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Dangerous Stuff

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:52 am Sun 13th August 2017

We are all too aware of the Feminist bent, in this woman’s magazine. It’s been the new, woman’s day, for a few years now, and a distant cry from the Dominion Post, its news-stand ancestor.

When it comes to admissions of age, yes I can remember the news criers on the street corners, “read all about it” stuff you need to know.

The first issue for me is an editorial issue, and the independence of the political thought that can be delivered through a news letter by one of our main news outlets. I’m no fan of the current political editor Tracey Watkins, who I expect will author these news letters.

The second issue is the subversive nature of digital photography, which I have written about in a previous post, Flatline Editing. How easy it is to adjust an image to suit the tone of the editor’s message. Manipulated photography is a dangerous political game, as some may have observed in other instances, and written words can co-operate with digital manipulation.

The third and most important issue from my perspective is the men’s voice in New Zealand media. This seldom exists these days, although I would admit, the Radio New Zealand website currently makes a more dignified effort in recovering from the tranquil depths of its former bias.

The business of news, is now into delivery of political persuasion. Morally, ethically, it is not their job, but in the pursuit of profit, men suffer once more.


  1. Dangerous Stuff alright.

    It’s like living in a real-life Punch and Judy show rather than under a Constitutional Monarchy.

    Comment by Evan Myers — Tue 15th August 2017 @ 12:45 pm

  2. Quick check of who’s working at stuff.

    Sinead Boucher, chief executive officer.
    “In 2015, Boucher was awarded Fairfax’s internal Woman of Influence award in recognition for the role she has played in advancing gender diversity, at Fairfax and beyond.”

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 24th August 2017 @ 9:47 am

  3. Click bait is a financial advertising tool the populous is becoming attuned to.

    The best sub editors can engineer the ambiguous line between each side of the argument that does not discriminate against the readers thinking – it’s a four cornered square pursuit.

    I saw a classic on RNZ the other day that suggested possible failings in Feminism, but was a lead in to a historical account declining any necessary apologies.

    But you didn’t see it or connect the timing, did you?

    It wasn’t a win; a derogatory acknowledgement that the other side exists and can still be routinely ignored.

    It’s a game we play.

    Comment by Downunder — Tue 25th September 2018 @ 10:17 am

  4. That’s 4 and 0 for the Stuff and NZME attempts to win approval for their merger. Commerce Commission preliminary and then final view, High Court and now the Court of Appeal say no. NZME again says it will consider its options. Heavens.

    Comment by Evan Myers — Tue 25th September 2018 @ 11:49 am

  5. Stuff News is going up for sale. The idea of Government funding appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

    Who knows where this may end up.

    Comment by Evan Myers — Tue 15th January 2019 @ 6:59 pm

  6. And it all went pear shaped from here on in.

    TBH I didn’t imagine it being this bad.

    Comment by Downunder — Fri 29th October 2021 @ 6:00 pm

  7. I actually like some of the Stuff writers.
    Some have a sense a humour.
    In safe subjects like economics, there is even some harsh honesty.
    There crime reporting, does report on both genders.

    It’s also free to use.
    Which is hard to criticise.
    They do talk about funding, how it happens, what qualifies.
    And is relevant to us, as it’s NZ articles.

    Our media could be far worse.
    Even this site, is in the category of media.
    We could be in a nation that doesn’t allow, free speech.
    No using a state made article, to critique government badly.
    Some of us would be in trouble, many times over.

    So humour is important.
    Some Stuff reporters are good at it.

    Stuff is like a dipstick, measuring media competency.
    On men’s issues.
    The oil lights been on in the car, for a while.
    The driver, ignoring it, hoping for the best.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 30th October 2021 @ 9:48 am

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