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The Island With Bear Grylls – Masculinity in Crisis

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:54 am Sat 17th January 2015


Interesting concept for a TV show (and I haven’t seen it) if it does look at changes in masculinity, rather than simply being another survivor series.

Has anyone seen it?

But this is amusing.

When it aired in the UK, The Island With Bear Grylls attracted criticism for its lack of female participants. Ruth England, the presenter of Discovery Channel’s Man, Woman, Wild, asserted that, “The basic tenets of survival are the same, regardless of your genitals – and women cope very well. I’m disappointed by this decision, but not wholly surprised.”

Well, of course, if this is sexist, can we remind this dipstick (Ruth England) that the basic tenets of being a dipstick are more likely to belong to a feminist. Feminism has been happily moving along, trashing society with its total disregard for the effect on males or respecting any male perspective.

God forbid (the god of Feminism that is) that men should dare examine themselves without being in consultation supervised by a suitable feminist thinker, should of course, they be failing to accept what feminists have decided.

The arrogance of the feminist when they skirt around the concept of equality (or is this just another word they want to redefine).

But, it’s also shows how shallow the feminist mind has become. ‘The tenets of survival are the same’ – really does highlight the desperate need of the feminist to believe that they can and would respond equally well to a masculist.

The idea that disparate gender responses, where the male would be perceived to be superior, is a real threat to the ideology, and totally ignores what I imagine Bear Grylls set out to examine.

What also interested me was that the show had such a wide age range. I’ve often thought with the increasing speed in the development of technology (and change in society) that the generation gap has got much bigger and much more complex.

Respect, perception, and value for the older generation has declined significantly, as the focus of the leading generation is directed at the constantly changing world confronting them – with a determination to keep up, without considering the possible consequences of what they are doing (ignoring the risk factor is now something both genders are more equal in).

A look at that aspect alone would be interesting.

Once again Feminism can’t agree because it’s focus is elsewhere – it’s the religion of the self-centred woman who looks only to ensure her wants and desires are met and the circumstances don’t threaten the existence of the ideology.

I note Ruth England’s comments were made after having seen the show; the results may have come as a shock to her – may have even threatened HER coping mechanisms – lol.


  1. I saw the opening programme. Sadly, it seems just like another survival type programme. Not a promising start and I doubt that this will achieve its stated aims. But judgment best reserved until the series is completed to see if it produces anything substantial or meaningful.

    At this stage it seems to me that there are better ways of addressing masculinity in crisis through such things as studying misandrist attacks by the likes of Ruth England, the sidelining of fathers from their children post relationship breakdown, the disparity between the judicial treatment of female offenders who commit the same crimes as men, the attitude of Police to non custodial Dads, the denigration of men by advertisers and general chiping away of mens self esteem by a plethora of means.

    It is obvious from the first programme that what will come out in the coming weeks will be polarising opinions by the participants, the ostracising of one or two men from the group, ritual humiliation of the weakest member, the rise of a so called natural leader and a fair amount of shifting loyalties/relationships and general bitchiness.

    Comment by Non custodial dad — Sat 17th January 2015 @ 2:37 pm

  2. This has been going on for a long time… In the end, doesn’t it show how resilient men actually are?

    Masculinity Crisis – in Crisis

    Maybe “men” are resilient, but certainly a significant number of individual men are being treated unconscionably by many of the organs of Government power. Way past time, for these bullying cowards to be held to account. (In the same way, many other individuals are also being wrongly treated. I suggest that we need to try to address all of these issues.

    Cheers, MurrayC.Bacon – for crisis.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Mon 23rd March 2015 @ 9:01 pm

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