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Suicidal Men are Martyrs

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:49 pm Mon 27th June 2016

Huge numbers of men are evicted from their families and homes, lied about, had their hard-earned assets legally stolen from them, deprived of meaningful involvement with their own children, and exploited to contribute ongoing to the lifestyles of the women who, with the encouragement and facilitation of government policies, laws and agencies, brought about these terrible things.

Men have an option of ‘adjusting’ to this, moving on to try to build a new future severely hamstrung by having about 35% of their after-tax earnings stolen from them to be channeled through their ex-partners who often don’t inform children where the money came from. These men put up with their ex-partners taking it upon themselves to judge the adequacy of whatever hovel the fathers were left with and to decide whether they should see their children or not. These men find that WINZ, IRD, Housing NZ etc are much less caring toward them and their needs than towards women’s needs. These men often spend what financial resource they were left with on lawyers’ fees in an effort to get the Family Court to protect their relationships with their children, only to find that the women can make false affidavits about them, committing perjury with impunity and are allowed to ignore and breach any parenting order that might result if the man is lucky and has paid enough. These men are at high risk of facing sudden accusations of spousal violence and child abuse, and having those accusations treated as credible even though there is no evidence to support them. These men have to watch their children being turned into people they did not raise, and these men often have to experience the distress of watching their children suffer serious emotional, mental and/or behavioural problems due to the family separation and its sequelae. A proportion of these men end up feeling so worthless and unhappy that they commit suicide.

Other men refuse to adjust cooperatively. They remain angry and refuse to accept the family-wrecking reality thrust upon them. They don’t play ball with the immoral system. They are treated as badly or worse than the other men by organizations their taxes pay for. A proportion of these men commit suicide and this is often done through self-destructive behaviour.

We pay our respects to the male martyrs who have died in the war against men. Adjusting to our feminist dystopia amounts to collusion with it.


  1. Well said I can vouch for all the above. I reckon if a party stood in the next election pro family and pro shared custody. Anti DPB and anti feminism they would canter past the 5% mark.

    I would be interested in supporting or standing in an electorate for such a party. The time is comming brexit, Trump in the White house. The worm has turned. Its time to act.

    Comment by Richie — Tue 28th June 2016 @ 8:32 pm

  2. Morena,
    In relation to this issue I am definitely a person whom has had his children stolen via fabricated documents which have been fed into our social and justice systems. There is quite a long paper trail and court history spanning the last 5 years.
    With regards to this discussion I definitely DO NOT believe it is solely a male problem. In my experience to date this is an issue which relates to the HIGHER income earner, regardless of SEX and so far in society it has generally been the male whom earns more.

    This means for this issue males need to STOP segregating/dividing themselves from females AND begin teaming up with them to overcome the NASTY people whom in the end are dividing us and impacting our children through immense #PsychologicalAbuse and also are training them how to activiely leach off other people and society.

    Comment by Jaysen Magan — Wed 29th June 2016 @ 8:47 am

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