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Tony Robins is another celebrity to be brave enough to come out against the #metoo movement. He joins feminist Germaine Greer And Catherine Deneuve to name a few. Article here

The celebrity life coach told the audience he wasn’t “knocking the #MeToo movement,” but was “knocking victimhood.” He addressed the crowd, asking them to consider the impact of it while saying “anger is not empowerment.”

Is this a sign of the tide turning or is the tsunami of post modernism ideology unstoppable?

21 Responses to “#metoo”

  1. Evan Myers says:

    Friday 13th is wear black to work day to stand up to sexual harrassment.

    Guys could have a black ribbon day since we’re generally not included in anything feminists do.

  2. Evan Myers says:

    Maybe the stale-pale-males could get out there and protest with nurses for their payrises.

    They’re the ones looking after us in hospital when we end up there more often than we like in our autumn of life.

  3. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    It’s good that some people have raised obvious concerns about #metoo. Tony Robins didn’t really come out against it but disapproved of a victimhood mentality in those contributing. Since his statement he has expressed further support for the movement and those joining that bandwagon.

    Professor Janice Fiamengo has come out with very relevant criticism of #metoo, criticizing its disregard for basic principles of justice such as the right to have allegations investigated and tested and the right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. An anonymous internet movement encouraging all manner of dirt raking is irresponsible, divisive and essentially a hate-speech movement against men.

  4. DJ Ward says:

    The Movie Breakfast Club has come under attack.
    It portrays and normalised sexual harassment.
    It portrays and normalised sexual assualt.
    It portrays and normalised the assaulter as getting the girl in the end.

    A whole generation of humans were brainwashed.

    What’s next?

  5. KYLE ESLER says:

    He said nothing wrong in my opinion, he was stating a fact and when they don’t get there own way or the promotion they deserve they can do great out of a sexual harassment scandal. The world is gone mad, the pendulum has swung too far

  6. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Thanks for your input Kyle

  7. Evan Myers says:

    There is a significant space given to a #metoo section on stuff.

    It reads like an

    Old white man bad section
    Beat the younger male generation into submission section
    This is the path to success and prosperity section
    Especially for lawyers section

    Did I miss anything?

  8. Evan Myers says:

    The ground-breaking voice of a woman (Olivia Wensley) who put her hand up as a sexual misconduct victim will not be heard on a Law Society panel into the stain on the profession.

    Justice Minister Andrew Little encouraged Olivia Wensley to put her name forward for the panel – led by Dame Silvia Cartwright – and she did just that.

    The Law Society has strongly defended its response to the scandals but confirmed it never agreed to put Wensley on the panel.

  9. Evan Myers says:

    I see on Stuff it is #metoonz that has its own front page section still.

  10. Evan Myers says:

    Ali Mau is on a national #MeToo crusade looking for personal cases to turn men into media fodder.

  11. Evan Myers says:

    NZ Herald – Law Society shocked at scale of sexual harrassment.

    Yeap. You can smell the campaign rising.

    But after years of persecution in the Family Court I don’t think many men will to concerned if the rip themselves to bits.

  12. DJ Ward says:

    The #metoo movement is finally exposing it’s true intent.
    Led by feminists such as Jan Logie from within the Ministry of Justice.
    Anybody guess what these women really want?

    Men to have thier lives ruined?
    Nope men are only collateral damage to feminists. All that could possibly take place is all the top men get sacked so women get the top dollar jobs.
    Safety for women?
    Since when have they done anything to achieve that. Anybody can see the DVA has not increased safety for women. It’s created lots of jobs for women, even some (lawyers) have got rich out of it.
    Oops I think there’s a trend appearing.

    More money for women?
    Absolutely correct.

    The aim is to change ACC so anybody that cliams harm from sexual harassment can get an ACC payout.
    I doubt proof of the harassment will be required.

  13. Downunder says:

    @13 I saw that. Here we go again.

    COHA – Causalties of Harrasment Alegations. (Pronounced Koha)

    Men may have to take matters into their own hands, women are getting too dangerous.

  14. Evan Myers says:

    You can see it coming.

    Anyone with half a public reputation will get the media treatment and maybe screwed for a private settlement – restorative justification.

    Jill Blogs can make an ACC claim.

    Job Interview with HR …

    “And tell me Joe, do you have an ACC record?”

    That should get the PSA up to 98% women 2% Gay men.

    And this is #NZ today for you.

  15. Evan Myers says:

    I found this on kiwi blog – a current analysis of the male disadvantages in society.

    Full credit as Fitzy would say for taking the time.

    Education – Secondary

    11% less likely to get NCEA Level 1
    7% less likely to get NCEA Level 2
    14% less likely to get NCEA Level 3
    25% more likely to leave school with no qualifications
    Twice as likely to be a high (special) needs student
    27% less likely to get UE
    Three times more likely to be stood down, suspended
    5 times more likely to be excluded or expelled

    Education – Tertiary

    42% less likely to be in tertiary education
    36% less likely to obtain a diploma
    37% less likely to obtain a bachelors degree
    25% less likely to get Honours
    37% less likely to get Masters
    26% less likely to get a PhD


    Twice as likely to be a victim of homicide
    43% more likely to be assaulted by a stranger
    Twelve times more likely to be in prison
    Five times more likely to be sentenced for a crime
    Eight times more likely to be sentenced to prison


    Seven times more likely to commit suicide
    Six times more likely to be subject to a mental health compulsory treatment order
    Seven times more likely to be a mental health special patient
    113% more likely to be a hazardous drinker
    67% more likely to drink drive
    Twice as likely to be a user of hard drugs
    10% more likely to get cancer
    74% more likely to have coronary heart disease
    31% more likely to have a stroke
    270% more likely to have gout
    11% more likely to have diabetes
    Ten times more likely to have HIV/AIDs
    Four years shorter life expectancy
    24% more likely to be a smoker
    11% more likely to be obese
    28% more likely to have high blood pressure
    33% more likely to have high cholesterol
    46% more likely to have an intellectual disability
    22% more likely to be hearing impaired


    Twice as likely to be injured at work
    Three times as likely to be seriously injured at work
    Twenty times as likely to be killed at work


    Three times more likely to be deported
    2.1 times more likely to have a fatal accident
    Four times less likely to gain primary custody of children
    Five times more likely to have to be paying child support
    10% more likely to be homeless
    28% more likely to be injured in a car crash
    130% more likely to be killed in a car crash
    Four times more likely to drown
    Seven times more likely to be autistic
    24% more likely to have Down syndrome
    Five times more likely to have ADHD as a child
    30% more likely to be an infant death

    Quite chilling when you read the whole list.

  16. Downunder says:

    Interesting: The list actually recognises child support as a disadvantage.

    Five times more likely to be paying child support.

    When you look at the tertiary education stats we are not far off 2:1 in tertiary education.

  17. Evan Myers says:


    Twice as likely to get a sexual harrassment complaint.

    What factor would you increase that by when there is a trial by media #MeToo campaign in full swing.

  18. Evan Myers says:

    Australia has gone total #Metoo

    National inquiry into sexual harrassment.

  19. Downunder says:

    This is interesting.

    Asia Argento, the Hollywood actress and #MeToo activist accused of sexual assault on an underage boy, has privately admitted having sex with the teenage actor despite issuing a public denial.

    Argento, 42, became a figurehead for the campaign against sexual harassment after she was one of the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein, the movie mogul, of abuse last October.

    Former child actor Jimmy Bennett has accused her of sexual assault by having sex with him in 2013, when he was under the age of consent in California, which is 18. The pair met in 2004 when Argento cast Bennett, then just seven, to play her son in The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.

  20. mama says:


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