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False MAF charge aftermath

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Rapopi @ 10:56 pm Tue 24th December 2019

Having spent 3 years in a relationship with someone (and having a child together) only to find that you have been accused of assault after separation can be rough.

Having met my ex-partner while working as a teacher, we fell in love very quickly. The relationship was a wirlwind of ups and downs but that’s what seemed to attract me to her. After a short while together she became pregnant and I was ecstatic that I was going to be a father.

We remained together a further 2 years until the day I discovered that she was having and affair (by stumbling upon it one faithful afternoon). I packed my belongings and left with plans of sorting out the next steps in a couple of days.

It was 2 days later when a call came to my friend flat asking me to pick something up from the police station. At the station I was arrested and told I was being charged with MAF (male assaults female). Having no time to process what was going on I was rushed into an interview room and told to make a statement. I did so, however as I did not say anything incriminating my statement was never brought to me to sign and I was told that it can’t be used as it was not signed.

After such an odd event I was also served with a protection order and told I would need to challenge it in court. I did not meet the criteria for legal aide and as a result ended up paying large amounts of lawyer fees with credit cards. I also lost access to my son and my teaching license was suspended due to The charges relating to serious concerns for child safety and school reputations.

I appeared in court with witnesses(one of which was the person she was having an affair with) and they confirmed that no physical altercation took place that night. The charges were dropped, the protection order removed and everyone involved in the legal process was pleased with the result saying I should be too.

This is where my bitterness really took hold. I had lost my career(at least in the short term), accumulated a large debt, lost access to my son for several months and have to work on reforming a bond, not to mention the stress from the previous year.
While my ex-partner suffers none of the consequences of making a false statement.

At this point I am wondering about the morality of the justice system (a system I used to believe was there to treat you as innocent until proven guilty but found the opposite to be true). I also wonder how many men are in the same position or worse as they are unable to prove their innocence?

Don’t get me wrong, believe that assault in a family relationship is wrong regardless of who the abuser is, however the events of the past year have made me doubt every accusation of abuse I have heard. A system that treats every man as an uncontrollable abuser and females as defenseless and weak is not a system that promotes female protection but is rather anti-male.

I believe that a system which treats abuse as wrong is correct, however a timeframe lasting a year is not conducive to providing justice for either party, being forced into separate legal battles doesn’t help either, men being forced into a 20 week anger management course before any verdict is delivered aides in the idea of automatic guilt (females also have this if accused of assault however only attend 6-8 week courses which provides more questions of equivalent treatment) and compensation needs to be made to those falsely accused (even better would be a public apology).

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  1. Even a public apology is not enough. Someone making a fraudulent claim (not merely a claim they can’t prove) needs to be charged with wasting police time, court time and public money. There should also be an automatic question over whether they are a fit parent, since they are clearly lacking in the morals a decent society needs its children brought up in.

  2. JustCurious says:

    welcome to the real world… A world where information (the mere act of making an accusation) suspends all your rights until such time as a judge has decided that you may not be guilty.
    The language is that the accusations were not proven…
    however whether the assault did occur or not is another matter in the mind of the judiciary.
    IF something did occur giving rise to her accusations then the judiciary cannot tell the color of the thread however the inquiry should go further; if it did not happen then she is a lying son of a [email protected]#$… and that itself is a crime, it is misleading of justice, misleading of the authorities, perverting the course of justice and so and so on…Even if you could make a counterclaim. They will pronounce you non guilty and reserve the doubt on her behalf… Normal wanking statements are :”we are not satisfied she made false allegations but we suspect that due to the ongoing climate of ups and downs towards the end of the relationship, that she may have felt threatened enough to believe she has been assaulted.”
    The next time you are accused, the same process will take place again and if you are unlucky enough to have a bad judge, or a seriously incompetent cop who has the same taste in women than you, he might decide that the previous accusations now must hold more weight or that it is not safe for you to post bail.

  3. Sean David Neal says:

    While in the process of gaining a Parenting Order my ex partner’s Lawyer contacting mine and asked for a week to put forward a proposal.
    A week latter I was given a Without Notice Protection Order.
    One Year later My ex after admitting all was misleading fabricated said her Lawyer told her “Just tick all the boxes we will deal with it…”the WONPO signed without collaborative evidence by a Judge whom was a previous associate of my ex’s Lawyer.
    After numerous court appearances I realised my Family Lawyers involved worked for the system not me.
    Two main Judges involved in my case resenting my approach at battling the corrupt system, I requested all transcripts, found they were often altered any damming evidence against Lawyers or Judges removed.
    Bias Child Lawyer used his immense power granted to him by the Judges to delay if not stop all visiting rights, he had one meeting with me at the beginning of what now is a two year process.
    I battled for a Alienation psychologist expert for two years Child Lawyer prevented this, I had a 133 report from a educational psychologist it went in my favour the court ignored his findings.
    High Court hearing two months ago discharged the protection Order recognised false allegations and faults in the process no apologies, passed child care back to the Family court after many attempts prior to Christmas to sign the order dismissing the charge and regain contact with my daughter this did not happen CFL was given 14 days to submit his memorandum on the 22nd Nov he did not to the 20th Dec, the New Southland Judge 7th I have had refused to stand by his Order on the 20th claimed he received a CFL submission dated the 12th even though he sent further requests on the 16th.
    Third Christmas without my Daughter over $200,000 later protection Order gone still they will not allow me to see my daughter.
    I have now been awarded a Alienation expert have two comprehensive complaints of mis-conduct on Judges one in the Law Society on the ex’s Lawyer and an Independent Police conduct complaint in.
    They will not keep me behind closed doors I am going through overseas investigative reporters to reveal our corrupt inhuman system.
    Hold Judges and Lawyer’s accountable for there crimes now and in the past, stand up to the system they are the true child abusers.
    I will never give up on my Daughter or holding those accountable for there crimes, my Ex should never got away with her crimes but I do not hold her accountable as this would effect my daughter more.
    Judges are not Gods

  4. John says:

    Sean, the lawyers and judges are just trying to make some coin. You may ask, when will all this be over? As a general rule, it will be over when you have no money left. After that time you lawyers will have no more use for you. You must have heard what is happening in the board room at law firms these days

  5. JustCurious says:

    #3 200k and no sign of your child.
    Goal posts been shifted to another year in the past.
    And You refuse to blame your wife and THAT IS NOBLE…
    Even though it pays always to remember: “Nothing happens without input!”
    If you however choose to blame lawyers and judges: know THAT:
    They will first defame you and then judge you.
    NOW IF you can bet your family out of he court system… you are a hero

  6. Fazza says:

    My brother, you have, through ignorance, brought this problem on yourself. Thinking you are wise has made you weak. Females are devious by nature and cannot be responsible when given power. My brother, my heart weeps for you knowing that only Sharia Law can save you and your fellow men. I have watched afar to the evil enter your families and destroying both them and fatherhood. The West is weak and decadent and as you sow so shall you reap. Rise up against the State and destroy the evil within. Many amongst you are willing and waiting. When you were a growing boy did you suck on your mother’s teat or did you realise that your need for her was no more and she had served her purpose? Grow up now my brother and join the brother hood who will soon bring justice to your shores. Allahu Akbar ( الله أكبر)

  7. JustCurious says:

    #6~May our lord’s blessing be upon you and your family.
    Shariah law is the most misunderstood part of Islam.
    Muslims themselves have no idea what it means (most muslims struggle with loving a christian or a jew and yet, we are all brothers as the same message is continued throughout the Thorah, Bible and Quran.)
    So being muslim is being with the message of God Since Adam through Abraham, through Moses, with Jesus and with our Last Prophet Mohamad (PBUH)
    Most importantly, Islam is love so love all beings *flea included”. “He who kills a man kills all of mankind!” or like confucius so well describes it “It’s only when a mosquito lands on your balls that you realize violence is no solution.”
    Islam means solidarity not division or hate… as Jesus so well said “love thyself — Love thy neighbours.”
    So trying to advertise Shariah law in a country where even religion is a problem and a divisive force, it seems you are simply looking for people to enlist in another holy crusade (murder campaign) under the guise of a solution.
    AS an example of your wonderful Shariah law, the adulterer and the adulturess shall each receive 80 lashes (however, if the accuser does not have 4 witnesses of good standing then in the eyes of God, the accuser is the wrongdoer.)
    So even though it advocates a punishment, and prohibits dishonesty it, at the same time, strongly prohibits accusations based on invasion of privacy.
    This is Well examplified by Jesus (Let he who is without sin throw the first stone!”
    Islam is Mercy, love and solidarity for those who understand it… not a weapon of mass social disruption or a political “cheval de troie”
    Lastly, Islam is the first and only religion to emancipate women from being property, traded or abused and has restored all their rights as well as elevated them from a position of chattel to one of equal partnership with men ( if not above men)and including inheritance.
    If you know your religion well, you will see that in fact, in the muslim world, women hold a more special place than men as they are the glue to society and the lifeline to the most important member of any society (the child). Men’s role is dedication to women and children’s needs. Women are sheltered and protected whilst they are the educators and the most important member of society indeed is the child.
    Sadly, in most arabs and muslims countries, culture has taken over religion and the current customs have but completely eradicated the changes brought in by Islam
    The problem you are describing thinking the solution is shariah may be simply one of education. Men have lost their roles and women have lost their roles but our genetic programming continues on


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