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I am campaigning to increase child and spousal support payments

Filed under: Child Support,Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,Gender Wage Gap,Law & Courts — MurrayBacon @ 11:55 am Fri 27th April 2018

TV3 The Project yesterday had a sympathy based item about how men have it so easy after separation and women need more Government supports with no strings attached.

As the item was only about 3 minutes long, there wasn’t enough time to mention suicide rates after separation. Or whether suicide rates are actually important anyway?
There wasn’t enough time in the item to include any opposing viewpoints. What they said was partly true, but not the whole truth. Anyway, it was a bit entertaining, so I guess it was ok?
In general, I have had a slightly higher opinion of TV3 journalistic standards in the last few months, certainly compared to TV1.
The piece seemed to be a duplication of similar successful media beatups in USA 20 or 30 years or 40 years ago. (Those who don’t learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. I guess that applies to TV3, as well as applying to us?)
Where is Greg Andresen when you need him. (He is an Aussy and far, far away.)
Bettina Arndt’s 2017 International Conference for Men keynote speech touched on many of the issues around relative compassion and sympathy for men.
Bettina gives positive ideas for getting the men’s movement moving. Men can’t just rely on “women enjoy getting forked”, or hoping that Mr. Gorsky will learn to have realistic expectations from his miserable life. He must gently bring his expectations from skyhigh, back back down to Earth on a Moonbeam or the like.
More subtle evolutionary based issues were covered by Karen Straughan’s speech about Evolutionary Realities. Keyword Neoteny starts at 10 minutes. But best watched from the beginning.
Just before you reach for the CoolAid with cyanide flavouring, watch Dr. Augusto Zimmerman talk about Abuse of Domestic Violence Orders in Australia. The speech sounds better with the CoolAid under the belt.
But wait, there is more….. Tanveer Ahmed — Male Suicide and Gender Prejudice.
Gender quotas, blue collars and male suicide How strong is the link? Tanveer Ahmed
Lets work together to increase child and spousal support payments and suicide rates.

7 Responses to “I am campaigning to increase child and spousal support payments”

  1. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Yes, let’s vote for shackling all men and have them work to provide women with everything possible.

    But seriously, the idea that after women trash their children’s family units their rejected partners and the state should provide those women with a similar standard of living to what they were accustomed, or a similar level of wealth to that of the rejected father, is ridiculous and deserves to be challenged at every opportunity. It contradicts any principle of a clean break and it keeps men enslaved in the service of women who have betrayed and rejected them, and without any reciprocal obligation on the women’s part, not even being required to ensure the father can spend time with his children or remains an influential parent to his children. Utterly ridiculous.

  2. Evan Myers says:

    I think many learnt the hard way too that we were paying a solicitor to sit in court and watch us get f~♡$ed over.

    But over the last 25 years or so the Family Law Section has been plucking out suitable court cases to pursue in the name of their own feathering and women in general.

    When I saw this post I got the impression that rather than Parliament create the law this had been a judicial venture to set up a fait accompli in guaranteed financial outcomes for women.

  3. Alan says:

    Its outstanding and criminal to me that this happens, I have been caught up in the system also. IRD told me if I could afford it to see the salvation army budget planning system, yeah think about that one for a second. of course there is a list of assessments that can be done but hey lets have a few more bureaucrats look at it. Ah bugger it I am not even going to go into it causes me to much anxiety. My problem is I cant even find the mother of my child to server her papers so yeah but try tell IRD that. private investigator it is bill is currently at $1000. can I write that off IRD? No you cant.

    I guess it is bull crap but in summary all I want is to see my son I dont care about the child support but want to see him.

    Court it is. 50/50

  4. Downunder says:

    There’s nothing easy about this if you wear men’s shoes.

  5. Vman says:

    What we need is an information pack designed for 16 – 19 year old boys.
    This would be to properly educate boys and young men on precisely how the system works and exactly what they are getting themselves into when they make seemly well intentioned life decisions.
    This would set out in clear plain language all the risks of being in a relationship and in having children when you are a male in New Zealand. It would explain precisely how the system is designed and how it works in practice.
    It would also list any advantages but that would be such a small section that we can ignore it.

    To make it politically palatable we would market it as educating boys and young men on sex education in order for them to make informed and responsible choices.

    We should then get enough funding to deliver this information pack to most year 12+ boys in New Zealand as take home reading.

    The outrage of educating boys and young men on these subjects would of course be off the charts.

    I can’t imagine a faster way to get the laws changed than having an entire generation of young men making informed choices on sex and relationships.

  6. Voices back from the bush says:

    5, I really like this idea, bringing awareness to young men about the pitfalls when relationships fail might help reduce our suicide rate, homelessness rate fatherlessness rate and many other problems, I imagine it might upset a few feminists though, how can I help?

  7. MurrayBacon says:

    Dear Vman, the men’s movement isn’t well enough organised to do this.
    Perhaps the sad thing is that the same outcome is slowly occurring in our society, perhaps over a 40 year period as information and experiences are slowly shared and slowly understood.
    When the societal consequences of this foolish plunder and ravage are understood, it will take another 40 or more years to turn it around.
    Judges say that trust in caught$ is important for the functioning of society. Yet it is their own covering up the work of each other and lawyers that feeds such distrust.
    In my opinion, we will have to rebuild the legal “profession” from the ground up, to rebuild public trust.
    Distrust between men and women is a bigger issue yet. Biology might give men a better physical opportunity to escape, but is that really what women want? Or men either?
    All of these are really mental health problems, not being directly addressed.
    Maybe we could make fewer mental health problems, by taking better care of children?
    We would create fewer legal workers and fewer rapists and fewer screw and escape men and fewer “a mother is all a child needs women” and the world will be a much better place.
    It is easier to do that, than to build many more prisons, full of IRD child support debt collectors and the rest.

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