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Short News Review

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:52 am Sat 17th January 2015

Here are a few recent stories of interest to students of gender issues.

This female babysitter has been charged with the MURDER of the baby she sat. She is released on bail. Where are the anti-violence protesters bemoaning women’s violence, the inappropriate use of bail and the sexism of our Court system?

This male principal has been convicted of assault for slapping a student who had been disrespectful to another teacher (a female). Whilst one may agree with some corrective consequence for the principal’s physical expression of his frustration, his wise motivation will almost certainly be lost and indeed lead to his loss of job and career; another male teacher discarded for not being feminized enough. In the article and presumably the Court case, no interest was evident in considering the importance of children being taught to respect elders. Children now don’t, and that’s a ridiculous situation that’s already impacting badly on our civilisation. We have stupidly put children in command. Also, there is no recognition that males have always used physical force in disciplining children but that contribution has been entirely discarded in favour of feminist preference that will almost certainly prove to be ineffective, unwise and actually more violent.

Males continue to be killed and injured in their work roles about 100 times more often than are females:
2 (no mention of the victim’s gender so we can confidently assume it’s a male),
6 (again, the male gender of these victims isn’t thought important enough to mention),
9, etc etc. However, we continue to hear constant complaints that women are disadvantaged in employment and we fund a special Ministry for Women that acknowledges its main purpose now is to get women paid at least as much as males on average for much safer work roles women mainly provide.

Helen Clark is a serious contender to be the next UN leader. That will hasten global demonization of men and discrimination against men, and therefore the failure of our civilisation.

Starship Hospital reports that most child abuse victims are under 1 year old. The hospital’s child protection team leader Dr Kelly cites ‘anecdotal evidence’ to claim that men are mainly responsible for the abuse, especially non-biologically related males or ‘stepfathers’. His only mention of female offenders blames most such offending on Post-Natal Depression. Why would a medical professional resort to ‘anecdotal evidence’ rather than referring to the many research studies that show mothers are more often responsible for abuse and killing of the youngest children? Because, one assumes, when the evidence doesn’t support fashionable male-blaming then that evidence is ignored in favour of invented statistics. This is a feature of most reports into family violence, that the authors begin with an assumption that ‘male power and control’ is the cause (even when women commit family violence), then selectively measure, report and invent data consistent with that assumption whilst ignoring anything that might contradict the assumption. The research however would support Dr Kelly’s comment that non-biologically related males are much more often responsible for child abuse than are biological fathers. However, social welfare advocates continue to spread misinformation about the safety and desirability of biological families, instead encouraging women to break up their biological families at the drop of a hat thereby exposing their children to increased risk from their mothers’ overnight male fuck-buddies and/or new partners.

Irresponsible news media continue to roll out unreliable, but also unbalanced and sexist claims about violence, claiming that “One in three Kiwi women experience domestic abuse in their lifetime” but failing to mention that the same proportion of men also experience ‘domestic abuse’ when measured by research using similar methodology and exaggerated definitions of ‘abuse’.

There will be a dramatisation of the Helen Milner ‘Black Widow’ story soon. It will be interesting to see if it shows the police sexism in failing to consider the possibility that a female might have been violent in circumstances where, if the genders were reversed, police would most certainly suspect foul play.

This article highlights the risk to children in the absence of their biological fathers, and also the disrespect and lack of caring shown to grieving fathers. This father is not kept informed and not supported emotionally while police conduct a homicide investigation regarding his young son’s death away from his care. A mother in similar circumstances could expect all manner of communication and support.

This woman, Jodi Picoult, has become fabulously wealthy from writing novels that appear to cash in significantly on male demonization. She has a doting supportive husband, yet claims she’s the victim of sexism as an author and she resents men attempting to write love stories because apparently only women are qualified to do so.

And we continue to see unbelievable pussy passes being awarded by our female-favouring Courts. This violent woman was discharged without conviction and described by the white knight judge as not being a violent person! The judge also supported the reduction of the original, appropriate charge of ‘injuring with intent to injure’ to the much lesser charge of ‘common assault’ even though the offence involved deliberate kicks to the victim’s head. This violent female had also previously abused the victim through Facebook. Never mind, she will now continue to be paid to teach our children, maintaining our heavily unbalanced female teaching workforce. But where are the feminists and law-and-order zealots protesting about this unfathomable leniency? Oh yes, I forgot, violence is only undesirable when committed by males.



    Pussy pass, denied offending, lied about knoweledge of crime, just as guilty.

    Have a vagina, and cry. Everything will be OK.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 12th June 2015 @ 3:59 pm

  2. DJ Ward (#1): Well spotted. Unbelievable. They were both co-offenders equally responsible. The male got 3 years imprisonment, the woman got 12 months home detention and 200 hours community work! How long are men going to tolerate this stuff?

    Comment by Man X Norton — Fri 12th June 2015 @ 7:00 pm

  3. One certainly had a better lawyer than the other.

    Comment by Allan Harvey — Sat 13th June 2015 @ 12:26 pm

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