex when she called the cops to have me removed from her doorstep. The Police Officers were really aggressive when they arrived and then calmed down once they heard my story and saw that I was no threat.
    They explained that they would have to fill out a Family Violence form. I was shocked but they also explained that this is the ONLY form they have for ANY domestic incident. And the reason they were called that day? Because I wanted to understand why my 2 1/2 year relationship with my fiancee was over in the space of 2 weeks and why she was saying things and behaving in a way that she hadn’t ever before.

    I later found out that she was having a bipolar manic episode. The cops told me it’s a common thing they deal with. They also told me that I didn’t need worry about it and that they would be taking it no further (that was 9 months ago and I haven’t even received a letter from them confirming the incident even took place). Yet my incident, which involved NO violence or threats from me, is included in the stats that Womens Refuge and SHINE spout.

    So while I hate violence and bullying, I also hate the thought of lies being used to potentially show good people in a poor light.

    Yet NZ Men Fed Up With The Family Courts also do this: for example they have just posted a threat about male suicide rates in NZ. Are they suggesting that this is directly related to Family Court cases? I doubt that’s entirely the case. And accordiung to our friend Google, there’s plenty of historic research that shows that male suicide is far higher than female simply because men tend to choose methods that can’t be backed out of. Meanwhile, women choose methods such as overdosing on sleeping pills, which rarely works. Interestingly the number of ATTEMPTED suicides is far higher for women. So you can see that a LOT of care is required when quoting statistics. otherwise it just serves to mislead and pervert the course of justice.

    Comment by David — Tue 28th July 2015 @ 12:39 am

  11. I don’t see anything wrong with what ‘NZ Men Fed Up With The Family Courts’ has said. Is the fact that 3/4 suicides are male, acceptable because so many women attempt suicide? Even that idea is driven by statistics gathered in a way that ignores the facts. Those attempt figures ignore for example the large number of males that drive with suicidal recklessness but don’t crash. Those numbers are missing from attempt statistics. The resultant deaths are hidden in the vehicle crass statistics as well, hiding even more numbers from the male suicide death toll.

    Try and find how many of these males are estranged from their children.
    Try and find how many of these males were accused of DV, denied it but were censured anyway.
    Try and find how many of these males were teenage fathers, ostracised from their children just because they have a penis.
    Try and find how many of these males were paying child support.
    Try and find how many of these males were paying child support for a child they were hardly ever aloud to see.
    Try and find how many of these males were given a Police safety order.
    Try and find how many of these males were subject to pregnancy without consent.

    NZ Suicide statistics are manipulated so the public cannot discover the truth.

    “So you can see that a LOT of care is required when quoting statistics. otherwise it just serves to mislead and pervert the course of justice.”
    And the Coroner is doing a great job? for who?

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 28th July 2015 @ 10:43 am

  12. David (#10):

    And accordiung to our friend Google, there’s plenty of historic research that shows that male suicide is far higher than female simply because men tend to choose methods that can’t be backed out of. Meanwhile, women choose methods such as overdosing on sleeping pills, which rarely works. Interestingly the number of ATTEMPTED suicides is far higher for women. So you can see that a LOT of care is required when quoting statistics. otherwise it just serves to mislead and pervert the course of justice.

    Yes indeed. Those statistics, the same ones emphasized by femicentric reports such as those from the Family Violence Deaths Committee are also misleading. The implication that so-called suicide attempts are in the same category as actual completed suicides is misleading. A major proportion of the incidents recorded as suicide attempts are actually women’s suicidal gestures or self-harm acts that were never intended to be fatal. This is typical behaviour for those suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, mainly females, and it has also been fashionable for young people to engage in self-cutting which can become an addiction. True suicide attempts that are unsuccessful are probably committed by men and women at similar rates. To claim that high male suicide rates occur ‘simply’ because men ‘tend to’ use methods they can’t back out of is feminist spin designed to deny the reality that men feel so worthless as to kill themselves in such large numbers. Male suicides now outnumber the entire road toll.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Tue 28th July 2015 @ 9:29 pm

  13. Male suicides now outnumber the entire road toll.

    This is a very sharp comment. I recall suicides in total exceeding the road toll, but this is one step further down the same dark path, that I hadn’t noticed.

    …the reality that men feel so worthless as to kill themselves in such large numbers.

    I feel that this comment sums up the underlying driver of both the suicide epidemic and also the wider dissatisfaction with the operations of the familycaught$.

    Hornet suggests that we need to focus on the critical underlying issues and this is one of them.

    Having said that, even if we cannot change the values of the plunderers and blunderers of familycaught$, we can assist men to put their internal self value in the right place. That is out of the direct control of the relationship vandal$ and thus under our own direct control.

    MurrayBacon – axe murderers for life!

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Wed 29th July 2015 @ 11:14 am

  14. Murray, exactly this is a concern – please MEN all note that during WAR you are all disposable commodities – you are NOT valued…… lets remind ourselves of the atrocities of all WAR – Men are murdered and Women and Children are abused, defiled and raped as a means of destroying a “CULTURE” – we have seen this across the world as differing powers struggle to impose their will and their world view on another society or culture.

    In modern times – so called civilised times – you can not go around KILLING men Directly – so you have to formulate another plan – one that is deceptive and one to which no one can apportion BLAME and ACCOUNTABILITY. Suicide is perfect for this – DELIBERATELY deprive a man of his family, his kids, his income, and friends and you ultimately make the decision for him to leave the planet. It is my contention that this is exactly the case – MEN once they have fathered are NO LONGER required so the system cares not if you excuse yourself and leave early – you have done your job. Is this HORRIFIC – YES, is it happening – YES, how do we effect change?

    Any sick plan fails when it is Exposed – just like in the USA where PLANNED PARENTING have been HARVESTING BABY PARTS for PROFIT- during abortions – unethical, sick, frankenstein and abhorrent in all the extremes – we have some very sick psychopaths in charge and only when we all wake up and get rid of them – will this change for the better……… only when good parents stand together will this sickness be healed……

    Psychopaths have NO CARE – just like the prison concerns – no one CARES – no Humility = No Compassion…..

    It is my contention – knowing what I have read on the US case that we COULD have a similar problem here in NZ – this lady below was never told her daughter was dragged off and given an ABORTION – which also left her STERILE – as a DAD how would you feel if this was your CHILD – would you be just a little bit ANGRY? In NZ 1000’s of young girls were taken without their parents consent or knowledge…….are you disgusted…….

    Comment by hornet — Wed 29th July 2015 @ 12:34 pm

  15. Murray, I have updated our LIST of concerns – hopefully we can attract WOMEN to this site as well as MEN and get PARENTS very upset at what is going on………

    This is nothing new – there is plenty of evidence in world history – where entire CULTURES have been changed by Deception – when you cant have a WAR – you have to do this by deceit – in one case I read a specific Race of women were been deliberately made INFERTILE with inoculations and other deceptive means…..

    In NZ I read an article where young NZ males had very low sperm counts – which directly affects their ability to reproduce into the future. I Fear also for all the young girls recently given the HPV shots – will this destroy their ability to have children in the future?? My child was given this shot without my knowledge – and I am not happy about it.

    Comment by hornet — Wed 29th July 2015 @ 12:58 pm

  16. Dear Hornet,

    there has been concern about declining sperm fertility for nearly 150 years. Certainly, the historical graph, extrapolated into the future, predicts severe fertility problems in about 50 or 60 years time. Given that the world’s predicted population then is quite large, it looks like a positive, rather than a negative. Certainly, reproduction will then take careful forethought and assistance, rather than being an accident of nature, as at present. So, don’t lose any sleep worrying about not being able to have grandchildren, for that reason. (Of course, still worry about having grandchildren, that you are never allowed to meet…)

    Presenting ideas that are attractive to women, will also likely gain much additional support from men – so win win if you get them right.

    Best wishes,

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Wed 29th July 2015 @ 2:32 pm

  17. Inside the mind of a victim
    Here is a good example.

    ‘She started using ice at age 21, but it was a few years later when she was in a ‘horrible’ violent relationship that things really escalated.’

    So actually she was a drug user already. I’ll take a guess that she got together with this guy because he could help support her already present addiction, that she then goes on to blame him for.
    Is there some unwritten rule that if a women gets together with a male that he is instantly becomes Mr Perfect because she got together with him. Leopards don’t change their spots. Maybe she had delusions that with the exertion of ‘power and control’ that she could change him.

    ‘My life was destroyed and I didn’t want to deal with it. I’d just take drugs and everything would disappear and it wouldn’t matter.’

    No your life was not destroyed. It’s not like he got pregnant so that you would stay in the abusive relationship. Is she also saying that unlike men who leave relationships with violent women, that she can’t start over, just because she is a drug using female?

    ‘I see women who have had an abusive partner and they’ve used the drug to emotionally cope with the pain.’

    Interestingly male use of drugs rates have strong correlations to versions of violence that females commit against men.
    I personally know two males that use P. Both were subject to pregnancy without consent, one only meeting his child when he turned 20, the other pushed to the side when his partner chose to go on the DPB.
    I have also read research on cannabis use that shows no identifiable cause for female use, but clearly showed the male use rate ‘Identified by race statistics’ was directly proportional to the male populations exposure to youth pregnancy. Why does pregnancy cause male drug use?

    ‘I see men who have had an abusive partner and they’ve used the drug to emotionally cope with the pain.’

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 29th July 2015 @ 3:37 pm

  18. In the mind of a victim (Zoë Krupka is a self-confessed lifetime feminist)

    Article 1
    Article 2

    Article 1 shows that in her mind she was in a relationship with an abusive male. She says this ‘tortuous relationships like these’, referring to her own failed relationship.

    Article 2 shows that in fact she is the narcissist. She in fact confesses it with statements like,’ is that your new guy is hyper critical and disrespectful of his ex.’ and ‘Or his story of his last relationship is a she-done-me-wrong-song, with him as the poor chump who’s still paying for the mistake of hooking up with a she-devil.’ This is of course what she did in article 1 (convert all, his, guy etc to female descriptors).

    Look at the titles.
    1. He’s nasty about his ex
    2. He has a sense of entitlement based on being a man
    3. He never takes the blame
    4. He has to be the centre of attention
    5. He’s jealous

    So the title of the article no 2 is ‘early-warning-signs-your-partner-may-become-abusive’. Interesting how it turns out to be a sexually bigoted article that is self-defeating. IE SHE never takes the blame, SHE has a sense of entitlement based on being a women, SHE is nasty about her ex.

    So Zoe Krupka, what are the ‘early-warning-signs-your-partner-may-become-abusive’ if the new partner is a female like you?

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 21st August 2015 @ 8:59 am

  19. Compare #18 art2 with this.

    One is blatant bigotry, and the other is gender neutral.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 21st August 2015 @ 11:37 am

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