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What do you call organizations you are terrified of?

Filed under: Child Support,General — ashish @ 10:57 pm Thu 22nd January 2015

What is the difference between IRD and ISIS? Both terrorize non-custodial parents. One kills quickly, while the other kills you slowly over time.


9 Responses to “What do you call organizations you are terrified of?”

  1. Downunder says:

    They are generally labelled ‘Terrorist Organisations’. Isn’t there an official list, although I don’t see the IRD being put on it anytime soon.

    They do have something in common. Surprising as it may be, I read a recent article about women moving to ISIS controlled areas, because that is the religion they want to raise their children in.

    Just like some women in New Zealand run to the IRD, because they enjoy seeing the father crucified.

  2. Colin says:

    One is a terrorist group the other is a bunch of religious nutters

  3. Man X Norton says:

    One practices Jihad, the other likes to Be Hard.
    One wants Sharia Law, the other wants Sheila Law.
    One commits genocide, the other practices (mainly) gendercide.

  4. phil watts says:

    fyi. All ‘terrorism’ is a Elite USA and Israel govt. invention including feminism and racism all designed to divide and enslave the world population while profiting from our deaths. they target males as males are a threat to them if we could manage to ever get over our egos and band together and see the true enemy of the people.


  5. OMG says:

    That is seriously some of the funniest shit I’ve ever read. You guys don’t get out in the world much ae?

  6. Man X Norton says:

    OMG (#5): Not at all sure what your comment means, but it seems you are using the ploy typical of feminists, that is debasing or ridiculing those you disagree with rather than debating the issues.

  7. OMG says:

    Erm, so you are not debasing the USA, Israel, and equal rights’ supporters? (Answer included: Yes, you are.)

  8. JohnPotter says:

    I almost removed Phil’s comment because it does nothing to illuminate the situation men in NZ are experiencing.

    “Feminism” and “racism” are not an invention of the USA and Israel governments – they are a left-wing creation promoting a Marxist (Communist) agenda, designed to undermine traditional western values.

    OMG is also wrong – Feminism is not about “equal rights” – which I personally support.

    Feminism is about shifting power and control from men (AKA “The Patriarchy”) to a small group of elite women.

  9. DJ Ward says:

    Power corrupts, absolutely.
    We presently live in an age of exploitation.
    Structures are created to support the idealism.
    IRD child support is an example.
    Custody decisions help feed the monster.
    Propaganda is used to pervert belief systems.
    Tempting with all that money.
    Just a legal process, and a swipe of a pen away.
    Is it working?
    How much misery does it create?
    If society were to waken.
    They can using democracy.
    Balance the power of government for good.

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