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Domestic Violence Workplace Policy

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 4:28 pm Mon 2nd July 2018

Haven’t they been working hard on this.

Jan Logie’s Bill is just the legal trimmings. Behind the scenes the Human Rights Commission has been busy producing a major media platform to launch with it.

The loop includes known Feminists groups such as Shine and Women’s Refuge.

There is also a link into a Government data base at the Ministry of Business.

Unless you’re part of that then you’re out in the cold but you already knew that.

3 Responses to “Domestic Violence Workplace Policy”

  1. Downunder says:

    Feminists and Cultural Marxists

    Quoted from this comment.

    It’s convenient to be able to give something a label, but it can be dangerous too.

    MENZ 1998

    They explained that the intention of the study is to find out how leaving relationships can be made easier for women. The project was initiated by Brenda Pilott from Woman’s Refuge when she worked in Social Welfare. She has now lost this job and moved elsewhere.

    Looking back here you see Jan Logie teaming up with Brenda Pilot and another old familiar name who can be traced on this site back as far 1994 Susan Snively.

    If have a good look at this, you’ve got a couple of people that talked up a bit bullshit, talked some young girl through a dodgy PHD and now this is going through parliament as law.

    In the background we have a bitter and twisted Human Rights Commissioner Jacqui Blue who wants to inflict her personal experience on the whole of NZ.

    This is not Cultural Marxism or Feminism.

    These people are like a virus giving the system a disease and watch this guy spreading it.

  2. golfa says:

    That’s reason enough to never shop at Countdown.

  3. Evan Myers says:

    I’m watching Q and A and hello. These two, Jacqui Blue and Jan Logie are the same tag team making the presentation to the UN.

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