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Sperm donor births; the best interests of children?

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:43 am Sun 10th May 2015

This article, ‘More career-minded single women seek IVF treatments’ informs us of the constant increase in the number of women seeking to be impregnated to have children with no intention of providing them with a father or contact with their biological father. As we have come to expect, the article avoids wasting time on any responsible journalism that might explore the consequences of this baby market to fulfill women’s self-serving wants. The article looks more like an advertisement to attract more sperm donors in support of the very lucrative fertility company, and given the corruption of modern news media it would not be surprising to find that the article was incentive for some hefty advertising planned by the fertility firm.

In my book planned single parenthood is premeditated child abuse. It’s also another example of feminist arrogance in acting as though men can be redundant for raising children. Time for a campaign to convince men not to become sperm donors. Such a campaign will at least stimulate discussion about issues around children’s interests and the importance of fathers.


  1. Don’t do it! If your donation can be identified then there is nothing to stop future governments from handing you a bill for child support. Let women do what they bloody well want but guys – just don’t.

    Comment by Doug — Mon 11th May 2015 @ 12:15 pm

  2. Legislation stops you getting a child support bill if you do it via legal channels.
    I know of one woman who has four children by this means and she causes real concern for her misandrist views.
    Three of her children are boys, oh dear.

    Comment by Allan Harvey — Mon 11th May 2015 @ 7:20 pm

  3. In my neighbourhood I know a Mongol Mob gang member who has four children to three different women. He hardly ever sees the children. The mothers want it that way and he isn’t bothered. The mothers are collecting children to get more domestic purpose benefits. You would need a high income to match the benefit once you have three children or more. Young men need to stay away from women who have no regard for the father’s role. Importantly, young men and women need to stay away from universities and all forms of student loans. In the USA 80% of people will never pay back their student loan and it is probably the same in NZ. If you are Maori you will get free education (of any type that you want) without any student loan or other fees. Europeans will go to university to learn false information and shaming of their heritage. Universities are just places of ignorance and intolerance. Boycott them and don’t waste your future!

    Comment by Andrew — Tue 12th May 2015 @ 2:08 pm

  4. Allan CURRENT legislation prevents it but that is no guarantee against future backdated legislation being passed by a government perhaps desperate for support from a fringe party, or of a precedent being set by an activist lawyer or judge. You are right but I still think it’s safer to avoid being in the situation in the first place. I feel sorry for those 3 boys!

    Comment by Doug — Wed 13th May 2015 @ 10:36 am

  5. If your donation can be identified ie DNA testing against an existing database, such as police records, legislation doesn’t come into it much, as an allegation of paternity is sufficient for IRD Child Support to start garnishing wages. It is then up to the “father” to disprove paternity, if he can get access to a DNA test?

    Recently a documentary showed the stress that a USA man had to go through, to stop cs controlling his life. It took him nearly 2 years to get it back to a sensible, proper situation. He was relatively lucky that he had sufficient resources to be able to tackle the problems dropped onto him. It isn’t much better in NZ?

    It is little wonder that white NZers are running into an increasing problem to obtain pregnancies. I guess it will take nearly as long again, to get white men to trust white women, say a couple of generations of severely depressed birth rates. During this time, other birth rates are filling the gap……

    End result, large, poorly thought out changes in the composition of our society, brought on by stupidity, arrogance and mainly greed. I am not saying that this is all bad, but we should be making careful, well thought out choices.

    Our social policy analysis is crippled by not spending enough money on it. We generally let women play too large a role, as they are prepared to work for much lower wages. The task is too important to our society, to short change ourselves like that.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Wed 13th May 2015 @ 12:42 pm

  6. Intellectual man drought foils search for Mr Right

    Educational man drought’: Slim pickings in schooled men

    The only way many NZ women could catch and keep a man

    Hope some of it is helpful?

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Wed 13th May 2015 @ 12:57 pm

  7. We live in remarkable times because ordinary people no longer have to receive our information from the in-bred monarchs and their agencies. The elite have always created a false reality of the world but we are waking up fast. Humans are capable of incredible things and our future could go either way. Weapons they use to destroy and to keep their parasitical positions are organised wars, white powder drugs, feminism and now student loans that will wreck your future. Less and less people (outside of university preachers) are paying any attention to any feminist c**t with a snatch like the Congo jungle.
    Here is a great place to find out about world events and our fascinating history – Red Ice Creations from Sweden

    Comment by Andrew — Wed 13th May 2015 @ 6:47 pm

  8. Andrew (#7): On the website to which you directed us, can you further direct us to anything of particular relevance to men’s issues? It seemed full of political conspiracy theories but I saw nothing on gender politics.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Wed 13th May 2015 @ 10:47 pm

  9. I suppose then I get to call you a ‘coincidence theorist’

    There are lots more – the war on men – widening rift between men and women

    Comment by Andrew — Thu 14th May 2015 @ 7:50 am

  10. Man X Norton – there are millions of men in Western countries who never see their children or have limited, even supervised access, men who now live in poverty because all their money went to the justice system while their children are having serious emotional problems and hardship as well as missing their fathers help, are having to cope with strings of other men that their mother brings home and so on. Look into the eyes of any children while and after their parents are separating; it says it all. Is it a coincidence that this is the reality for the majority of men, women and children in Western countries and no where else? I don’t think anything will change until we understand why this happens

    Comment by Andrew — Thu 14th May 2015 @ 8:57 am

  11. Conspiracy – a SECRET plan by a GROUP to do something unlawful or HARMFUL. So lets look carefully at this definition….

    Do we have people running around in SECRET – YES.
    Are they part of a GROUP – YES.
    Are they doing things Unlawful, or HARMFUL – YES.

    An INDIVIDUAL CAN NOT by definition be involved in a CONSPIRACY – you need more than ONE PERSON.

    Conspiracy Theorist – many now see this as a DEROGATORY TERM – used to Suppress those who speak the TRUTH. Its been over used by those wanting to HIDE the TRUTH.

    Secrecy is Deception – and you can only hide the TRUTH for so long…….problem today – its getting harder and harder to hide the TRUTH so now we see – Delays in taking complaints – Procrastination of court cases, suppression of news….and of course the SHILL the diversion tactic to steer people away … ostracise …this is the last bastion available to hide SECRETS…….it means people are panicking now – because MILLIONS are AWAKE to the LIE………the last ditch option of course will be to take the world to WAR in a last ditch effort to hide the TRUTH.

    Fact of the matter is – FATHERS have been DELIBERATELY DEPRIVED of time with their CHILDREN – CHILDREN with No FATHERLY Protection or input in their lives – become Vulnerable later in life.

    Comment by hornet — Thu 14th May 2015 @ 11:19 am


    Comment by hornet — Thu 14th May 2015 @ 11:31 am

  13. Heres a test to see if there is a CONSPIRACY or NOT.

    1. Fathers are being deliberately deprived of time with their own children.
    2. Fathers are being Impoverished – made poor – deliberately.
    3. children are being harmed – deliberately – if a service fails to protect a child from harm then it is by default assisting in that harm.
    4. Parents property is being targeted for seizure.

    If our system has a complaint with evidence – which directly identifies these four concerns – WILL THEY LOOK TO FIX the PROBLEM?
    if they do then we have a system genuinely concerned and wanting to HELP parents in the future.

    if they do NOT look to positively address these concerns – then we know there is a plan in play to allow these concerns to manifest and continue. On purpose – Deliberately.

    Watch this space and I will publish the results of my now officially NOTIFIED Complaint with the ombudsman where I detail and give evidence of a Father being deliberately denied time with his child -even when performing to the letter of the law the demands of the family court system. How a child was Deliberately harmed – alienated and permitted to be harmed by the family court system who refused to intervene and help the child at any stage, how a father was deprived by the family court of his right to earn INCOME – while Child support continued to demand payments based on these maximum incomes when they no longer were being earned and then pursued warrants to take family owned property – using review decisions made against all the rights to fairness, due process and natural justice. Illegal unreasonable search and seizure……

    Evidence and how it is addressed will tell the true story of what is going on in NZ and why no govt has signed into law protections for your personal property as per UN mandated Articles.

    Comment by hornet — Thu 14th May 2015 @ 11:42 am

  14. Thanks Andrew for those links but they seem to be for members only so I still haven’t seen or heard anything at that site of direct relevance to men’s or gender issues, though it’s mildly interesting to know that there are some things there with relevant titles and I’m sure some will enjoy pieces about a New World Order, anti-vaccination propaganda, holocaust minimizing and paranoia about Jews.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Thu 14th May 2015 @ 1:21 pm

  15. Among other gems.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Thu 14th May 2015 @ 1:23 pm

  16. I would never give my sperm away to make a baby with someone I did not know. Now that might sound harsh to the many woman who might think their need is higher.

    To explain myself”¦”¦.. I don’t think I could cope too well knowing I had a son or daughter I brought into this world without being there for them. It would tear me up.

    Comment by Lukenz — Mon 18th May 2015 @ 10:09 pm

  17. Dear Lukenz, as an example where the man’s consent to pregnancy was not asked for, I recall an english mother speaking to North Shore Men’s Centre, about 14 years ago. A “friend” of her son suggested a one night stand and he accepted. Afterwards, she got in touch with him [please excuse my sick pun] and said that while he was snoozing afterwards, she had reused the condom inside out and it worked. He would be a father, but without parental rights. (These are defined more formally in UK.) And, sure enough the rights he didn’t have, did include the right to be assessed for UK child support.

    The mother was quite bitter about it, in terms of the impacts onto her son’t life, their likely duration and what it cost her in terms of relationships.



    This topic is ancient history, but surprisingly, the public are innocently unaware, sheeples style?

    Cheers and good luck with “your” pregnancies!

    Love and kisses,
    MurrayBacon – frustrated axe murderer.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Tue 19th May 2015 @ 1:27 pm

  18. Sorry kids, but you just have to accept that there is no Santa Claus. (You have to give out the presents!)

    If you manage to get a girl drunk while you are pregnant, you will be forced to take long responsibility for your carelessness. (This seems to be the exact reverse of the process by which many careless and irresponsible young men or boys, got vulnerable or careless women pregnant and left them with the long term responsibility. Sometimes the women were shamed to suicide, but this isn’t talked about, as much as it should be…)

    Is there any middle ground?
    The best suggestion that I can make, is for a general requirement to have a parenting plan before getting a lady pregnant. Without it, she cannot claim child support and she has the freedom to abort without any consent from the father.

    I am interested to hear your better suggestions?

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Tue 19th May 2015 @ 1:43 pm

  19. MoMA’s post above is right on the mark. It covers a lot of good points, very briefly, which deserve more detail.

    The serious lack of balance in the article does leave it looking and functioning as an advertisement. Primarily, this reflects the much reduced budgets that media presently have, for checking quality and balance and reviewing these. I am not suggesting the reporter or NZ Herald accepted bribes. (They might have lacked the commercial nouse to realise what they were giving to the IVF company and failed to ask for benefits?)

    Thus, the serious lack of balance leaves the NZ Herald open to a media complaint……

    In my book planned single parenthood is premeditated child abuse.

    Maybe it isn’t PC to publicly comment on the general performance of solo parents, in particular solo mothers. However, the general deficits are so patently obvious, at national statistics level, even at the street level. Further detail on child protection statistics.

    Time for a campaign to convince men not to become sperm donors.

    Self interest is a good motivator. Although the child protection reasons should be at the front of our minds, as this is where the largest long term costs are, at least protecting your own lifestyle (or your son’s) should get people’s interest.

    Such a campaign will at least stimulate discussion about issues around children’s interests and the importance of fathers.

    Here’s hoping, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening yet. Society is like a large boat, you turn the steering wheel and nothing much happens for 10 or 15 years. Then after 20 to 25 years, there is a slow, steady and irresistible swing. Trouble is, by then the swing is far too late and often over swings, doing as much harm as the initial problem did anyway…… A bit of care and wisdom might work wonders?

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Tue 19th May 2015 @ 2:30 pm

  20. Sperm donor companies target very young men (e.g. teeneagers) who generally lack the life skills to realise that they could be paying for child support for 19 years for 40 children with just one stroke of the pen.

    Comment by Vman — Tue 23rd June 2015 @ 7:13 pm

  21. It doesn’t take a stroke of a pen – existing legislation, interpreted by an existing “judge” can do it now. This has occurred in USA, with public complaints coming out, but no changes resulted. Has it happened here, I haven’t seen any public complaints?

    Any form of contract, attempting to avoid financial liability is interpreted as against the “child’s” best interests and unable to be enforced in any form of “caught”. How convenient? Well perhaps the interests really being taken care of, is the woman’s interests – as she sees them, rather than as a wise or prudent person might see them. Moral of the story, don’t get involved in anything which might get interpreted in that way.

    The only way that men can protect themselves, is to carefully avoid unprotected sex with women who might have mental health or greed or getting pregnant problems. Look before you leap, is what I suggested to my boys.

    Of course, this gives a whole new set of meanings to “unprotected sex”! un(financially)protected sex….

    Visions of accountants and legal workers in the bedroom, giving the couple a legup….or would it be in their office? Quite a different feeling to making (free?) love in a park, beach or the bush…. oh those were the days…. when men ran free….. can I really remember it, or is it just a dream?

    What is the future? – think of Kaimanawa Horses, but the horses are men, being tamed, trained and controlled, so that they want to do “it”….. my paranoia is getting away again, I need to take more drugs….

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Wed 24th June 2015 @ 10:48 am

  22. Targeting young/insecure males who have zero clue about the nature of human beings. Imagine being a young/uneducated 18 year old male who does not have much clue about the horrors of human history and then becomes sperm donor dad to 30+ children because he can get $100 very quickly and easily. A caring society would make sure that both mum and dad wanted children in the first place. Those teenage years are very important. Alas New Zealand/western society is not a caring society at all. Rather rampant narcissism and entitlement runs supreme.

    Comment by J — Fri 7th August 2015 @ 11:53 am

  23. This poses interesting issues.
    It looks at the perspective of a sperm donor who did so on the understanding that his details would not be revealed. Now the government (Australian) is changing the rules, meaning his 20 plus children may be given his details even if he objects. There is a fine that is meant to protect him?

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 4th September 2015 @ 3:08 pm

  24. DJ Ward (#23): Good job I say. We have been warning men to avoid sperm donation and that governments would eventually treat their rights with contempt. And I view sperm donors as traitors to men to some extent, and if they donate to single women then I view the donors as child abusers.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Fri 4th September 2015 @ 4:53 pm

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