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The Production of Isolation

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:28 am Sat 27th January 2018

A man’s worth is in his independence and his management of it.

“How did you find out about us?”

An obvious question to a man who had just walked in the door for his initial meeting with a Union of Fathers (UOF) representative.

“My solicitor told me, “I’d be better off talking to you guys than him”,”.

That might have been unusual or unexpected the first time it happened but it wasn’t a one off, of course. For anyone that experienced the legal shambles in The Court of Shame during the last term of a Labour led coalition, this is very understandable and well documented in previous posts.

These referrals, we must realise, came from experienced male practitioners, and over the last 9 years the legal backdrop has changed considerably; we now have a Law Society with a memembership of over 50% female practitioners, the majority of those in the younger age groups, and Law Schools with an increasing percentage of female graduates, those intakes having been above 50% for a number of years.

This pattern, although not as chronologically advanced, mirrors the demise of education as that institution awaits the retirement of the bulk of the dwindling numbers of male staff.

The likelyhood of a Father in trouble with the system is many times less likely to meet advice other than that delivered by a young Feminist practitioner, so it didn’t surprise me to see this news article of a Blenheim father walking away from a Family Court Case.

This is isolation in one sense, and that should not be viewed in isolation.

If you agree with the opening statement then you might also agree that the means to attack a man is to turn his greatest strength against him. Devalue his independence, remove his ability to defend himself, isolate him and attack him on as many fronts as possible.

It sounds like military tactics and terrorism, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s a hard road to acceptance of the realities of Feminism and how to confront it.

Feminism is not an act of women, it is an act of the mind. An intention with a desired outcome.

We’ve seen years of men devalued, debased, their issues made trivial, said to be of their own making and due to the irresponsible behaviour and the failure of the male of the species. Create the trickle up. People are quick to see what they will lose when its their money involved, but not when they see the advancing social decay around them – that’s someone else’s problem.

I have said often enough that Feminism is not well understood, and I would add that this post merely paddles in the tide, when considering the depth of the concept of Isolation. You may consider looking at Other Posts with this concept in mind.

It is one of the Feminist leaderships most valuable weapons. As lethal as a bad Coroner’s Report, and far more advanced now than previously. Used much more often than the unsuspecting would realise, in many different situations, and men needlessly die because we aren’t there for them.

The focus of the ‘men’s movement’ is distracted by various leaders operating in silos, focused on their view of the situation, and what they see in front of them, or from their experience.

What we did learn in UOF was that we needed to understand the enemy if we were every to deal with what confronted us.

As you may have gathered through recent posts, that lack of understanding, fear of the opposition or the unknown, has driven this ‘men’s movement’ backwards into an isolation of its own, willingly assisted by some people who are just too happy to help.

The further we retreat, the less that is understood, the more divided men are, the more likely society is to fail.

Men are not good at representing themselves, but we do know how to defend ourselves.”

That’s why UOF became so ‘dangerous’.

2 Responses to “The Production of Isolation”

  1. Downunder says:

    Another relevant post Black Book For Men

  2. WrongGender says:

    Listen to BOB MARLEY

    “So don’t treat me like a puppet on a string,
    ‘Cause I know I have to do my thing.”

    For as long as a man knows how to do his thing, no woman will best him or take him to the cleaners.

    She will try but loosing him is the worse she can achieve. And she does not want that.


    The key then is to know how to do your thing and not let anyone distract you from doing your thing.

    But when men volunteer their own manhood and post it a the end of a string, even children will drag him around the streets and think it funny.

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