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Red Pill screening in Auckland

Filed under: Events,Gender Politics,General — Vman @ 6:16 pm Tue 22nd November 2016

An Auckland screening of THE RED PILL – for those of you on Facebook:

[Edit by JohnP] For those of us not on Facebook:

Thur 15th December 2016
6:30 PM – 10:00 PM NZDT

Kelston Community Centre
126 Awaroa Road

Book at Eventbrite



  1. Andrew Bolt had a very good interview with Cassie on his show tonight.
    ch 85 Skynews.

    Comment by allan — Wed 23rd November 2016 @ 8:24 pm

  2. NOTE, there has been a venue and date change !

    Comment by golfa — Thu 24th November 2016 @ 1:12 pm

  3. “The Red Pill” was discussed on The Panel just now:

    where it provided the opportunity for Penny Ashton to declare that she “was so sick of the Mens Rights movement”. Penny watched the trailer, so that qualified her to comment on the whole film, which she did by talking about the unrelated – apart from the name – Red Pill subreddit (a pickup artists discussion group). Such ignorant yap. Either ignorant, or perhaps deceitful, one or the other anyway.

    Comment by Ted — Wed 30th November 2016 @ 4:56 pm

  4. Great stuff!!!
    I remember talking to a MRA (men’s rights advocate) back in 2006 who had recently (then) received an award from the United Nations for his work in the community and he told me caring for men’s rights was a waste of time and energy because he got nowhere advocating for men since the 1970s.

    At the time of his award, he was delivering food parcels to people in need of food and a lot were men. There was simply no support for men, he said. …. He had lost hope.


    Jumping forward, I want to say to [some] in the online community, “I told you there was a men’s movement”, hehe.
    [Some] Men would say, “there isn’t a men’s movement, men’s voices are simply a consequence of the women’s movement” but hey, the women’s movement is simply a consequence too BUT look at what men have been up against (with respect, the same for women). It was inevitable that [the non-radical] men had to get this organized.

    You have my respect, men. 🙂 This is truly awesome.

    Comment by Julie — Fri 2nd December 2016 @ 12:17 am

  5. Ahem (wink), I want to say/ask a couple of things to society’s leaders.

    1. From my experience in the community, everything we do seems to have a consequence. Every change whether political or social … When you add something, it has consequences. When you take something away, it has consequences. Thus, the men’s movement, thus, the women’s movement and thus, other movements and people’s reactions.

    With that being said,

    2. I want to encourage the leaders of both the men’s and women’s movements to work together for the sake of society, the people, particularly the innocent children.

    Reason being, because society left to itself isn’t balancing. The people working in the community are jumping from one extreme to another and this is causing havoc, imo. For example, LAWYERS are running amok. They are causing real grief as they fight the arguments of the men’s & women’s movements in court. (I will leave the effect on children to your imagination and ask you think of the criminal court & children as well as the family court). Another example, politicians are making laws that don’t consider the consequences on people. There’s no thought for how people will be affected and imo, having leaders from the men’s & women’s movement caring about people will be really powerful & helpful. And another example, CYFS social workers… not all of course but not balancing affects families.


    3. I don’t think society can balance on their own while they certainly can’t cope with a war between 2 movements. War has casualties and many have already suffered, are suffering and will suffer, from my experience.

    But it can’t be one side wins. The consequences are real.


    4. My suggestion, if you don’t mind me making one, would be to sit and listen to each other. Imo, listening is a skill and if you don’t have it, you can learn it, from my experience. 🙂 A tip is – listening means you hear what the other person says and you can relay it back to them.

    Here’s a tale…. I have a radical feminist friend who seemed lost in her belief of men like a radical religious person thinks only their truth is truth. We slugged it out one day and she was armed with as much feminist argument as I was armed with readings from men’s sites.

    Weeks later, she thanked me and told me how she had visited a man in prison for domestic violence and how he had written her a letter that shared his life, the abuse he had suffered as a child and more. She went on to asked me if I could help other radical feminists working in their fields – but alas, I don’t have the time.

    I can however, point out that professionals can be as childish as their most selfish clients and the leaders from each side don’t have to be radicals – just look at the men in the video – they are caring of men, not blaming women.
    Imo, if you give men like these power, you will eradicate the radicals just like if you give balanced women power, they too can eradicate the radicals.

    Comment by Julie — Fri 2nd December 2016 @ 12:26 am

  6. The author of this movie is just fantastic, young, smart, has come at this from a woman’s advocate perspective but has been surprised by her own research and has been professional to the point of intergreity.

    In one interview she was asked if this work would limit her options in the future. She is confident, honest and replied This is a documentary, it is supposed to be thought provoking and reflect what is there and that is what I have produced.

    Look at how the “rug munchers” have tried to shut this down in Melbourne “so called centre of the arts in Aust” and they just folded.

    Lawyers are running amok in NZ but the Judges are running this country in my view. Their Association has lobbied Parliment re the pecuninary interest bill. ( where by they would have been required to disclose their interests and relationships to ensure no conflict would exist. This is standard inmost countries – but not here. They are supposed to be at arms length totally. So they do it via their association. I guess you could complain to the juducial conduct commissioner but the buck stops there.

    Sir Geoff Palmer has mentioned his concern at his book launch about this sort of thing but with no Privey Council what do we expect?

    Comment by Simongrant — Sat 10th December 2016 @ 2:32 am

  7. How many missed this? The NZ Study no one wants to see.

    Comment by Alastair — Sun 11th December 2016 @ 1:02 pm

  8. Well put Julie. Listening is a real skill.

    It is a well established fact NON verbal communication is far more powerful than words.

    Remember we have 2 ears but only one mouth

    Comment by Alastair — Sun 11th December 2016 @ 8:34 pm

  9. Australia still struggling to see –
    Bettina Arndt needs your help to host screenings of The Red Pill

    The Red Pill is a documentary made by a well-known American filmmaker, Cassie Jaye, exposing many of the men’s issues Bettina is passionate about: domestic violence and AVOs, bias in family law, boy’s education, male suicide prevention.

    When this important movie was released last year Australia became the only country to try to ban it, with screenings cancelled after protests from feminist extremists who hadn’t seen it yet claimed it promoted violence and misogyny. The only violence seen in the movie are the feminist demonstrators howling down people trying to speak about men’s lives.

    Bettina is delighted to announce Australian audiences will finally be allowed to decide for themselves what the fuss is all about. She’s arranged for the movie to be available from Fan-Force which allows people anywhere in Australia to organise their own screenings of the movie.

    She is looking for more people to host screenings in their local areas. All you need to do is choose a date and local movie theatre and then help promote the event to your friends and networks. You can host the screening under Bettina’s name if you prefer anonymity. No cost, no risk, just a little of your time. Find out more about Fan-Force and The Red Pill here :

    Events are already planned for Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra but we need many more.

    You can also see the movie at the International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI) on the Gold Coast on 9-11 June 2017 where filmmaker Cassie Jaye will be speaking.

    Please contact Bettina and let her know if you are considering hosting a screening. She’s happy to help with publicity and perhaps may be able to appear in person at the event. Email her at – [email protected]

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Fri 24th March 2017 @ 3:59 pm

  10. 9, great info Murray thanks

    Comment by voices back from the bush — Fri 24th March 2017 @ 10:59 pm

  11. Interesting comments from her about men’s issue’s.
    I do wish NZ had women like Bettina Arndt.

    What’s scary is the constant stream of lies and misinformation being promoted in the current cultural dialogue, deliberate use of wrong statistics designed to promote men as the only villains. There are men working very hard to try to correct this misinformation, attempting to correct the record by contacting the politicians, bureaucrats and media commentators who persist in using deliberately inaccurate statistics. It is horrifying to see how often these efforts are totally ignored.

    Comment by voices back from the bush — Fri 24th March 2017 @ 11:14 pm

  12. Study – Edward Bernay’s – Nephew of Sigmund Freud. Bernay’s Changed the word PROPAGANDA to PUBLIC RELATIONS – which was more palatable since Hitler tarnished the term Propaganda.

    Bernay’s SCAM – helped move mums out of the Home, destroying the fabric of FAMILY and into the WORKFORCE for the Corporation……$$$$

    The Biggest LIE Sold – Making the world SAFE for Democracy – as nations and people have been harvested and killed for resources and revenue..

    As Families have been deliberately torn apart for commercial gain.
    As men and women have been forced into CONFLICT for profit.
    As children have been preyed on and harmed for commercial gain.

    These LIES manifest from the deliberate psychological manipulation of the masses – for the benefit of the corporation – $$$$$ and the Few.

    keeping us all ( mums and Dads ) arguing between ourselves is all part of the plan………which I am sure amuses those who created such a scam………..for $$$$$

    Offering “HELP” in their COURT – to protect both Kids, Mums and Dads and giving NONE is a direct breach of the “Consensual contract we give to be governed.

    We “consent” to be governed on the basis that the safety and security of law abiding citizens will be protected.

    We are seeing this “Contract” broken on so many fronts………Both man and women – and the most vulnerable – our children are being abused for profit $$$$$ – this is the core concern we all face.

    Comment by hornet — Sat 25th March 2017 @ 8:54 am

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