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Letter to Dr David Nabarro, U.N. World Health Organization

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:19 pm Tue 25th April 2017

FYI: Dr Nabarro is a contender for the position of head honcho in the World Health Organization (WHO).

In your interview yesterday (24/04/17) on Radio New Zealand’s ‘Nine to Noon’ show, you stated

“My third challenge area is ensuring that everybody everywhere can access health services. I’m particularly worried about what happens in war, and in fact most of the suffering we see in terms of bad health is among women and children and often in war or migrant situations”

Are you claiming that the health of women in war and migrant situations is worse than the health of men? Can you point to any evidence to support this? We understand that many more men than women die from injury and illness in wars because they are shot, blown up and are stationed in squalid environments. We also understand that most of the migrant ‘boat people’ have been males, and it is the men who are more likely to be left in unhealthy internment camps while women are prioritized for permanent resettlement.

If you were not implying that women suffer more ill health than men do in wars and in migrant situations, can you explain why you would particularly single out women for special concern? Is that because men’s lives and health aren’t as important or don’t matter as much to you? That would be consistent with WHO’s ideology over recent decades. For example, WHO indulged in male-blaming, femicentric and scientifically poor advocacy ‘research’ designed to manufacture predetermined findings concerning family violence against women and did not even bother to measure male victimization.

Or was the reason for your particular concern about the bad health of women in situations where men actually experience as much or worse health problems simply a gesture of appearing politically correct?

Whatever the reason, it seems clear that WHO will continue to deny men fair representation.


  1. It’s almost like men have disappeared from the planet.
    Except for criminals, prisoners etc.
    Clearly it’s not only the UN the has forgotten that men exist.
    Our government does the same thing.

    Look at this feminist windfall.

    Here is a piece of bigotry.
    “children’s Minister Anne Tolley and Education Minister Nikki Kaye said Family Start could help reduce infant mortality, lead to higher child immunisation rates and participation in early childhood education, and ensure more mothers who need it can access community based mental health services.”
    So fathers don’t need mental health services?
    Don’t worry, the Human Rights Commissioner won’t give a toss.
    It’s only a human rights violation with victims being male.
    When are these man hating politicians going to get it.
    Men’s suicide rate is “insane”.
    Sadly by the comment, they don’t even think fathers exist in these children’s lives.
    And the most effective cure for child development is obvious.
    Mum and dad positively involved in the child’s life.

    Not one cent on that.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 5th May 2017 @ 8:45 pm

  2. Good points DJ Ward, yes, fathers clearly aren’t considered to be important to improve the futures of ‘vulnerable’ children even though a large proportion of those children are so only because of father absence, or more correctly, father removal.

    And as for men’s right to equal and adequate services, or to be protected from discrimination, hah! Men seem to be defined as sub-human so they don’t have any rights relevant to the Human Rights Commission.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Fri 5th May 2017 @ 11:17 pm

  3. And by the way, there has been no reply from Dr Nabarro. It’s all fine to make unsubstantiated claims that women suffer more than men even in situations where it’s mainly men killed, and it’s fine to simply ignore any concerns or challenges from disgruntled men because men are worthless and matter nothing especially to the UN. Yeah, get fucked men.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Fri 5th May 2017 @ 11:26 pm

  4. Well what is to be done about this? As I see it. all males need to abstain from any sexual or emotionally committed relationship with females. Stop breeding with them and that removes one gravy-train for them. It removes some of the ways they steal your earnings and assets too. But no doubt doing these tactics will be considered “violence and abuse” and new fines and laws will be enacted to bypass the need for you to even have passed her by at the range of 100metres or more – in order to be liable. Sure its totally against biology, but I see no other option since we don’t have a rational fair thinking administration or even a balanced hearing on these issues. And its getting worse – Not better. Who would you vote for? who gives you the slightest reason to think they may have equal regard for sons as daughters? And its not just females who are bedded in the opposition camp – many persons posessing male biology are also feminist – MANGINA’s if you will. I have seen many fine and fair men do their best and suffer consequences using the supposedly correct channels to fix this – I have seen this for more than two decades now, and it only gets worse. As us oldies pass, the new is unaware of how it once was – and I say it was not opressive towards women – we just mostly had different roles and expectations which arose from natural biology {NOT GENDER POLITICS}. I personally know women who would give their eye-teeth to have that old existence nowadays – but feminism with capitalism denies them.

    Comment by Jerry — Sat 6th May 2017 @ 9:47 am

  5. Excellent points Jerry. The supply of workers (in all except the most dangerous, dirty, body-wrecking jobs) more or less doubled through feminist ideology so employers have had less need to pay adequately. Now an average worker does not earn enough to support a family, pay rent etc so both male and female partners need to work full-time to remain in normal society.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Sat 6th May 2017 @ 10:29 am

  6. Jerry you should run for parliament and kick the manginas and their supporters out of there.Western society is not geared up for the average bloke anymore with all these laws to wrap you up very nicely.I agree that we need to stop the gravy train and get real about why being in a relationship/marriage is a huge gamble if it doesnt
    work out.

    Comment by Mac — Sat 6th May 2017 @ 5:00 pm

  7. Mac @6; I can think of many folks more suitable than me. But we all share the one defect, being male and not a MANGINA. No party would take me on and few would vote for any of us. I am convinced that many current political males do fully realise the situation of males in New zEaland today. They also realise that to stand on principle for Justice, equality and respect is hopeless. To pick up their income and qualify for lifetime ex-parliamentary perks, they do the only rational thing – sell their soul to the feminist devil. But being aged and not so well, reckon I would expire before getting sworn in. But then the electoral system is not there to represent the people or enact just laws. In my posts you will read that I have no belief that any positive change can come through the current system. Not that males will comply, but imagine males stopped having sex with women, and they stopped setting up with them {even platonically} then I’m sure it would not take long for women to reject feminism and reset this situation. So long as males do what males do, women will have no reason to change, or to take a fresh look at justice. Apart from the supply of sex and support, males have no influence or power at all, and I do not see that changing.

    Comment by Jerry — Sat 6th May 2017 @ 6:47 pm

  8. Jerry you have summed up everything to a tee and its the truth.I see you have seen it all in the last 20 years and youre right nothing will change.I myself have run the gamut and been through all the bullshit with family courts,lawyers,child support,IRD etc.The law is not equal.After a decade of this crap Im close to
    being released from the IRD system and being able to keep my hard earned wages.I agree with you and believe the male population has little influence and are seen as just ATM machines and whatever else the law throws at them.Children are missing out on having their fathers in their lives everyday.Its criminal.
    I feel for the poor blokes who are caught in this system because you have no control of nothing.I would laugh
    to see if males made themselves unavailable for co-habitation until things changed in our laws and court systems.Im already onboard with that one and Im alot happier I can honestly say.

    Comment by Mac — Sat 6th May 2017 @ 8:58 pm

  9. Mac @8; No Mac, I have not seen it all. I cannot comment helpfully in most threads on MENZ because I lack knowledge and experience in those areas. For example, although I had a brief brush with IRD Child Tax – I actually never paid and was forgiven upon receiving custody. The circumstances of this are very uncommon and so are probably not applicable to many others. So its pointless my participating in the discussions of Child Tax. Also I have not self represented. Because I became custodial, I did not have the schooling issues many here have. Oddly enough I say I did not win, although the appearance is that I did. In reality my ex shot her own case down – had she not, then I could well have been another innocent – convicted by the injustice system and villified for life allienated from my kids. But dumb luck had other plans – we cannot plan on receiving dumb-luck. But be clear, I was framed up with conviction and jail in their minds. There are many topics where I am ignorant. I still know how it is out there, and as said, my nightmare is that daily, other families are falling prey to this corrupt illigitimate system which masquerades as justice. Truly, I cry when I see many comments here. It reminds me of me and my kids horrors, the distruction of wider family bonds on both sides, the death of grandma, and the thought that the suffering has not stopped and will not stop; its worthy of tears. Hardest perhaps to have to deal with the kids questions as to how and why this all happened? Daddy, why don’t we see Grandma anymore? and things like that. Tears however achieve little, so we would all try to work as a team and ponder what we can do which is actually achievable. Although in senseless hopefulness, I talk about teamwork and organising to bring change, I admit I do not believe it is possible. Men will satisfy females every occasion the moon is right on the wrong night – and those boys will pay the price. Its primal biological. And maybe the conduct of feminist females is also primal biological. For although feminists/women would shun being looked after by a husband and feeling any need to show him respect – isn’t any woman accepting credits, special treatment, special rights, and assets which cost men in any fashion just as dependent upon men all the same?

    Comment by Jerry — Sun 7th May 2017 @ 6:30 am

  10. Nice writing and good thinking Jerry. Really good point about “women accepting credits, special treatment, special rights and assets which cost men”. That may be a useful approach to challenge some femaleist demands and behaviour, given feminists’ insistence that women are fully capable and don’t need to be treated like children or with men’s chivalry. That approach however will be limited by the extent to which femaleists have little honour, refuse to think rationally or agree to rational principles, and feel no need to behave consistently with their claimed philosophies.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Sun 7th May 2017 @ 9:25 am

  11. Jerry@9 Respect to you for putting your kids first and going without in the process.I read your comments today regarding your family court battles.If we had more parents like you then our kids would be alot better off.
    You talked about fixing cars and being resourceful Im exactly the same.My car for the last 5 years is worth no more than $500 but I fix it myself to keep within my budget.Child tax Im happy to pay/support my kids and I have for over a decade but its really gone to support another persons lifestyle who does not want to work that pisses me off.
    Youre also correct with family bonds being broken when kids are kept away by one parent.Ive experienced alot of that over the years.Ive read posts from other parents and they go through emotional turmoil with this stuff and end up on the scrap heap.I was down for the count but I managed to get up and just got on with it on my own.
    Capitilism and feminism have alot to answer for.

    Comment by Mac — Sun 7th May 2017 @ 3:50 pm

  12. Mac @11; I’m not the exception. I’m lucky – the way the “dumb luck” went for us. Few are lucky enough that their ex shoots her own case down. As a parent I did what I had to do. I can’t think of any other parents who would not do the same were they afforded the same deal. As you know money does not grow on trees and cars are expensive. Yet cars are necessary too, especially if your ability to establish a calm organised routine is upset by the system and extremists. Parents need to be able to react quickly to child emergencies including of course at school. Resist under-estimating the other parents. In my view most all parents are the best people to look after their kids, even if some of us could do with mentoring, advice and even a helping hand. Really the only flexible cost in my budget was food, and of course in this regard the kids were prioritised. I do not smoke, do drugs, have outings or a social life, or gamble – even so it was a constant battle. I really do not know how many poor folks kit their kids out so wealthily – I never managed that. Nor did they have any play-stations or similar. My youngest took on junk mail deliveries to get extra $ which she and we really needed because any money coming in effected the budget more widely. But you know in winter its dark and chilly soon after school and I could not require her to go out wandering the streets, so I sorted and delivered the stuff myself. That left her time for homework and kept her safe and well.
    But in my shoes who would not do the same. Going by the pain expressed on this site I had it easy. We are all trying to live and get by as best we can with the hand we are dealt.

    Comment by Jerry — Sun 7th May 2017 @ 4:33 pm

  13. Actually I recall another reason we Dads have to look perfect as we can be. There are any number of predators and vultures around us itching to pick us to death and pick our bones. Whatever would be understood and forgiven if done by a mother, will be unforgivable and grounds to lose custody when committed by a father. Far from being ideal, I just knew the kids welfare and health was in jeopardy if I lost custody.

    Comment by Jerry — Sun 7th May 2017 @ 7:04 pm

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