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Pussywhipped men please apply!

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Domestic Violence,Events,Gender Politics — MurrayBacon @ 9:36 am Tue 22nd November 2016

Not sure how much use this is to you weaklings who read Is this meeting going to hit any useful spots, or is it just more irrelevancy? I wonder what the value for money is?
(Sorry for my irreverency.)

Raising Fathers To Save Our Children!

Its time to ManUp New Zealand! The statistics have never been so bad as they are today and we have the answer!

ManUp Convention16 will include interactive sessions featuring Bishop Brian Tamaki and our ManUp leadership team. Included is a Man-Feast, topped with a massive evening event featuring Stan Walker, Bishop Brian Tamaki’s new book launch, White Ribbon and much more


6 Responses to “Pussywhipped men please apply!”

  1. Simon grant says:

    It’s great to see White Ribbon has aligned itself with organisations with equal appeal and credibility.

    Earthquakes are related to “gays and sinners” according to Bishop Tamaki.
    Taking money off poor people who are looking for something, is ok because they have to run Big Brian’s life style and that is ok though. Thanks all the same but I won’t be attending.

    A lovely picture of Dr Angie Whatname of Wimmins Rufuge is in the Dom Post today looking resplendent in her black glasses, and what might be described as a manly haircut and bulldozer driver stature. A friend of mine who is 68 years old, took one look at the picture and said ” is that a picture of a well balanced person ?”

    Man up, every single father who has stumped up to the FC has “manned up” some of us many, many times. “Man up” what’s the matter, loosing too many fathers, are too many giving up, not turning up, to mediation and hearings according to Principal Judge Ryan. No wonder, you process is a gender biased, costly, self serving crock and after 30 years every one knows.
    I imagine Dr Ang might be there too, what a line up

  2. MurrayBacon says:

    Bishop Brian said earthquakes are caused by gays etc.
    As far as I can see, gays are enjoying sex all the time, unmarried heterosexual couples are enjoying sex a lot of the time too (ok not enjoying sex anywhere near as much as gays enjoy sex..), but most of the time there are no big earthquakes. (I dare not comment on how much married couples might enjoy sex. I feel so sorry for them…)
    Bishop Brian blames earthquakes on gays and within 48 hours there is a big earthquake. That is a powerful message of some sort.
    To me, it looks like doG is telling Bishop Brian to shut up?

  3. Simon grant says:

    Yes perhaps Shut T F Up

  4. Nigel says:

    In my opinion Brian Tamaki is a fraud and sharlatan so his presence alone discredits the entire event as far as I am concerned. His book launch is another line of revenue for him and he’s using this opportunity to make money?

    It’s not only the fathers that need raising to save our children, it’s the systemic frustration they go through in order to have a fair say on so many occasions.

  5. Jerry says:

    Want to make a stack of money? then copy Tamaki and a host of others – start a con which calls it a church. Easy peasy if you have no morals or a decent atom on your head. They are all frauds.
    Maybe you would enjoy whats on this URL…

  6. DJ Ward says:

    I’m not sure the comment, is in the right post.
    But I’ll try, with religion and earthquakes.

    So actually these core samples, can show patterns.
    Large volcanic events, with meters of material.
    Or a regular, small volcano.
    1mm of ash every 50 years, is 1 meter in 50,000 years.
    So 20 meters in a million years, 100 in only 5 million years.

    So statistically, you can look at an earthquake prediction.
    Consider the biggest earthquake of the year, at 1:365.
    If he predicted the day, then it’s 1:365 odds.
    But over two days, it becomes 1:182 odds.
    We may notice the persons luck, but it’s no miracle.
    If they predicted 3 days in the future, it’s about 1:50 million.
    Would it then be, a statistical miracle.
    If everyone made a prediction, for the next 3 years.
    160 of earths citizens, could claim divine inspiration.

    God causing earthquakes is arbitrary, if it’s the forces of nature.
    The core samples, giving us some odds of future events.
    Early NZ had some significant, earthquake and volcanic events.
    At some point, the meters of material events will occur.
    A new volcano, will rise to the surface.
    Big earthquakes, with land lifting and falling meters.
    But recently despite sexual freedom, it’s quite peaceful.

    Without those 1mm and meters events, earth would become barren.
    Without uplift and subduction, land would sink into the sea.
    Despite then the hardship of earthquakes, and volcanos.
    God statistically got it just right, to have a living earth.

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