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She must be a victim??

Filed under: General — triassic @ 10:35 pm Sun 3rd July 2016

This poor woman must have suffered at the hands of a male at some time in order to commit such a crime. I just hope that the authorities can find that man in her life to pay for her brutality. It is of course possible and preferable that ‘she’ is in fact a transgender. We all know that females are just not capable of such rage…..

A mother killed four of her children by cutting their throats and sheriff’s deputies found a large butcher knife with what appeared to be blood on it in an apartment were the killings took place, according to court documents.

Shanynthia Gardner, 29, of Memphis, has been charged with four counts of first degree murder while committing aggravated child neglect in the deaths of her three daughters and one son – all under the age of 5.

27 Responses to “She must be a victim??”

  1. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Well she should have brought the young children to NZ before killing them, then she might only be charged with infanticide, an offence with a maximum of 3 years prison that recognizes women shouldn’t be held very accountable for their violence.

  2. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    We’ll see what happens to this young woman in the US who is charged with encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide, which he did.

  3. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Some male is probably also to blame for this poor young NZ woman charged with a violent ‘robbery’ and putting the 77-year-old male victim in hospital with serious injuries. Why wasn’t she charged with home invasion? She’ll probably get a ‘helping’ sentence. Let’s all wear our white ribbons to show that we only care about violence towards women, not by them or against men.

  4. voices back from the bush says:

    The article mentioned they were inquiring in her mental state.
    As usual few details revealed except that -The eldest that escaped the throat cutting frenzy was from a “previous-marriage”..
    They don’t mention the f word. But the defense surely will.

  5. mic says:

    in my own opinion shes not a victim, shes sick!shes crazy! why she had to kill her own poor little children? because of her own so “called” problem? because of her marriage failure? or whaetever?? killing children or killing yourself is not the answer.. or keep them away from their father. She must have lifetime imprisonment.

  6. Man X Norton says:

    This male victim of violence in hospital is said to be “unlikely to survive”. And this man is even more unlikely to survive because he’s dead already.

    Thank goodness we have White Ribbon encouraging us all to oppose violence towards women, and implicitly encouraging us not to care about violence towards men.

  7. Julie says:

    ‘Shock’ advocacy??? And/or strong frustration (much), Triassic???

    I don’t see the post being popular (especially among protective, yet all, fathers) though the message “Men get blamed for women’s actions” could or would be, imo.

    The comments add the message, again imo, that “NZ is REALLY unsafe for men”. It’s an ignored message, I have found, because of political correctness…. though an EXTREMELY important message, imo, for the horrendous damage from violence is often irreversible.

    2 things I’d like to add.

    1. As many may know, we are big on identity these days. Ie: cultural identity is massive, at the moment.

    Jim Bagnall did a lot of research and development around men rebuilding identities (after family breakups – and other interventions) while others have researched and developed around RECLAIMING identities.

    It wasn’t until my son piped up and suggested that reclaiming means, “Someone stole or took” another’s identity that I realised a group helping both men and women couldn’t use ‘reclaiming’, even though political correct for who do father’s blame, particularly ‘white skinned men [young & old]’?.

    Man, oh, man, this sure divides men and women and culture against culture. [Give it a thought]. I am thinking, ‘In this case, government money is being sought to fix a problem that’s being created in an attempt to gain government funding”.

    2. I had heard of a label for women who kill their children like this woman [Shanynthia Gardner, 29, of Memphis] and the first site I came upon from my google search offers to add some interesting and perhaps supportive information. The man who wrote the article has a number of interesting posts, imo.

    The technical term for when a mother kills her child is “maternal filicide.” An estimated 200 women kill their children every year in the United States. I use the term “kill” rather than “murder,” because the latter has a legal meaning, and even mothers who deliberately kill their children often are found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity. In fact, a 1969 study conducted by Dr. Phillip Resnick found that when mothers kill their kids, 68% are sent to mental hospitals and only 27% are sent to prison; when fathers kill their children, 72% go to prison and only 14% are hospitalized.

    In 1997, a US Department of Justice study found that children under the age of eight are more likely to be killed by their mothers, while those eight and older are likelier to be killed by their fathers. Throughout childhood, sons are more likely to be killed than are daughters.

    NOTE: Menz’s writers and commenters grow in time, imo, as they gain knowledge and experience as activists and/or advocates. As readers, I think judgement should include room for growth (think about it, dear reader 🙂 ).

  8. triassic says:

    My latest post might help you understand this post 🙂

  9. Julie says:

    Hi Triassic, if you are talking to me, can you provide a link (please)? 🙂

  10. talk2graeme says:

    So what happens is you get arrested before the order is served…. Then realised after having been arrested the order is then served. So when you go to the family Court the judge is told you got arrested for a breach of a protection order but not that no conviction resulted as you were wrongfully arrested as it had not been served. Then if you successfully defend the protection order and it is withdrew CYF still not on you file you were arrested for a breach of a protection and not that it was defeated…

    $5000 compo for dad wrongfully arrested
    By Kristin Edge
    8:11 PM Friday Jul 29, 2016

  11. Man X Norton says:

    Thanks for that reference talk2graeme @10. The link is here.

  12. MurrayBacon says:

    Don’t choose to be a victim (only a sucker would make such a choice).

  13. mama says:

    Murray, I find this hard to accept, you yourself have talked about the length of time and the way Men have had to be, how are we supposed to change things in one generation, sure we can realise such thing through time, but time is the key.

    For Society to expect massive change in a short time is for sure asking for trouble, who made everyone else the Man Police…of course there is going to be anxiety and denial to rapid change.

    We need to be understanding apparently, we are being equally as rapidly forced to change attitudes toward acceptance of minorities that have only come to surface in the last generation, now we have children joining the band wagon and it can not be denied the gross way Men have been brutally treated in the likes of the family caught area.
    Are Men, I ask, supposed to get so soft they are to lay down and let it be seen to be okay that Men are being made fatherless everyday, that Men are being bashed in media across the board, that perjury constantly be committed against them without recourse… What is going ON….Time is not instant in the field of Human Science.

    Futhermore, I have two Grandsons, they are being brought up with no ‘MAN bloody BOX’, but I see them already struggle with how to be, they are as confused as I am by the battering change going on around them, they have no male role model teachers, the men in their lives are all modernist. Maybe we should be treating Men with more respect than current so we can bring up our boys with the inner respect that is naturally occuring, maybe as humans we should realise we might just be amazingly clever and intuitive, my dogs are pretty good in the head, I am sure us humans can do just as well,, their is alot to be said for intuitive behaviour if given a chance as apparently humans are the guns of the species, although looking at us today you would not think so as we doom ourselves to extinction in our so called cleverness of awareness,, give me intuition and nature any day, let people be who they are, but dont throw it in each other faces and do not twist nature arms.

  14. Downunder says:

    There is this endless argument about what’s wrong with men. There’s nothing wrong with men.

    This is a problem.

    We get someone like Craig Jackson, who understood what a select committee is, who understood what natural justice is, who understood what democracy is, who understood were a problem was, and went there with nothing more than good intentions …

    only to encounter Scott Simpson.

    And nobody else had the balls to stand up and say, “Scott Simpson, YOU, just fucked our Parliament.”

  15. mama says:

    #15,,, there is nout wrong with the boys at all…

    Scott Simpsom..statistics??? tell a little.

  16. MurrayBacon says:

    I like Guts. Thank you Downunder and mama.
    1. Men do need to support each other, as well as be activists.
    2. You cannot fight individually, teamwork is needed for a difficult campaign.
    3. Tsun Tzu and Machiavelli gave good advice (that generally we are not listening too).
    It is a confusing world and our children do need effective role models. People who stand up against the stupidities that are around us. Wisdom can look good compared to ignorance, but only if communicated clearly and the listener is critical in their own thinking.
    There is too much listening to advertising and ethic-less entertainment. Opium for the masses and not critical thinking.
    It ain’t easy.

  17. Evan Myers says:

    I think there is a belief that we could not have been here before simply because the world we see today has not existed.

    This does not mean the human problem hasn’t existed.

    Here’s a letter that we often see reduced to a small quote:

    Whilst men are linked together, they easily and speedily communicate the alarm of any evil design. They are enabled to fathom it with common counsel, and to oppose it with united strength. Whereas, when they lie dispersed, without concert, order, or discipline, communication is uncertain, counsel difficult, and resistance impracticable. Where men are not acquainted with each other’s principles, nor experienced in each other’s talents, nor at all practised in their mutual habitudes and dispositions by joint efforts in business; no personal confidence, no friendship, no common interest, subsisting among them; it is evidently impossible that they can act a public part with uniformity, perseverance, or efficacy. In a connection, the most inconsiderable man, by adding to the weight of the whole, has his value, and his use; out of it, the greatest talents are wholly unserviceable to the public. No man, who is not inflamed by vain-glory into enthusiasm, can flatter himself that his single, unsupported, desultory, unsystematic endeavours, are of power to defeat the subtle designs and united cabals of ambitious citizens. When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

    –Edmund Burke, Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents 82-83 (1770) in: Select Works of Edmund Burke, vol. 1, p. 146 (Liberty Fund ed. 1999).

  18. Evan Myers says:

    If you add to that now, that the media has been reduced to an undisciplined compliance rather than its own set of established principles then we the combination of what a few group of connected people can achieve.

  19. Evan Myers says:

    … then we see the combination of what a few in a group of connected people can achieve.

  20. mama says:

    #18,, Evan Above,,, a powerful paragraph indeed,,,

    We can have strength if we choose to,, this is such a small country.

    Sometimes it feels like a village (picturing pitchforks), where I could be picturing telethons, it is for the good of the people as a whole that is missing in action.

    We can be so good at grass roots here in Lil Ol’ NZ, I say screw focusing on progressive and get back to basics.

    There is no doubting that sisters are doing it for themselves, so where does that leave our guys here, here at home, grow a beard?,, I am sure we can do better,, get needed,, get needed in Education, get needed in voice and the application of, for the sake of Men and our Boys.

  21. MurrayBacon says:

    When bad men(people?) combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.
    The challenge for wisdom – is what to do in this situation?
    I am not criticising people in the past. They are fairly good examples.
    Our challenge then, is to listen, learn and do better.

  22. mama says:

    #,,17,,Bacon Axe,, are you gemini,,ha ha,,,, this current we are swimming against is similar to the climate change thing, where arrogance and political will are fevering up a storm, not caring to know or see that it is ‘bigger than the both of us’,,, the bigger picture can not be utilized so well in the term of ones political term, so we are left with vulgar snippets which are now sloshing around the world in a very dangerous way, the relationship to natural order severed shockingly and we are supposed to let it wash over us, or drown.

  23. mama says:

    #22,, listen more?,, it has been a while now…and learn, you guys have been here forever, Cowies book of real says it all, ( I have not read it), it is the story of all the guys for however long I do not know, it is a pysch thing now, there is nothing to do but move alongside steady, weighty as a ship, all the tsunamis have past over and although down some you are still upright.

    Do better, I am not sure, maybe do different, do not go the route given, too long, too arduos.

    Alongside, a big foghorn and steady as she goes,,,as you say,,onward and upward…stopping at the top of the cliff.

  24. mama says:

    Submissions are for the legal community we need to bring back what Men do best, be strong in the face of adversity, respect from leadership, camaraderie, Men are needed for these things to live on, this is turn can give pride and role modelship to the young and hungry.

    There are great Men, they work in charities, they are volunteers, they are like all you guys here, you are the ones, the ground troups, that do the seeing and the caring.

    Collective is the word.

  25. Boonie says:

    In the meantime we are having significant legal changes driven by the Law Commission.

    Now, people facing the same problems have to understand new proceedings and procedures and the application of principles to them.

    What we’re seeing is a waste of decades of effort and understanding.

    We’ve seen too many good people trampled by a cabal of ruthless authority, that have very cleverly pretended to be a body of good intentions.

  26. mama says:

    Then it is more important than ever to stand up for the people being trampled by the things that lay in wait for them if they fall into the clutches of that system.

    Take a leaf out of the present book of Maori, go alongside, demand change for the better of your kind.

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