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Suicide: ‘Don’t Mention the Facts’

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:01 am Fri 12th October 2018

Almost every article on suicide fails to mention the extent to which suicide is a gender issue, that men have over decades committed suicide around 3 times more often than everyone else. Here’s another one, a good article in most respects. Is it the editors who take out any reference to the gender issue here? Or are the people who write or comment on suicide all so well indoctrinated into political correctness that they automatically avoid mentioning anything that might suggest men are disadvantaged?

5 Responses to “Suicide: ‘Don’t Mention the Facts’”

  1. JustCurious says:

    How interesting this article suggesting guns are the problem.

    So next we will outpour millions into gun control within the farming communities.

  2. JustCurious says:

    This article above does a good job at showing the male picture

    At 91 per cent, males were by far more likely to take their lives, and almost half of all suicides were under 40.

    But Beautrais said even though young males dominated the statistics, it was wrong to see one type of person as being at risk. She identified six different suicide risk profiles.

    By ethnicity, 77.8 per cent were New Zealand European, 14.6 per cent Maori, 2.7 per cent other European, 1.6 per cent Asian, 1.6 per cent Pacific Islands and 1.6 per cent “unknown”.

    The largest percentage (43) were married or in a de facto relationship, 27 per cent were single and 21 per cent recently separated or divorced.

    Maybe young farmers are not equipped for relationship breakdowns?

    Or is it something like the domestic violence act creating the relationship breakdown?

  3. mama says:

    Yes, I have been wondering this for a while…. that the European male is suiciding and the cause being pressure from the cutting nature of relationship breakdown, particularly when children are involved.

  4. mama says:

    and this also I wonder… from article above included in Momas’ post above.

    “He was loved by his mother, loved by his friends and loved by everybody around him.

    …of the young people who suicide how many have not had father in their life.

    I remember back in the early nineties suicide was being talked about and it seemed that high professionals like lawyers’ children were commiting suicide.
    Im my family two people, one male one female did it and they had grown up in farming.

    The isolation combined with lives too busy and fathers often absent through work committment have people thinking ” what’s this life for? ”

    It starts to point that Father’s are ALL IMPORTANT to the growth of vunerable children and them themselves, by that I mean they need to see themselves as important too.
    The lack of respect for men certainly is not going to help men already struggling.

    Voices of Hope are aware that men hold the trophy on sad final act but they are concerned about their generation, the young stats, and in a documentary they have made I doubt that the Fathers or Men will feature.

    No one is standing up to open the issue up to futher scrutiny, yet links may indeed be there for all to see, that Fathers’ malignment in society is starting to eat away as a negative impact. Why are not our Mens Groups’ NZ not being VOCAL, media wise or otherwise. What subject is more important for them.

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