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Important petition closing soon

Filed under: General — Zane @ 6:35 am Wed 15th January 2020

G’day Menz!

We started a petition on the NZ parliament website in November 2018.

“Sanctions on parents who misuse Family Court procedures”

We have 800+ signatures so far. But we know that there are thousands of people are going through the same process.

Could you please sign and share the petition if you agree. The petition link is


  1. Good luck,

    The industry of the Family Court is huge money spinner if you have been involved with Family or criminal Lawyers they are trained to work in the best interest of the court. A further petition to alter the mindset of the industry I am afraid will go no where.
    Latest changes increasing funding introducing new Judges increasing child Lawyers payments are not to benefit the Children effected just to benefit those involved in the communist controlled courts.
    Laws are designed to protect those involved look up the statistics complaints with Judicial,Law Society and Independent Police commission go no where.
    Latest Rule changes are devised to silence the media and all from expressing there concerns about the communist system.
    After two and a half year $200,000 battle to prove my innocence I won my case in the High court early last November and had an unlawful Protection Order discharged the High court Judge handed my case back to the southland Family court for myself and family to regain contact with my now 10 yr old Daughter.After waiting three months with delays they held a settlement meeting the Judge a new Judge prior Child Lawyer said straight away it is up to the parents to agree.
    After two and a half year battle to prove alienation in Dec 2019 the Judge awarded myself with a alienation experienced report writer the 2nd of the case, after I won all cases.
    The result of the meeting the Judge allowed the Child Lawyer to control whom had an extensive complaint on him last year by myself brought up previous proven false claims awarded me with one two hour supervised lunch with my daughter that is it until the completion of the report last report took eight months. The Child Lawyer admitted contacting the 133(5)report writer before he was appointed as my previous lawyer wanted the report writer to investigate the child Lawyers effects on the child he explained he wanted to sort out meeting times.The Judge approved this and gave him control of contact and proceedings.I am Back at the start.
    I sent my disapproval and evidence to the Judge concerned he shut me down directed I was not to contact the court at all, Sent the High court Judge an update on his unfollowed Orders again shut down told the case is over for him it is in the hands of the family court.
    $13,000 for the High court case which was a sham to win have orders made then not followed has been the story from the start, six different Judges all of whom give full power to the Child for Lawyers.
    The system is corrupt and will not change until force is used.

    Good Luck with your petition 800 people storming the court would be more effective.

    Comment by Sean David Neal — Wed 29th January 2020 @ 3:47 pm

  2. yup…same thing all day.. everyday…
    you go to hell and back and then you are right back at the start again,
    A new case all over…Self protection over justice.
    Appearance of Justice over Justice.
    Chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
    In the mean time our children are polluted by the other parent whist the lawyer for child alienates you from the courts.
    You go through the system,,,you come out broke and you’ll find no accountability.

    Comment by JustCurious — Sun 2nd February 2020 @ 6:53 pm

  3. Believe me guys, this will never be solved by diplomacy, it is a terrorist system and hatred against straight men who marry women, this will never be solved until every one who got a job or took a decision in this devilish system get [Mod: death threats are prohibited on this site]. Democracy will always work against you any day.
    You have to show that you are real men.

    Comment by Eagle — Mon 10th February 2020 @ 4:51 am

  4. The only action that should be pursued is the complete closure of this insane business built on destroying families. Repeal of all relevant legislation, complete dissolve of Family Court and associated departments.

    Comment by Anatoly — Tue 1st September 2020 @ 5:31 pm

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