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The Female Funding Failure

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:14 am Wed 28th November 2018

Older observers will/may recall their youthful beginnings, their adventure into the world, and the road or perhaps the hard road to finding their place in society.

Work to your strengths. Do what you love and never work a day in your life. Describe it how you like there was still an expectation and I think only a very few did not accept the obligation to at least attempt success in some form.

Then, there were changes. Life for young boys, young men became different. We are aware of that, we’ve seen it, we see how much harder it is to make a beginning in this strange new environment today, than it was for us.

And life changed for girls: The expectation that they would now be more than mothers and lowly domestic managers … and still it was undervalued work they never got paid enough for.

But something different happened with girls on the basis that they needed to catch up. Funding organisations. The larger example;

The Women’s Funding Network (WFN)
A worldwide philanthropic network dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls.
A network of multiple funds that in 2011 had established itself in 26 countries.
A better world for women and girls is a better world for all.

But is it?

It’s not a financial reward for success. It’s a financial obligation to be be absorbed into and succeed according to set demands.

Success contrary to the natural and established inclinations of the child.

Perhaps then if many women were honest (and some are saying this now, that they were sucked into a network of false belief, many giving away the possibility of motherhood for careers and now living with regret) there would be an admission that they weren’t following their hearts, or their own destiny but were financially obligated to the beliefs of a few women (amongst the international population) who were placing demands on girls to grow into a fantasy world of a majority of sucessful females.

That must be quite a head job to be thrown into the spiraling demands on ongoing success and promotion. Something like the hounded husband of old whose wife demanded he seek promotion to the point of incompetence as the highest possible status was what she wanted.

I wonder when it comes to stories (and we know there are many untold male horror stories) whether we are yet to see the depth of regret and despair amongst women, when we have a media that grasps at any, even minor or minimalist glorification of female success.

Is it the same people the same organisations that are pushing these stories, to continue the belief in their own organisations?

In the war against men, there must be an army, soldiers, and casualties.

Are we simply not seeing the reality of this battlefield, this different war, and the injuries because it’s not a traditional war?

10 Responses to “The Female Funding Failure”

  1. mama says:

    There sure have been armies and soldiers and the casualties, well they are falling , reeling and the children reeling too.

    I worry that this funding experiment will have dire consequences ongoing.

    The Ministry for Women is one of 31 government
    agencies and, while we are the principal advisor
    on achieving outcomes for women and girls,
    it is other government agencies that are responsible
    for legislation, funding, and implementing initiatives
    that benefit New Zealand women and girls and their
    whānau. For example, the Ministry of Education ensures
    that our policies support education outcomes for women
    and girls. The Ministry of Business, Innovation
    and Employment ensures that our labour laws
    support improved employment outcomes for women.
    The State Services Commission provides system-level
    oversight of gender pay matters and state sector pay
    equity claims. The Ministry of Social Development ensures
    the financial support for low-income families, many
    of whom are headed by women. This means the Ministry
    for Women is not the only agency that works to improve
    outcomes for women and girls. Working as a system
    together means more resources and more policies
    that benefit women and girls.

  2. Downunder says:

    The lie is in the bottom line.

    “Working as a system
    together means more resources and more policies
    that benefit women and girls.”

    You can’t give your children everything, they have to learn to work for what they want.

    This is not a benefit, it’s not liberation for women to be who they want to be.
    It’s destroying our children, girls and boys, trapping them in the fantasies of a few women.

  3. mama says:

    Yes, it is like the very word ,’Benefit’, is upsidedown and back the front.

    What are the benefits to being hand fed beyond the cot?

    Only Women that chose the lonely/non partnered road have been able to make good of the funding available, Women, like my daughter who for every day is a miraculous struggle and juggling of family and having to earn to afford to achieve, are doing the hard yards, because she believes in the natural order of life???

  4. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    @1: This is a telling piece. We have long noted that most government ministries and departments have been acting as de facto Ministries for Women.

    @2,3: Yes,our government has long been financially encouraging women to trash their family units while there is little or nothing in the way of encouragement to keep children’s families together. Foolish. It will cost a lot more to raise children in a broken family than an intact family because now two households must be funded, travel must be funded if the lesser parent is to spend time with their children, and so forth.

    The policy was claimed to be based on helping women out of violent marriages but it’s clear that many or most family trashing occurs because women aren’t as happy as they unrealistically expected they would be. Moreover, for many families the woman will be financially much better off by trashing her family unit than by continuing to exist by sharing the husband’s low income with a bit of ‘working for families’ subsidy. Many sole mothers receive reliably and in the hand between $500 and $1000 or more per week on their benefit when accommodation allowances etc are included, and there is no way they would have that much by living together on their husband’s low-income wages. Many families break up purely because it’s financially advantageous for the woman to do so; often the parents will maintain an intimate relationship for a time and try to be parents while they live apart, but WINZ policy disallows such ongoing relationship and the parents are very likely to drift apart as they make their own separate lives. The main victims are the children, next the fathers who are forced to pay 30 to 40% of their after tax earnings in order to reimburse the government for its hugely stupid social policy, and next the taxpayers because few fathers earn enough to pay anywhere near the full cost of what’s being paid to their ex. Stupid stupid stupid.

  5. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Services and organizations that provide only for women, including gyms, business funding groups, domestic violence services and taxi businesses all proudly practise the sexism that feminists so loudly complained about. Hypocrisy. It’s time that men return to forming clubs, services and businesses that cater exclusively to men.

  6. mama says:


    I have noticed that on the radio there are a growing number of business and service providers advertising that tag the advertisement with “proudly supporting womens’ refuge”, the latest of fashions.

    I always wondered how we could turn the clock back!!….”It’s time that men return to forming clubs, services and businesses that cater exclusively to men.”

  7. mama says:

    The lie is in the bottom line.

    “Working as a system
    together means more resources and more policies
    that benefit women and girls.”

    Indeed,,, my granddaughter has already received a campaign of counselling, and she is only eight!

    let me see, what were the benefits, shite, sorry can not go there….

  8. Downunder says:

    @6 in a rather ironic twist, where CYF have to deal with a drug addicted Mother or parents, and that’s becoming more common, the financial cost of keeping the women intact is thousands of dollars per week above what you mention.

    This can include,

    Funding separate accommodation for the mother and the children
    Drug rehabilitation
    Multi social workers
    Scientific support – like regular hair folicle tests
    Medical expenses for the children that are not coming from the mother’s DPB payments.
    Legal representation of all parties to receive Family Court approval.
    In some cases where ‘it’s deemed appropriate’ impoverished fathers are being transported around the country to keep these situations stable, when the mother has been moved to a different location to disconnect her suppliers.

    The cost of these cases is astronomical.

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