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Archive of April 2019

Law In A Nutshell LIAN course

Mon 29th April 2019:

Message from The Mangere Community Law Centre who are inviting you to register for the Law In A Nutshell (LIAN) programme. Spaces are limited so please register. You are more than welcome to attend the sessions that are relevant to your line of work. This is a basic introduction to law. This programme is designed […]

Need a Good Lawyer in Palmie

Fri 26th April 2019:

Hi All I would like recommendations for a good cost effective lawyer for Family Court in Palmerston North as current lawyer not delivering except to keep charging large bills Thx

A New Anger.

Thu 25th April 2019:

Times, they are a changing. It’s nothing knew. The vandal of peace, progress, harmony and the habitual human. The symptom is written in history, and back further more than likely in the lost echoes of older stories. The twentieth year of the new century … The first century of the new millennium, the century of […]

Deja Vu Bitch

Fri 19th April 2019:

New Zealand is a small place and most of us know somebody who knows someone else who knows one of your relatives. For us here we are more likely to know many people who got screwed over by the Family Court, or the ex and her lawyer and your lawyer deciding what was best for […]

Sign the petition – Inciting Violence against anyone is NOT OK !

Sun 14th April 2019:

This petition is not against her speaking! She can speak whatever she wants but inciting violence is NOT ok and is not a joke. Also, feel free to email the minister of immigration Iain Galloway at this email [email protected] supporting the online petition against Clementine Ford Entry to New Zealand. Petition link

Parental Dispute Workshop

Tue 9th April 2019:

Facilitated by Frank Hicks, Self Litigant and Parental Disputes Coach and Cheryl Simpson, Senior Associate Lawyer. WORKSHOP: Rangitoto #04SLNG DATE: Saturday 13 April 2019 TIME: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm ADDRESS: 2 Osterley Way, Manukau, Auckland VENUE: Ngahere Commumities CONTACT: [email protected] for registration form COST: Admission by Koha Light refreshments provided for Morning and Afternoon […]

ANZAC 2019

Sun 7th April 2019:

We are increasingly seeing the banner of ANZAC under attack. A subject that’s been raised here several times over recent years, particularly with the 100 year commemorative events being held during 2014 – 2018. It wasn’t our war. For hundreds of years following the collapse of Rome, wars raged in Europe. Backed by religion, land […]


Thu 4th April 2019:

I have often heard New Zealanders described as Humble, Friendly, not too Outspoken, aparantly this country suffers the ‘tall poppy’ syndrome…I dare say the psych of us is changing, evolving. We tend not to laud one another,,until some one dies, then we can be all too all over them. Today on the radio news, the […]

NZ Domestic Violence Dialogue

Tue 2nd April 2019:

It is an obsession. What else can you call it? We’re in the grips of obsession. Here’s an extract from the previous post Crusade For Free Speech Cowie, who wrote a fictionalised account about his bitter custody dispute with his former wife, says he received no reply to his submission, despite indicating he wanted to […]

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