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Archive of May 2018

Australian Favouritism Towards Female Offending

Thu 24th May 2018:

Professor Janice Fiamengo’s latest video exposes in her part of the world what we have frequently exposed in our part of the world: the devaluation of men and the favourable treatment of women including in the justice system. Evidence abounds, and on the very day Prof Fiamengo’s video was published there was an article in […]

Budget 2018

Sun 20th May 2018:

We note that the Ministry for Women received an increase of 1.9% in this year’s budget.

Dame Denise Demonstrates Femaleist Reasoning

Sun 13th May 2018:

Dame Denise L’Estrange-Corbet was given her title last year for ‘services to fashion’. It has since been discovered that her clothing company has been putting ‘Fabrique en Nouvelle-Zelande’ (‘Made in NZ’) tags on clothes that were made in Bangladesh. According to her reasoning, that should be all ok because the tags themselves were made in […]

Stay at home, Dad.

This appears to currently be topical. Is it amongst the banter in the smoko rooms of our workplaces? Will Clarke rise above the Feminist soap opera – you know, the how we think it should be done? Have you been a stay-at-home Dad? “Mate, there’s nothing to it, you can work and look after the […]

Man ablaze outside Dunedin church dies

Sun 6th May 2018:

Protest, suicide, despair, a message yet to be heard. I have no idea but if you know anything about this gruesome death please comment.

The First to …

It’s an essential element in humanity, isn’t it? Most recognizable in New Zealand by … what’s your uh ha moment there? Perhaps the immortal words of, you know, that fellow that climbed Mt Everest. “We knocked the bugger off.” More recently this has been suceeded by a procession of …

CASA New Zealand Cluster Suicide

Wed 2nd May 2018:

Some of the old timers will be more familiar with the acronym COSA (casualties of sexual allegations) associated with the MENZ site. CASA (Clinical Advisory Service Aoteoroa) chief executive Dr Maree Inder;

Census 2018

I have not seen any comments about bias in this census on this site. Having seen this in the past I’m wondering if it is only because of the absence of a post. Here it is.

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