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Filed under: General — mama @ 1:10 pm Thu 2nd August 2018

If you are LUCKY? enough to have a mortgage it will probably effect your sex life, if you do not have a mortgage it will probably effect your sex life..the hours we are working have gotten longer and the travel times extended..
Is making our ends meet stopping our meeting, ..
Some time ago an international survey looked at peoples of the world and how much sex they had on average, at that time Asians were said to have sex only 36 times a year, this was the lowest, I wonder where we are at now??

I know of quite a few young couples who have gone down the mortgage track, two of whom had to give it away to save their relationships.

Also Women choosing not to have a partner so instead they can receive or make more money that they then have complete control over how they go about spending it….Is money coming before sex?

6 Responses to “IS MONEY THE NEW SEX?”

  1. Downunder says:

    I wonder where we are at now??

    Do you think we’ve gone from try weekly to try weakly?

  2. mama says:

    HA HA,,,maybe so…

  3. Downunder says:

    And Japan, they are so worried about the anticipated loss of millions in population reduction they have marriage encouragement centres on street corners.

    It appears their current generation is indulging in technology satisfaction.

  4. mama says:

    #3,,, I saw a documentary on Japan which covered this subject and thirty something guys were forever students that had cell phones as girlfriends…weird.

    I wonder what a marriage encouragement centre entails???

    Technology satisfaction has a lot to answer for and I cant believe I just said that,,so weird!!

  5. Tony says:

    Japan H.mmm . The number of sex dolls sold in Japan has just tripled . Maybe they know something we don’t know ha ha .

    Before I met few Japanese I had higher opinion about Japan

  6. mama says:

    OH dear, I suppose these dolls interact with the phone girlfriend in that you can dial up your latest girlphone voice and choose from a set of lame sex lines.

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