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Archive of March 2017

Women’s rights have morphed into denigrating men

Fri 31st March 2017:

There is nothing wrong in advocating for women’s rights- but when this morphs into denigrating men we need to speak out. Various newspapers print anti-male articles on a very regular basis. Unsubstantiated stories citing domestic abuse by men against women are common-never once have I seen an article of the reciprocal situation. There is evidence […]

Another poor bloke…..

Thu 30th March 2017:

Months in Jail I made it all up because I was having a hard time at home. I don’t think I could be as calm as this poor bloke seems to be

2017 Men’s Summit April 6th, New Venue

Sun 26th March 2017:

2nd Men’s Summit Male Wellbeing and Gender Equality Thursday 6th April 2017 The Bunker Lounge, Miramar Links Conference Centre, across the road from Wellington Airport. Programme • 9.00am Welcome, Facilitator Kerry Bevin, Ministry of Men’s Affairs. • • 9.15am- Bruce Tichbon, Families Apart Require Equality • 9.45am- TBA • 10.15am- Warwick Pudney, AUT Fathering • […]

What We Can Learn From Adele’s Popularity

Fri 24th March 2017:

The heartfelt response to Adele’s songs by so many young people, especially young women, teaches us things. They are songs of love, heartbreak and yearning. After a period in which popular music became harsh, violent, frenetic, disrespectful and unmelodic, youth now revert to being much more deeply moved by slow, musical songs about relationships, emotional […]

Judge slams Child, Youth and Family for misleading information

Tue 21st March 2017:

Just posted on stuff. Where are the politicos and concerned people that would be up in arms if this happened to a mother….. Judge slams Child, Youth and Family

Change of schools

Mon 20th March 2017:

Hi all with shared custody of a child do you have to get agreement before changing school (primary school? many thanks!

Women Only Time at a Public Pool

Sat 18th March 2017:

At the same time that every men’s only club is harangued, threatened and denied funding unless and until it allows women to become members, numerous women’s only groups are operating and more are being created. Here is another example, this time using an Auckland Council owned (i.e. publicly owned and paid for by men and […]

This is what Labour MP thinks of a man’s rights

Fri 17th March 2017:

Stuart Nash who is a Labour MP and their police spokesperson, yesterday encouraged other inmates to SCALP Phillip John Smith, claiming Smith has no rights because he offended. Would Nash ever say such things regarding for female offenders who committed crimes as bad or worse than Phillip Smith did? Of course not.

Who dies first, husband or wife??

Thu 16th March 2017:

If death is the result of the collapse of the human anatomy then the surviving gender in a relationship must have had a pretty good life one would think. So which gender has it best?? Let Alan King reveal the facts.

Calling out abuse and seeking to resolve conflict

Tue 14th March 2017:

This is a warning to the lengths that police are willing to go to prosecute a man (me). I am not sure how much I should say as the matter is before the court. However I will just state the reasons that I was arrested on Friday which I think many will find concerning. I […]

Assaults and Detention at Wellington District Court

This is the first of two posts I am going to make here about my recent experiences. I would be interested in hearing from any others who have had any similar experiences with court staff. Here is a letter that I have written to Amy Adams and Paula Bennett about how court staff treat people. […]

Male Supportive Group in Upper Hutt

Wed 8th March 2017:

I’ve been facilitating groups in Wairarapa for over a year. We currently have a fortnightly Thursday group in Featherston 7-9pm (contact me if interested). I’m now organizing a regular Tuesday evening group in Upper Hutt. This group isn’t men only – I try to get a roughly even gender balance. It’s a format that men […]

More BS on the Gender Pay Gap

Tue 7th March 2017:

The following complaint to Radio NZ made by one of our members provides an explanation of this latest fiasco in the name of false feminist propaganda. The relevant broadcasts were in news bulletins at midday, 1:00pm and 6:00pm and the Checkpoint programme, all on Tuesday 7th March. The relevant sources are this article on the […]

Should a child be informed of a custody battle?

Thu 2nd March 2017:

Hi again Appreciate your views again here Should the child be informed or not? many thanks

Should a stepfather be responsible for costs of contact

Appreciate your views here, as legally the poor old step dad is right royally rogered If the mother has no income, the stepfather has enough income to look after the step child and 2 biological children, then should he have to contribute to travel costs to ensure contact between his step child and the biological […]

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