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Men’s Summit 2018 Friday 6th April

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The Ministry of Men’s Affairs is pleased to announce the next New Zealand Men’s Summit will be held in Auckland on 6th April 2018.

The 2018 Summit will build on the success of recent Summits in Christchurch and Wellington.

Venue and speakers are to be announced. As before, there will be a range of thought-provoking NZ speakers and there will be opportunity for concerned men and women to network and to discuss matters of importance to men and boys. There are so many matters of great importance.

We also invite individuals and groups to set up table displays or to hang posters to inform participants, to promote their books or male-relevant items, etc. Please contact about this.

5 Responses to “Men’s Summit 2018 Friday 6th April”

  1. Hornet says:

    How do we counter this emotive propaganda? It’s intersting to see this story in the nz herald today. Last week my wife filed an ipca complaint relating to the over reach of the nz police getting involved in a civil matter, as they entered an enclosed yard unlawfully for no legal reason. All based on the word of a woman, who is also a suspected criminal ….forging documents, elder abuse, threatening witnesses, etc. it’s disturbing to see the NZ police breaking the law trying to enforce civil dispute litigation for a suspected criminal. Of course the danger here is that a man, a father , a son can have his character destroyed and be judged guilty of any accusation …..forcing him into this secret family court scam to prove his innocence, forcing him to undergo treatment….remember this current scam is not evidence based. Anything can be said and the police will act on it with impunity.

    This story hits all the talking points and is clearly a leading story aimed at propping up the future needs of the NZ police to get more binding powers to force men into this system….against their will. forced compliance and extended rights to enter property, to jump fences and target men as criminals, on civil disputes matters. This is all very very dangerous and will give th state further power to attack and destroy men, fathers and sons who just might be a problem for the state. Men are protectors, they strive to protect kids from harm. What happens when women are harming kids…..which was my case, and the state appointed lawyer withholds the evidence of the mothers abuse? If the father moves to protect the child, he can be contained with any statement or allegation made by the mother…..with no evidential requirement. Any allegation will do to get the police jumping to attention.

    It concerns me that this “letter” from an unidentifiable woman, touches all the talking points of our recent complaint relating to police over reach. We need to discuss the use of the family courts to control men, to remove fathers from a child’s life. We see particularly in Maori ands Polynesian communities this process being used as a for of social control, a containment of strong protective fathers who in many cases want to protect their children from abuse by the mother!!!!!,

    Perhaps given the 13 Maori MP’s in the new government we can ask for some oversight into the abuse of powers by police as they push ” safety ” to promote this violence industry. What I have found is the children are not being protected as a few benefit financially from the conflict they escalate and create.

  2. Hornet says:

    In the recent events with my mother, we see all those wanting to exploit her property and financial interests being permitted to actively engage in their behaviour. While the son, who wants nothing but to see the vulnerable widow protected from harm and exploitation …..elder abuse ….is being targeted and hunted down like a criminal.

    The family lawyers deliberately did not put in place the requested protections for the widow against the known concerns with the daughter. This deliberate lack of action allowed the known conflict to flourish. Ably assisted by an uncle and Aunty who enflamed this conflict with lies and direct input.

    Between the three of them they all stood to gain financially gaining control over my mothers estate, a development opportunity.

    In the case of the lawyers and judiciary benefitting from the deliberately created conflict which they knew would take place and which they created through their deliberate negligence.

    This corrupted old lawyer even gloating that I would now have to go to the family court to resolve the conflict he created.

    They have a big problem now, because they were caught. Reputations will soon be in tatters.

    Means motive and opportunity ….follow the money and you catch the criminals. Qui Bono….who benefits?

    Greed and selfishness are the cardinal sins. These people did not need to do this.

    But there is a reason, some are protecting the crimes iof the national party as their agent provateur attempted to entrap me on firearms charges and level false accusations against me.

    All those who covered this up are of course parties to this offending. Silencing me in the family courts was a tactic which failed.

    We also see in the case of the lawyers a desperate need to keep this business protected, so anyone challenging it must be destroyed anyway possible. Harming kids and the elderly and allowing their harm is good for business. Keeping conflict alive is good for business. Pouring petrol on the fire is good for business. Never once helping the resolve matters.

    And then there is the financial greed and selfishness. How the few exploit these situations for their own financial reward. How the few prey on the vulnerable for profit. Exploiting conflict using Children and widows. Let’s face it these people are the scum of the earth. Parasites preying on the helpless. Bullying at its worst.

    So this must and will be exposed. Parasitic vermin will be named and identified.

  3. Hornet says:

    We see a refusal of the NZ police to arrest criminals committing elder abuse….a domestic violence crime in nz.
    What they often do, I have now learnt from aged care….is force people into then family court to sort things out. Hidden from view and public scrutiny.
    In my recent case if I was in someway guilty of threatening my sister , why not prosecute me in the criminal courts? An open hearing ? With evidence for all to see? No they will not do this because the entire charade is a scam, they need the secrecy of the family courts. Corruption lives in places hidden from view.

    1. Lawyer for child deliberately suppressed evidence of the mother harming the child …evidenced by the court appointed psychologist…..with expert evidence.
    2. Social,worker at auckland hospital actively assisted elder abuse in direct contravention of their code of ethics and assisted in keeping good men away from the vulnerable widow, actively assisting those seeking to exploit her.
    3. Crimes of my sister, her breaches of code of ethics not investigated … civil allegations are pursued actively by police attempting to get this hidden in family courts as they actively targeted the father, son.
    4. And While actively enforcing civil complaints …police break the law as they are unlawfully found in enclosed yard. And yet the NZ police do not investigate crimes by criminals…..why not that’s their core function…..lets see……

  4. Downunder says:

    If you were to write a book about New Zealand today I would be torn between two titles, ‘State of Grief’ and ‘State on Confusion’.

    While there are many people that are just plain nasty, there are many more who have been fooled into believing what they do, or should do is for ‘some reason’ right.

    Like many New Zealanders and many of ‘us’ those who for a variety of reasons haven’t experienced the life they could have, there is not only regret, but experiences that we have survived – many haven’t – the fields of black crosses behind us are a testament to that.

    But there are also arogant and judgmemental contradictions that we have not been quick to see through and accept.

    That is what needs to change, but the above advert is at least a step in the right direction.

    Let’s hope we see a well considered effort from concerned men.

  5. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    NZ Men’s Summit 2018
    Men’s Summit 2018 will be held on Friday 6th April at the Holiday Inn, Auckland Airport.

    A shuttle bus runs between the terminal buildings and the venue in Ascot Road, Mangere that also has ample car parking.

    The spacious Jean Batten Room will be a quality environment for our speakers, screenings, displays and workshops. Organizers are working to assemble a productive and varied programme with real relevance.

    Invite your friends and associates to register as soon as the programme details are made available early in the new year.

    Morning and afternoon tea and a working lunch are included in what will be a reasonable cost for the event. Accommodation at Holiday Inn is available for those who wish to stay overnight, at a special rate associated with the Men’s Summit.

    ‘Wiseguys’ Men’s Refuge at the old Kingseat Hospital is generously hosting a spit roast dinner for those who wish to join us there later. Transport can be arranged.

    This is a great opportunity to have a weekend in Auckland, to network, have a say, learn, gain support and press for more commitment for the welfare of NZ men, boys and their families.

    Contact the organizers at 022 594 8093 or 0274 799 745

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