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The Thirty Something Girl

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:05 am Thu 2nd August 2018

The evolution of our new social system, woman first society, call it what you want – how would you describe it apart from a bloody great mess?

Amongst this are numerous new trends that older observers may be noticing.

One I’ve noted recently is the Thirty-Something-Girl.

Given the national shortage of men there has to a significant number of girls not in relationships, and they’re becoming more visible.

It’s also reflected in our dwindling reproduction rate, now somewhere below 1.9 in its continuing downward trend.

Education and employment is easily available to most girls who do want to work, so anyone with a few brains and a mild inclination can drift through their twenties, taking their time to grow up, pay off the student loan, travel a bit, and suddenly they’re a thirty something adult with no committed relationship and no children.

For some this is no doubt a choice and we’ve seen those news articles and the declarations – “this is my choice”.

But increasely I’m coming across these thirty something girls who seem to have more of a, ‘not actually sure how I ended up here’ take on life. They’ve lived a relatively free and easy life and are now they finding themselves, daughters, sisters and aunties perhaps, but not mothers, and the pool of men, if they are looking is, well, shallow to say the least.

Not all have had successful climbs to their mid-thirties. There’s stories of woe also. Drugs, debt, various coming off the rails for other girls, and this has not been such a pleasant journey to the same point in their life … and what now?

One recently offered me her own candid reflection, “I’ve been a silly girl.”

Have you got a thirty something girl in your family, with her biological clock ticking, having a post-childhood crisis?

Perhaps a Family Court child who said, “I’m not following in my parents’ footsteps, thanks.”?

Likewise have you spotted another evolving trend in our brave new world?

4 Responses to “The Thirty Something Girl”

  1. mama says:

    Out of all the thirty something girls I know only two are married with children.

    All of the others, of which there are many, are solo parents, I live in South Auckland and it seems to be a theme in this area, having topped the list statistically many times.
    These ladies seems to like it this way and can count on a bit of company when she feels like it, plenty of single guys out there to oblige and so it goes..
    You can even get a career and it will usually be highly subsidised or free whilst affording to live on your own, child in tow, lifes a little stressful but only as much as most others these days.

  2. Downunder says:

    It’s probably a good time to ask the question too.

    30 years ago we were grappling with 87 share market crash.

    Females 30 – 35 years old now have grown up in a very different environment to someone who had made life decisions at that time.

  3. Evan Myers says:

    Maybe if our excess of female lawyers had trained in social workers, Mexico (that’s what the call the poorer suburbs in the Hutt down there) wouldn’t have such a big problem.

  4. Vman says:

    The education system is failing young men and it leaves a shrinking ratio of available men for women to “marry up” to. Hopefully these young men are wising up to the much better options available for them.

    I wouldn’t touch a feminised woman with a barge pole. I know I am not alone. If she is a New Zealand woman then 99.9% are feminised and thus this applies to them. For the other 0.1% you never know who they are because they will hide it from you not just on the first date but right up until it suits them.
    A successful male with a passport, and a job, one can learn another language and travel. Soon he discovers there are literally millions of far more suitable women out there. He soon tells or demonstrates this to other males.
    Then of course there is the every growing number of MGTOW who share opinions on the internet.

    Most young men will have seen their father, or uncle or friend’s father get utterly screwed in divorce so they are gradually wising up to the risks.

    Of course there is about half a generation of young men and women who have had little or no father in their lives to teach them what to look for in a relationship and so they drift around in the hook up culture until they become solo parents and/or get screwed by the system.

    Ultimately it is this specure of ever growing number of disillusioned women, past their prime sexual attractiveness, alone with their cats that will lead more and more women demand things change for males. Once women demand it in enough numbers then things will change for men and boys.

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