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Dads On The Air

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:57 pm Wed 6th December 2017

Many years back I was in contact with a variety of groups focused on men’s issues across the ditch, or our kwaussie cussies, however you like to discribe them.

It was interesting to get an email on the progress with … Dads On The Air …

The link will take you to their website.

There may be other Australian groups you are familiar with that you’re in contact with.

7 Responses to “Dads On The Air”

  1. Man X Norton says:

    There’s no apostrophe

  2. Downunder says:

    @1 There is so – it’s between the d and the s.

    I put it there by mistake.

  3. Man X Norton says:

    Clearly, the Dads on Air site has forgotten it.

  4. Downunder says:

    Actually, my technology was on its last dribble of battery power and I was in a hurry. But, it upsets the permalinks to change the post title, so really I’m grateful, you have helped to point out the error.

  5. JohnPotter says:

    Actually, the apostrophe accidentally placed in the original title was automatically stripped from the permalink, so I’ve now corrected it and expect no consequences.

  6. Man X Norton says:

    Apostrophe apostates!

  7. Evan Myers says:

    There’s a post on that Australian website about another Family Court enquiry. That could be interesting.

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