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Only in New Zealand

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:09 am Wed 27th January 2016
How would you caption this?

How would you caption this?

22 Responses to “Only in New Zealand”

  1. Mandy harris says:

    Of course i’d tell police truth and u can see baby. If u come back home. I just got upset, he gets all your attention and I wanted to make you appreciate me.

  2. bjrodger says:

    No, you can’t see your son; but can I have $50 for a manicure?

  3. Dunnuffinwrong says:

    How can we resolve anything when you refuse to tell me why you’ve been making me so angry at you?

  4. Man X Norton says:

    I won’t do a caption but it seems to me this woman looks genuinely compassionate and wants to comfort him. It does happen you know.

  5. Dunnuffinwrong says:

    The man does not appear to me to be comforted by her words.

  6. too tired says:

    But I told you I wanted a baby. Your feelings are irrelevant.

  7. too tired says:

    I was convinced you were cheating on me, so I got revenge.

  8. A dad says:

    I love you darling but my lawyer said if you don’t do what I say, then I should apply for a protection order.
    That’s real by the way…

  9. Downunder says:

    If you don’t do what I say, I’m happy to talk to a Family Court judge.

    That’s real by the way … too.

    sudden flashback – may have nightmares tonight.

  10. too tired says:

    I love you, but you can live without sex right?

  11. Downunder says:

    We can’t just do it: You know you have to tell the police 24 hours in advance.

  12. voices back from the bush says:

    Today I learned in women’s studies that women and children are not the only ones that can be victims of family violence……pets are often affected as well!

  13. DJ Ward says:

    I know I lied about the child being yours.
    But I did it because I love you.

  14. DJ Ward says:

    Of course I was on the pill.
    You believe me don’t you?

  15. DJ Ward says:

    I’m only going to England with the kids for two months.
    I promise to bring them back.

  16. Man X Norton says:

    Ok, changed my mind; can’t resist.

    “I understand how painful it must be realizing you really are a worthless second class citizen.”

  17. Man X Norton says:

    “Don’t worry, you’ll find a woman who doesn’t care you have such a small penis.”

  18. Man X Norton says:

    “Don’t worry, you’ll find a woman who doesn’t care you’re not rich. Oh, on second thoughts, perhaps not…”

  19. julie says:

    Oh, my bro. Today’s system isn’t meant for men like you. You’re an outlier caught in it like many others.


    MENZ – a place where outliers are empowered and learn to play the game.


    Psst, I actually say this. 🙂


    Hey advocates & activists, did you see me on TV? It’s my first time. It was scary as!!! This bit was the only good part.

  20. julie says:

    Oh, I like the captions others have written. I see where you are coming from because I’ve been fortunate to share my community journey with single dads who have a journey (just like single mums).

    They definitely ARE outliers, imo, and your voices reflect their pain, their anguish, plus, plus. Good for you.

    This isn’t just a white male patriarchy game, imo. Maori and Pacific Island men are saying the same messages. My gosh, they are single fathers with 3, 4, 5, 6 and more children. And they’re working.

    I’ve also been fortunate to meetup with most of ‘MENZ’ advocates & activists and they have helped single mothers many-a-time. In fact, all I care about is helping single parents while I am the last person on this earth to judge another.

    Sometimes people say to me, “You shouldn’t have anything to do with MENZ. If you do, you will never amount to anything. Your voice will never be heard”.

    That’s shocking.

    I will tell you this. “Many years ago someone (a bad person) said to me “It’s not the one who voices anger you need to worry about, it’s the one who doesn’t” while it’s common for women to be told, “You will kill a man because you don’t express your pain”.

    MENZ is needed. It’s a great site.

  21. Downunder says:

    Gosh, Julie, so much more confident than you once were.

    Happy politicking.

  22. julie says:

    Thank you Downunder. I hope I get another chance. I think the experience was good for me and I believe I can improve. 🙂 It was the live bit that threw me.

    I hope you know I would never have got into the political if it wasn’t for you, lol.

    I simply came here looking for support for our dads because Waiparera’s deputy under John Tamahere (she was in charge of West Auckland COGS & Lotteries funding) said our group was (a) not allowed to reinvent the wheel, and (b) we had to refer our parents on.

    I’ve learned soooo much and I am soooo grateful. We have some awesome dads making serious headway into men’s issues AND …. that includes Black Power all the way to Christchurch.

    It’s a great day for men and women to sort their issues imo.


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